Guy Shares His Own ‘Wanted’ Facebook Post from Police Page, Nabbed in 45 Minutes

    January 22, 2014
    Josh Wolford
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Parents, if your child is beginning to show even a lick of sense, hold them tight. Not every parent is so lucky.

A Pennsylvania man has been arrested after he taunted police by sharing his own ‘Wanted’ post on their page. He was apprehended after a quickly-orchestrated Facebook sting operation that involved officers posing as an interested female prospect.

On Monday, the Freeland Police Department shared this photo on their Facebook page:

And in less than an hour, they shared this one:

What happened in between? Well, Mr. Lescowitch has shared the post on his own Facebook page and taunted police.

This hilarious story doesn’t end with idiot Facebook shares, however. It actually ends with idiot Facebook messaging. Here’s the Times Leader’s account of how Lescowitch was eventually apprehended:

So, an undercover officer used a Facebook profile of a fictitious attractive woman to engage in online conversation with Lescowitch through Facebook for about a half hour, pretending to be interested in meeting him and gathering key information about him.

Lescowitch, of Freeland, initially declined an offer to meet for a drink, but when the officer asked him where he was and said, “The least you can do is come out and have a cigarette with me,” Lescowitch agreed, police said.

Sure enough, when undercover officers pulled up in a car at the location Lescowitch specified, he came out and was promptly arrested without incident.

He’ll be arraigned on charges of aggravated assault, probation violation, and failure to properly navigate social media.

The funny, sad, depressing, yet altogether unsurprising fact about this type of display is that it happens all the time. All the time.

Image via Freeland Police Department, Facebook

  • Yep

    And to put this in perspective, this guy may go to prison for decades for a simple assault, but over 3,000 abortions happened today. When you open an abortion bag and you see the little feet and limbs, you know it is murder. But those women walk around free as a bird and heck, some feminists call them “heroes”.

    Please don’t talk to me about morality. Morality in America is selective. If you need me to go further, just look into the number of innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan that were shot by American troops. It is wide spread. Don’t tell me that it is just war either. Go to you tube and look at the hundreds of soldiers speaking about this. It is murder.

    Yet, there is a guy spending 55 years in prison in Utah for smoking a joint. There is a man spending life in prison for stealing a par of tube socks.

    Morality? America? Please. Laugh at this guy all you want but there are many people walking around free that did much much much worse. I promise you this.

    • @Yep

      Hey, my friend almost got arrested when he video taped the police doing a drug deal. The police took his camera and threatened him. Maybe everyone should start posting all the dirt the police on Facebook. Then america will see. Just type in police corruption and abuse in your browser. You will see tons of video of it.

    • Iain

      You are a disgusting example of a human being. Your reply was irrelevant, nasty, judgemental and incoherent. Someone committing an assault should spend time in gaol. That is the law, and rightly so (BTW – the crime this man arrested for was an [i]aggrevated[/i]assault, not a simple one – if you are going to make such a non-sequitur argument, at least read the article first).

      Abortion is NOT MURDER, any more than masturbation is. I kill millions of potential human beings every time I pull one of the wrist. I’m quite glad I don’t get charged for those; I doubt I would get parole before I was 900.

      Abortion is a tool used to prevent unwanted, sick and potentially damaged foetuses from being born into a world where they would face far more difficulty than they should.

      Criminalising abortion does not stop it, merely forces it underground, where women die in the hundreds of thousands each and every year (look at the facts and figures from countries where abortion is illegal – or even from America 1930 when 2700 women died due to unsafe abortion).

      Your comparison to a warzone is therefore only apropriate when taking those figures into account. Unsafe abortion death figures truely can be considered comparable. It even impacts the same people – by race, by class and by income. It is only gender that seperated those who suffer under illegal abortions and those who fight and die in america’s wars.

  • http://www.alpha-astro.com Manila

    Another worst facebook user

  • http://www.rashmi.com Rashmi

    Yeah how foolish one but was unlucky and amazing because it done rarely in the world