Googlers Turn Sergey Brin’s Tesla into a Pink Batmobile for April Fools

By: Josh Wolford - April 5, 2013

Now this is an April Fool’s Day prank on the boss.

Apparently, some Google execs decided to mess with co-founder Sergey Brin’s car earlier this week. They proceeded to transform his Tesla Model S into a pink batmobile, complete with headlight eyelashes, batwings, and a giant batman logo.


Google search quality analyst Nathan Johns posted a photo of the reconfigured Tesla Model S. Barry Schwartz over at Search Engine Roundtable tracked down a thread on the Tesla Motors Club forums that confirms that the pink batmobile Tesla is most likely Brin’s ride.

This is funny, and it’s made even funnier when you remember all of that “Sergey Brin is Batman” stuff that started flying around Google HQ a couple of years ago surrounding developments in Google X.

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  • HipSoul Clothing

    This is epic… I only wish they captured his face when he left work that day!!

    Btw, if you look really close at the photo… you can see the “Google Chrome” logo is embedded in the middle of each rim… definitely his car!

  • Credit Repair

    The Eyelashes on the headlights were a nice touch, I’m sure he loved it. LOL.