Groupon: We Don’t Want Employees’ Facebook Passwords

    March 23, 2012
    Chris Crum
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We’ve reported several times about the whole ordeal with employers asking the Facebook passwords of job candidates. It’s been a hot, controversial item this week.

Facebook deemed the practice alarming. One senator declared that employers asking for Facebook passwords should be illegal.

Now, more companies are getting involved in the discussion. Groupon posted the following message to its company blog:

There have been more than a few articles floating around the interwebs about employers asking for interviewees’ social networking login information and password. This is not just a bad idea and unnecessary for us, but also could be a violation of privacy.

As good recruiters, we will occasionally view your public information on social networks to get a better idea of your interests and web savvy, but we would never ask to read personal messages or look at private photos. Be smart and keep private things private and make public those things that will give us insight into your performance on the job, or knowledge in your particular space. As I said, we will look at your social profiles, but more as a supplement to your personality than something to weed you out.

A blood sample, SSN, and ATM PIN number are just fine for us here at Groupon…

Oh, that Groupon. Always with the wit and humor.

  • Joe

    Screw facebook. I never understood it or why you’d want the whole world in your business.

    I can see the employer’s arguement that if a prospective employee can tell 1500 “friends” about their weekend excursion with their spouse, what’s the big deal about a cursory look on a FB page from a prospective employer.

    However, if they can ask for your password, what’s the next step? Giving a blood sample, tax retursn for the past 5 years, bank card ATM pin, and personal credit card number to work at McDonald’s?