“Happier” Is Social Media For Optimists

By: Sarah Parrott - July 24, 2013

Social media has become a steadfast part of many people’s lives; millions of people log on to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and similar sites each day, all with the express purpose of exploring their interests, sharing their views, and communicating with other people. The popularity of social media and the vast, open planes of opportunity it provides results in a plethora of people, ideas, and odd combinations of the two. It is not uncommon to see a picture of your cousin’s newborn baby girl, being held by her father for the very first time, and then, immediately after, to see that one guy you knew in high school complaining about his heart wrenching, nasty break up in all its gritty detail and hyperbole (for the fifth time this week).

Happier is a website that aims to change that landscape just a bit. Their website makes their intentions superbly clear; they want to make you happy. They cite research that claims happier people are healthier, friendlier, and… well, just plain happier. Through the power of positive thinking and focus on all kinds of happy moments, ranging from the big to the small, the company aims to make the world a generally happier place. Who can argue with that?

The social media site runs a blog full of posts that focus on making people happy, as well as encouraging involvement in local communities and with charities.

The Happier website itself seems to mimic Pinterest in its feed style, but also borrows from Facebook by having users make statuses about their happy moments, which can include uploaded photos and tagged friends. There are prompts for different moments that you may encounter throughout the day, which can be helpful if you are having a particularly rough day and need some help finding a bright spot. Users also have the option to check a box that makes their moments “just for them,” hiding them from other’s eyes. This tool allows the site to be as personal or public as the user wishes in a simple, straight forward manner, which is a rather refreshing change of pace. (Here’s looking at you, Facebook.)

The writer would like to share personal testimony and say that the site, while still in beta, is definitely worth checking out and has a lot of potential. Even if it doesn’t become the next big thing, it is a good experience, as it is sweet without being cloying and heartfelt without being hokey. And, really… who can argue with the idea of bringing a little more happiness into the world?

Sarah Parrott

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  • http://www.therubyit.com Ed

    Social media marketing trumps SEO and everything else, any day.

  • Hmmm…

    Social media is probably the worst thing to happen to people. All the statistics show that actual human interaction is declining at a startling rate, we are becoming more obese due to the fact people are spending hours in front of the computer, and relationships are falling apart because of people’s concerns over their significant other cheating.

    My advice on being happy: go exercise, spend time with your loved ones, make love more, set realistic expectations, and turn off the news at night. Social media just propagates an illusion.

  • Tony

    These very people probably have no life, no social skills and no interest other than porn, sports and Ebay. Social media is a temporary fixation that has refined the ability to manipulate the human mind into thinking one must be in or on social media to be anyone. I have been all over this country, 2 wars, laptop, 2 cars and I refuse to own a cell phone. I do NOT belong to any social media sites. I still hand write letters to my friends and use the “home phone” to call family. I don’t need to call from Walmart or Costco or HEB to ask whether my spouse wants angel hair pasta or linguini. I buy what I want and my spouse lives with it. I see kids walking down streets just texting away and when they finally raise there heads, they sometimes have to turn around and goo back because they missed their turn. I still see people texting while driving, laying on the beach. I bet there are some idiots that text during sex. Soon we will have millions of mental midgets going to “Social Media Anonymous”. When it gets to the point that things or trends control the human mind, then it time to call it trouble!