Groupon Launches Breadcrumb POS System For Restaurants And Bars

    October 10, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Groupon announced today that it is launching Breadcrumb, a point-of-sale iPad app for restaurants, based on the software of the same name it acquired earlier this year. Here’s what it looked like pre-Groupon:

The app enables servers to search for menu items and rearrange tables by swiping. It has features to enable restaurants and bars to manage labor, take orders, process payments, and analyze performance. Users can merge or split checks, add or adjust menu items, set employee access levels, and view real-time sales and labor reports.

“I spent years working in restaurants and bars suffering with expensive, outdated and confusing POS systems,” writes Breadcrumb General Manager Seth Harris on the Groupon blog. “We started Breadcrumb to provide the hospitality industry with the best POS experience it has ever had. We do that by combining intuitive and sophisticated software with outstanding support. Gone are the days of clunky terminals and expensive equipment with little or no support – Breadcrumb removes the complexities, frustrations and high costs common to legacy POS solutions. In other words, it’s just what restaurants and bars have been waiting for.”

“Breadcrumb streamlines all activity at local restaurants, cafes and bars, from taking and placing orders, to table management, payment processing and analyzing sales so merchants can learn about and improve their businesses,” he adds.

The app was piloted in New York City, and now Groupon is offering it to all hospitality merchants in the U.S. for $99 a month. Software updates are free, and they happen automatically. Groupon ships customers a box with hardware required to run the app. The company also provides 24/7 tech support from a team, which it says has years of experience in the restaurant business.

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    A lot of these features are already standard in most POS software today. They offer nothing new or revolutionary here. The arguements concernig satisfaction are biased and personal opinion not fact. Many restaurants are quite satisfied with their current POS systems. I doubt owners were waiting for “just that” to come around.

    • Robert Paresi

      Agree. People own their equipment … and paying/leasing $99 a month (Starting) is really close to $299 a month or over $3,500 a year! I can buy a new PC and POS system for less than that, and can run it on as many terminals as I want.

      As for “hand held”, you won’t see a server holding an IPAD in their hand and at the same time, try juggling trays and glasses and plates, and opening/closing doors to the kitchen.

      And don’t drop it – it’s more than $99!

      The article was extremely biased and all the points were extremely off the mark.

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    It will be interesting to see how many restaurants will adopt this new software.

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