Hacker Taking Credit For GoDaddy Outage Says He Can Bring Down Google Too

    September 11, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Update: GoDaddy says service is completely restored, and that the outage was not the result of a hack. Full statement here.

On Monday, GoDaddy suffered a major outage, taking many sites offline for hours. It appears that the company is still dealing with getting everything back in order, though it says the majority of its affected customers are back online.

You can follow that whole sequence of events here.

A member of Anonymous, going by the handle Anonymous Own3r has been taking credit for the attack, and has been saying a lot of things on Twitter since the whole thing happened. Among those things: that he has taken down Facebook in the past, and is capable of taking down Google.


He doesn’t say that he’s going to take down Google, mind you, but if he’s really responsible for the GoDaddy incident, this should put some people on edge.

We’ve reached out to Google for comment, and will update accordingly.

Update: After another publication picked up this story, Anonymous Own3r tweeted:

  • http://www.LAokay.com Steve G

    Google with all it’s data centers is so easy to take down? I’d really like Anonymous to try. If I had a million dollars, I’d put that up as a bounty to take down Google for even an hour to where millions of people around the world are crying they can’t access Google services at all. I seriously doubt even Anonymous could do that. If you’re reading this Anonymous, go ahead and take down Google and I will never doubt you ever again. However if you fail, you should disband your entire organization as a failure.

  • Roe

    This kid sounds like all the little hacker wannabe kids I associated with when I was like 12. Sounds like a fake to me. We can smell our own.

  • Roe

    Furthermore, I support “anonymous” morally in a lot of the things they’ve attempted/done. But this anarchist subtext is very disturbing to me. Shutting down the Internet — nay, shutting down just Google alone — would do unspeakable things to the economy, and not just for the 1%. I work for a company that is completely reliant on the WWW, and I am far from being part of the 1%. But rest assured I would lose my car, my vehicle and my livelihood very quickly if the WWW ground to a halt, and obviously this isn’t a concept I need to hammer in very hard being this is WebProNews. Some of these “hackers” seem very immature and shortsighted in that sense… if they really even are hackers.

    • Roe

      excuse me, that was supposed to say my HOME, vehicle, etc.