Google Webmaster Tools Sitemaps Feature Gets Some Updates

    January 27, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Google announced that it is including some new information in the Webmaster Tools sitemaps feature.

This includes details based on content-type, like stats from Web, Videos, Images and News featured more prominently.

“This lets you see how many items of each type were submitted (if any), and for some content types, we also show how many items have been indexed,” explains Webmaster Tools engineer Kamila Primke. “With these enhancements, the new Sitemaps page replaces the Video Sitemaps Labs feature, which will be retired.”

There is also now the ability to test a sitemap. “Unlike an actual submission, testing does not submit your Sitemap to Google as it only checks it for errors,” says Primke. “Testing requires a live fetch by Googlebot and usually takes a few seconds to complete. Note that the initial testing is not exhaustive and may not detect all issues; for example, errors that can only be identified once the URLs are downloaded are not be caught by the test.”

Google also has a new way of displaying errors, which the company says better exposes what types of issues a sitemap contains. Rather than repeating the same kind of error numerous times for one sitemap, Google will group errors and warnings, giving a few examples.

For sitemap index files, Google aggregates errors and warnings from the child sitemaps that the sitemap index encloses, so users won’t have to click through each child one at a time.

The functionality of the delete button has changed as well. It will now remove the sitemap from Webmaster Tools from both your account and the accounts of the other owners of a site.

  • http://www.theheadcaterer.co.uk David Head

    We follow al the advise as much as possible, I’m not to sure even how to understand some of the webmaster tool subjects. I have had my site for nearly 4months and managed to get on page 1.I put in about 4 hours every night, doing backlinks ,and my daughter does blogging. We don’t know what is working or if what we do on some things works. But if you can help us with tips it will be appreciated. We are a smll family business and don’t have the funds for someone to do our seo. It’s very time consuming.Ive never read a book in my life but the amount iveread in the last 4months is a lot. will keep plugging away and hope we ggwt some business from our site.
    Kind Regards
    David Head

  • http://www.adcell.de/ John

    Im quite happy with the update. Some things really improved and im looking forward that there will be more improvements. The Google Webmaster Tools are very important for my work and i just love working with them!

  • http://patricialvance Patricia Vance

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