Google’s Matt Cutts Talks Caffeine, PageRank, PuSH, Buzz, and Much More

Cutts Shares Thoughts on a Variety of Topics with WebProNews

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In case you missed it, WebProNews streamed a live interview with Google’s Matt Cutts from SMX West in Santa Clara. It’s hard to narrow down the discussion to a singular topic, but here are some of the things touched upon in the video:

– The status of Google’s Caffeine update (nothing’s wrong, they’re just being careful.)

– Site Speed as a ranking factor – settle down, it’s not replacing relevance (and it’s independent from Caffeine)

– PageRank – Google’s probably not going to rename it, but people do obsess too much over it.

– PuSH – indexing much of the web in real-time

– Coming up with metrics for authority in real-time search

– Google Buzz – Why Matt Cutts likes it, but still uses Twitter as well

– Why does every product that comes out have to be the killer of an existing product?

– SEO vs. social media marketing

– NCAA Basketball and the Kentucky Wildcats

After discussing the above topics, Matt and interviewer Mike McDonald turn to Twitter for audience questions for Matt to answer.

Check out our new live video site at live.webpronews.com for coverage of SMX West, and future events (as well as whatever else we may end up broadcasting). You can also find archived videos there in case you missed any.  

Google’s Matt Cutts Talks Caffeine, PageRank, PuSH, Buzz, and Much More
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  • http://www.abhikbiswas.com Abhik

    Thanks for the video.
    Hope you guys interview him again and ask suggestions on Optimization tips for caffeine.

  • http://twitter.com/digideth B. Moore

    After all the “check the audio” in the video the audio came out horrible.

    I am using a laptop at the moment, granted the speakers on laptops are bad but I have headphones plugged in now and I can barely hear what they are saying.

    Please Please do a better job with your audio the next time otherwise don’t bother even posting the video.


    • Rich Ord

      I agree the audio was lower than we would have liked. However, keep in mind that this was a LIVE streaming video. What you were watching was happening at that moment. The audio level was something that will be corrected in the future, but was impossible to correct during the broadcast without stopping the broadcast.

      Thanks for watching!

      Rich Ord
      CEO, iEntry, Inc.
      Publisher of WebProNews

  • Emil

    Come on guys, who cares about the audio, this is great video and thank you.

  • Guest

    Ive got a great device on my computer. Its called a VOLUME dial. I turned it all the way up. Perhaps this might be a bit advanced for some people.

    Great video, very informative – thanks!


    • Guest

      Yes, sometimes I wonder why ppl just dont turn up the volume instead of making negatives comments. Could they have done any better themselves? Most likely–NOT.

  • http://www.i-com.net ady berry

    Nice to see Matt (re) confirming site architecture as an important factor. This is something that I’ve always believed as a a very important factor in ensuring that Google ranks your site effectively. I’ve built sites in the past where the content freshness has been limited but site architetcture has been very effective in ranking the site.

  • http://www.SEOStrategiesByTJ.com TJ McDowell

    I think if Google does ever decide to rename Page Rank that Page Popularity would make be more clear to users. At least initially, people have a hard time seeing the difference between ranking for a search term and the Page Rank of a page. Thanks again to Matt for taking the time to share.

  • http://www.lingerie2order.com Sexy Lingerie Sexy Lingerie

    I couldn’t see the video, maybe my country of residence is blocking it, they seem to be blocking every site recently. I wondered why the Google Chrome browser seems to have some problem on quite a few sites. Google appears to be the Kings of the Internet but their browser Chrome still has a few hiccups. Hopefully resolved after some more automated updates. Hopefully I can catch the video later on via a proxy browser or something similar.

  • http://www.FullSpeedSEO.com Josh – A Phoenix SEO

    So usually the interviewers are boring, and you finally get a guy who has some life in him, and we can’t even hear what he is saying.

    Sigh… Better audio!


  • http://www.squidoo.com/GoogleSniperReviewed Google Sniper

    Thanks for the video; the audio is kind of low though.

  • http://persuasion-guru.blogspot.com persuasion-guru

    Matt comes across as a really nice guy, he made a lot of good points. Enjoyable interview but turn up the “mic trim/gain” or get a new mic(probably a condenser mic would suit the interviewer better).

  • http://www.natfinn.com/ finn

    it’s been not working for days

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