Google’s New Blogger Interface to Become Permanent

By: Sean Patterson - April 3, 2012

When Google launched a redesign of its popular blogging platform late last year, it was completely optional for users. That choice is now quickly coming to an end.

Over at the Blogger Buzz blog, Google announced today that the default interface for Blogger will be changed to the new version “in the coming weeks.” If you’re still using the old version you can click the ‘Upgrade Now’ link at the top of your Blogger dashboard to switch to the new version.

Blogger users would do well to go ahead and become familiar with the new layout, since all Blogger accounts will soon be permanently upgraded. If you’re still a little hesitant to make the switch, Google has prepared a video highlighting the features of the new look and the benefits of switching over.

It appears as if Google has implemented a bit of the WordPress ‘feel’ into this new interface. The ability to track traffic and comments on the dahsboard is a nice touch. Google+ integration is certainly nice, if you use Google’s social network at all.

I suspect that those who haven’t already made the switch are those who somehow haven’t heard about it or those who are simply stubborn about change. They will probably just wait until Google forces their hand, but now they can’t say they haven’t been warned.

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  • Allen

    Googles new on Blogger addons will benefit many users .

  • cljahn

    I was warned, I simply loathe everything about the new interface. I hate it all. I hate that it’s spread waaaaay out across the window, I hate that the useful tools that used to be right in the dashboard are now tucked away in an inconvenient drop down menu.

    Not one worthwhile or notable improvement do I find. The only non-negative comment I have is that it’s new. And I don’t care about new, I care about useful and practical, and this change makes the interface less useful to me.


  • Jem

    I totally agree with cljahn. It seems like everything is always changed until it gets to the point where it is nowhere as good as it used to be. The older version of Gmail was better. The older version of blogger interface was more user friendly. I might just stop blogging now after five fun years.

  • John Aravosis

    The new interface is a disaster. Are you aware that it isn’t compatible with the iPhone or iPad? No more mobile blogging. But Google says you can still mobile blog with the Blogger iPhone app. I suggest you check it out. Not only does the app not permit you to schedule posts to publish at a future date, but it doesn’t permit you to un-publish a post you’ve already published. Your only option is to delete the post. What if you publish a post accidentally, like I did the first day I tried the app? Your only choice is to delete the post. Or how about the fact that the app lists your posts, but doesn’t differentiate which post is in draft form, which is scheduled to be published, or which is already published? The app is next to useless, and comes across as a beta from 2008.

    And try using the new CMS on the iphone, it will freeze and/or simply not respond after a while. And on the ipad, when you open an existing draft post you get a big white empty screen – nothing. And then when you check later via your computer you see that the draft post is now empty of content, all erased.

    I wish folks reviewing these things would look beyond the “pretty” and actually use the interface the way a real blogger would on a day to day basis. This thing has been a disaster for months now, Google was well informed about the problems, and refused to fix it. This is a real travesty what they’ve done to their users. Someone should be fired for this.

    I mean seriously, making a CMS that isn’t compatible with the iphone or ipad? Come on.

  • Eva

    I hate this new design. Sometimes the window in which I write a new post is so small (1/3 of the screen) while the rest of the screen is blank.

    Who designed this idiotic interface?

  • Nedra

    I’ve been blogging for years, and I agree, this new shake up has me ready to quit. Way too technical and no longer user friendly. Even their supposed helpful tutorials went by so fast I had no idea what they were trying to teach.
    Why can they not offer their customers the option of staying on the old system?
    This is no improvement! Only more confusion.

    • Koley

      As another who’s been blogging for a number of years on Blogspot I completely agree.

      The great thing about Blogspot used to be the fact that a complete novice could start a blog and be online posting entries within minutes. The layout was simple and effective, perfectly so.

      If I were new to blogging I would probably take one look at the latest Blogspot layout and be so daunted I’d give up before even starting. As things stand, being a seasoned Blogspot user, even I am now contemplating closing my blog and moving elsewhere.

  • Calmoderate

    I can’t even get past the opening page to see how the new interface works. All I get is an “invitation” to allow ads on my blog. I presume that this the the reason for the “upgrade”, i.e., to force ads down bloggers throats. The implied threat seems to be – take the ads or go away. If that’s what google is up to, then why don’t they just say that and drop the cheery “invitation” crap? I can deal with that, but the sneaky politician style of smiling and telling me all is well while knifing me in the back is unacceptable.

    And, I am stubborn about change for damn good reasons. What is is in place now works perfectly well. I don’t give a rip about cool new stuff. I only care about what works. Period. This seems to be like the XP vs. 7 discussion. XP was and still is superior to the way ultra metrosexual hypercool 7, which is just a damn nuisance to me – its full of crap and bloat I don’t want and it fights me all the time.

    I fully believe in the always intelligent and also always ignored adage: If something isn’t broken don’t fix it. I don’t want to spend any of my time learning something that I don’t need to learn. This stuff is hard for me and I resent being forced to do something that is needless.

    A final item,. Sean, who do you work for? Google? Why do you have zero regard for any counterpoint, i.e., if people don’t want an “upgrade” they are just stupid and stubborn? You sure are one heck of a “reporter”. Either that, or a not very effective shill.

  • c1n9r6v3

    _The old one was fine. The new one is horrible.
    This new html editor now:
    1. – Has stupid break tags (br) inserted all over the place.
    2. – Won’t scroll UP far enough….that the Bold (B) and Italic (I) buttons cannot be clicked on.
    3. – Won’t scroll DOWN far enough…that the bottom of the html post disappears.
    Google’s engineers won’t admit it…but judging from the´╗┐ overwhelming complaints in YouTube and other websites, this new Blogspot design is really a DISASTER._

  • Dave Lucas

    I heard from an insider that the new interface was designed specifically to
    1 – combat autoblogs
    2 – discourage as many people as possible from blogging

  • jmarston

    I like it except we lose the most important functionality of simply linking the title to an .mp3 which was important for our player. Now our blogger blogs don’t seem to play podcasts well. I hope that’s what is being fixed still before the final roll out.

  • S Jack

    The new interface is terrible. They’ve taken something which was great and ruined it. I also agree that whoever wrote the above article doesn’t seem to have actually used the new system: a horribly cluttered, bug-ridden mess.

  • Jeanie

    I need help! I have switched over to the new interface many times but I am unable to write new blog post or even get to dashboard. I get an error message that makes no sense to me and will not let me go any farther. I really don’t mind the change but it is just nonfunctional for me. I have a limited knowledge of computers if there is a problem and I don’t know how to solve this one. I have tried to contact someone about this but with no response. I am afraid of losing all of my posts. Thanks