GTA 5 Officially Announced, Trailer Release Date Confirmed

Twitter Explodes Over GTA V Announcement

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Rockstar Games, the developers for the Grand Theft Auto series have officially announced the existence of Grand Theft Auto 5. They completely covered their website with this Grand Theft Auto 5 logo, with a release date for the first trailer:

Grand Theft Auto 5

The Grand Theft Auto series has been one of the strongest gaming franchises from the past 15 years, with almost every release setting sales records. Grand Theft Auto IV was the last console release, which dropped back in April 2008. The game was a critical and commercial success, selling 3.6 million units and earning $500 million in revenue during its first week. Suffice to say, GTA V has a lot to live up to.

Since the announcement, GTA V and other variants have been trending high on Twitter. People are mostly excited, while others are already beginning to speculate as to who the main character for the game will be, and what city will be the backdrop for all the mayhem.

ooo look forward to the new GTA V trailer, just wonder if they will do it from a certain era or present day, think they should do 80’s again 5 minutes ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Work Water Shortage Minute 94 – Uncaring, the majority of Twitter seems more concerned with GTA V. 1 minute ago via Mobile Web · powered by @socialditto

I don’t know what’s better..BF3 is officially out or GTA V just got announced! 1 minute ago via web · powered by @socialditto

But am I the only one thrown off by GTA V? Shouldn’t it be GTA: City Name? Are we looking at new tech or what?! 2 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

One of the most important elements of the GTA series is the city players will be driving, shooting, and flying through. Rockstar has always done a fantastic job of taking the spirit of a real life city and morphing it into something all its known. They’ve done New York City, 80’s Miami, 90’s Los Angeles, and then a grittier more realistic New York City. The speculation for the next city backdrop will keep all of us fans having fun arguing about what era and ‘burg they should use.

Personally, as long as I get to drop a helicopter onto a group of hookers, shoot them, make off with their money while drawing 3 stars from the cops and making it out alive, I’ll be happy. Don’t judge, you’re thinking the same thing.

GTA 5 Officially Announced, Trailer Release Date Confirmed
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  • Rooker

    Green V? Maybe The return of the grove street families?

    • http://Facebook Pattay

      Yo good thinkIng tht wpuld ne awsome

  • Cybatank

    San Andreas was the highest selling out of the franchise so I think they should expand of off that, but either way I’m sure it will be awesome!

  • Gtanewyork

    I dont like the way the did the V with ” five ” over it. I really hope its not the return of grove street i saw the V was green. But then again. I do love that lil ocean 11 type mission in san andres. I think they should make one about a crooked cop.

  • John Vinson

    I think a return to San Andreas could definitely work. Would be interesting to see if they make it take place in the 90’s again, directly after the events of the first one. Or have it take place in the present, and just expand and change the layout of San Andreas.

    Like they did with Liberty City in GTA IV.

  • bubba

    I would like to see a GTA game located in the Midwest..san Andres had a refreshing variety of city,suburban,and open wilderness locations. This allowed traditional gta driving but also gave us new gameplay by adding jets, copters and commercial airlines; while at the same time giving us plenty of space to use them. A city like Chicago, STL, or Kansas city would be perfect if rockstar is aiming for a gta similar to san andres. I don’t want another remake… Gta4 was great, I think the best one yet, but new York city has been done twice now. Though san Andres was crazy fun, im ready for rockstar to show us a new setting that’s varied enough I can have my city driving and an airport out in the middle of nowhere at the same time..lets bring GTA to the gateway to the west, the east side,west side,and the south have had their turn.

  • Micrkorg

    gta 5 will and would be nice in la i made story line i made gta compton gta 5 70’s 80’s 90’s and present day nice also since the drug prblem it wud be a good place or mayby they shud go back to london or hit up chicago

  • du571nl33

    san andreas would be a really good town i think and some really good cheats like that city did to and a long story line too

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