Groupon’s Answer To Amazon’s Drones: Delivery Catapults

    December 11, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Groupon has a new internal video it has passed along to us, which discusses the company’s answer to Amazon Prime Air.

“While other companies drone on about their risky, experimental new methods of package delivery, only Groupon is looking forward…by looking back,” it says.

“The technology…it’s proven. It’s tested. We’re talking about principles of package delivery that have been around since the time of King Arthur,” says Everett Weiss, Groupon SVP Innovations. “Look, that guy knew something about keeping precious cargo safe.”

He adds, “Look, we’re a technology company, but we draw the line at creating autonomous robots that buzz by your house, wake up your sleeping baby, and who knows, take pictures of you while you’re in the shower? What Groupon is about is great deals, great service, and medieval catapults.”

I guess they still have their sense of humor after all.

Image: Groupon (YouTube)

  • http://galoninsurance.com/ Brendon Ross

    This is HILARIOUS! I love when companies rib each other like this. I do think that Amazon’s drones are years and years away from being practical so Groupon was spot on with this

    Thanks for sharing haha!

  • http://leisurecom.com Shay

    Sums up exactly what I thought when I heard of the drones – all pre-Xmas viral marketing bull!