Google Voices Support For ‘High-Skilled Immigration Reform’

    January 29, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Google took to its public policy blog today to make sure everyone (including governments) know where it stands when it comes to immigration in the United States. The company has discussed this topic in the past on its official blog, and with President Obama speaking about it today, the company has weighed in again.

Google SVP, People Operations Laszlo Bock writes:

Our experiences here at Google and in the tech sector show us that immigrants to the U.S. are a powerful force for entrepreneurship and innovation at every level, from startups to multinational corporations. Immigrants have founded 40 percent of companies in the tech sector that were financed by venture capital and went on to become public in the U.S., among them Yahoo, eBay, Intel, and Google. And according to a recent Kauffman Foundation study, nearly a quarter of the engineering and technology companies founded in the U.S. between 2006 and 2012 had at least one key founder who was foreign-born. In 2012, these companies employed roughly 560,000 workers and generated $63 billion in sales.

Still, at a time when the U.S. economy needs it most, our immigration policies are stifling innovation. The 2013 cap for the H-1B visas that allow foreign high skilled talent to work temporarily in the U.S. was exhausted by June 2012, preventing tech companies from recruiting some of the world’s brightest minds. Additionally, the severe backlog of green card applications has forced many foreign-born, U.S. educated entrepreneurs to look elsewhere to start their businesses. Other countries, like Chile and Canada, have responded with immigration policies and programs that welcome these innovators who have been turned away from the U.S.

Here’s the White House’s press release highlighting the president’s proposals.

  • Dave Francis


    Both major political parties are ready to betray the larger mass of the American people. Tuesday the President flies to Nevada in hopes of gaining momentum among the largest populations for illegal alien Path to Citizenship in the Southwest, other than the liberal State of California. The last Path to Citizenship was a harvest for around 6 million illegal aliens, when the real numbers applying for amnesty should have been 3.5 million. Those who don’t have a recollection of the 1986 Amnesty wouldn’t know about the concealed fraud that resonates even today. You can only evaluate as one of the greatest conspiracies ever played on THE PEOPLE, other than the 1946 Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash incident. To many government mistakes in this issue, caused by interference from business lobbyists who favors stopped the auditing and detection of unauthorized workers in jobs across America.

    Nobody can convince me that there were no irregularities in the presidential election. Every day I read the commentary and blogs in both the Liberal Democratic oriented press and the Conservative side, and there are far more negative replies about the coming potential mass amnesty. Thousands of commentaries give evidence that the American people are worried and intensely angry. The only conclusion I can come to, is that the majority of media polls of whose for—whose against Pathway to Citizenship, other than Rusmussen polls are fixed? That the Republicans who would bow down to Liberal agenda with their tails between their legs and not stand for the principles of the founding fathers? So you have to wonder about the truth that 70 percent of the population voted for Obama? I am sure those who have unceasing relished something for nothing, of which this government is offering voted for the man, but I cannot accept that election was without fraud in many of the Liberal states, where there was no citizenship check?

    Now we must face exorbitant taxes to pay for the silent illegal immigration invasion, the conversion to citizenship and the children given instant citizenship and the unholy cost demanded of the American taxpayer to cover all the bills, which has been spread equally over the country for decades. Years of complete incompetence and unconcern proved by both parties for not implementing illegal entry as a felony? OR WAS IT? There has been failure after failure to stop the incomings from across borders or entry at international flights. All they cared about was the unresisting political power grab and now because borders remain poorly guarded and interior enforcement has all but been non-essential, the population of illegal aliens has grown out of proportion. We deserve what we get in the gutless halls of the Senate and House. ARE THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO DEFEND US COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS TO THE 23 MILLION AMERICAN WITHOUT WORK, UNDEREMPLOYED OR GIVEN UP ALTOGETHER? WHAT MADNESS IS THIS?

    We have all been assured that Obamacare will not be health insurance for illegal aliens, but mark my words once legitimized they will apply and get into the system and will get a waiver, because they are low income and taxpayers will financially support that as well. Go to any Walmart and see foreign speakers with six kids running the children’s welfare food stamp or credit card through the machine, and the counter piled with food. Yet our own low income American must beg for food at charitable churches or food banks. Awarding people who just adamantly ignored our laws is just asking for more trouble. It’s a big lie about paying back taxes, as they were waved during the Reagan/ Kennedy Amnesty, same with learning the English language and the so called fine, which was another waiver, as most of the illegal migrants and illegal immigrants couldn’t pay? In conclusion so many criminals fell through the bureaucratic tangle, essential background checks were never carried out.

    Before you make any decision, you should note that just Los Angeles County, CA has to dig up $1.3 Billion annually for the families of illegal aliens.

    Today you can stand back and twiddle your thumbs or you can fight back against unfair taxes to pay for pandering to illegal migrants and immigrants. Last day to make these degenerate lawmakers listen to you, by going to the government pages of your telephone book or you may phone the United States Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121. A switchboard operator will connect you directly with the Senate office or the Congressional House Representatives. DO IT NOW! HEED MY WARNING. OUR TAXES MUST GO UP IN CATERING TO THE NEXT TIDE OF ILLEGAL ALIENS, ENCOURAGED TO GET INTO AMERICA AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS.

  • NoMoreVisas

    the “Immigration Innovation” Act of 2013 is criminal legislation, with a bullshit feel-good title, “Immigration Innovation” Act of 2013, who would be against something with that name. Don’t believe the bullshit about a “shortage of tech workers”, or that “H1b’s are paid good money”, or that “every H1b worker that comes here is the next Google creator”. The real truth is that they are basically wage slaves that depress pay and take jobs directly from the American taxpayers. I’m not paying taxes and voting for representatives to fix india’s unemployment problems – and neither are you. Look at who is for this garbage bill, that should say it all right there.Take action now, and let your rep’s know that you want this put down, and that you’ll be remembering who voted for this when it’s your turn to vote. END THE CORRUPT H1B PROGRAM NOW !!!!