Google Voice: The New Coolest Thing Ever

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What would you say if a company asked you if you’d like to have all of your home, work and cell phone calls, all your text messages, all your conference calls, all your voicemail — pretty much anything you say or type into a phone — ALL of it — go thru their 3rd party service? You, like me, would probably say; Thanks but no thanks.

But wait. What if they were going to give you a bunch of really cool features and capabilities in the process?  For free? Oh, and what if the company were Google?  Now you might be saying; Oh yeah?  Well… what kind of cool features?  I would.

Are you Interested in Google Voice?  Let us know in the comments.

Google Voice is the new ‘Coolest Thing Ever’ coming out of Google.  Basically, what they are doing is allowing you to centralize your multiple phone numbers (work/home/cell etc).  In the process they have come up with all kinds of handy tools and features that give endusers more control over their telecom than they have ever had before.

Essentially, here’s how it goes down.  You get a new Google assigned phone number.  Then, you route all of your other phone numbers thru that number.  So, your office phone, your work phone, your home phone – whatever. Google voice will allow your calls to selectively ring thru to any of the destination handsets you choose.  It really is a handy idea in concept.

Beyond that, Voice adds all kinds of cool little bonus features for example:

– You can selectively ring calls thru to multiple destinations.
– You can selectively block and screen calls
– You can send, receive forward and store SMS text messages
– Check your voicemail online, read it via email or text (you can even forward it)
– You can create personalized voicemail messages per contact
– You can group your contacts and manage their preferences on a group level
– Conference calling, call recording, call switching, 411 info — all that kind of thing is in there.?

google voiceNow, rephrase my original question and substitute Google for ‘a company’. Do you still flatly refuse? I’m thinking a lot of people will just say “Oh, it’s Google” and after that, “Well sure, that sounds fantastic! Wow. Man, Google is cool aren’t they?” So, my question is:  why is that?

Yes, Google Voice is cool.  Yes, I have signed up. Yes, I realize using it means everything I use it for becomes more data for Google to ‘organize’.  But I might do it anyway and I won’t be alone.

The way I see it, Google Voice users will be made up of three groups of people:
Group 1: Realize how much data the service gives Google access to, but trusts Google enough that it isn’t a concern.  These folks also elected Obama and only eat tuna clearly labeled dolphin safe. 

Group 2: Realize the data issue but don’t care, because they realize their ‘data’ is all over the place anyway – Google might as well have some (more) too. These are also the  people who told their classmates about Santa in the 3rd grade.

Group 3: No idea or thought paid to the matter of their data and who sees it. This the reality TV set.  As long as the Bachelorette is still on Monday night… they’re good to go.

Add those guys up and Google Voice will do just fine.  Even some of the people that refuse to use over privacy issues will trickle in after a while.  Peer pressure and the whole, ‘man I wish my phone did that’ factor is not to be lightly discounted (just ask Apple).

Google Voice does lots of neat stuff…  Sure you give up a little in the way of data privacy, but hey… selective call block?  How cool is that? I can go to the lake and have my office line ring to my cell?  Well that certainly has it’s practical applications.  We are, most of us, used to trading a little bad for a little good. So what’s it going to be for you? Are you Pro or Con on the Google Voice thing?  If you are, which of my groups do you fit into, or are you a group unto your own? 

Google Voice: The New Coolest Thing Ever
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  • Maybe a converter…

    I would probably sign up for something like this but only after a few thousand end users had tested the heck out of it. I also would want to know for certain that 911 calls would route through correctly as we all know what a nightmare that problem has been for fire/police etc with VOIP phones and cell phones.

    More information is needed but it sounds intriguing

    • Guest

      not E911 capable and clearly stated in TOS not for emergency use

  • http://www.lexolutionit.com Maneet Puri

    This sounds interesting :) But the its efficiency would be something that we’ll have to wait and watch out for…

  • http://www.controldatainc.com Agency collection

    Im going to be the black sheep here. Call me old school but no thanks.

  • Guest

    Absolutely!! Sign me up.

  • Guest

    I’ve been using the service for a while without problems. If you don’t like Google there are other companies that provide similar services. You have to pay for it.

  • http://www.yatraflights.com Garishma



  • http://www.kevinwebb22.com Kevin Webb

    I like how you related the Obama voters to being to passive about Google’s power and control over data. Here’s the question we’re not asking.

    Example One:
    Google offers a free service that allows you to control the universe. All you have to do is give them your name, phone numbers, weight, date of birth, social security, home alarm passwords, keys to your cars, all of your wages and a pack of bubble gun.


    Example Two:
    The government is going to give everyone free healthcare, cap and trade, 72 stimulus packages, free housing, triple welfare, take over the auto industry, take over banks and penalize people who work extra hard by giving their money to people who don’t work as hard.


    We need to ask “why?” more often. There’s a reason for everything. We usually don’t know what it is.

  • http://www.writtenbysumer.com Michelle Salater

    Love it! I have a business phone, a business cell phone, and a personal cell that I can never seem to manage. One device with all three phonelines going through it would save me SO much time and aggravation. Great article–I look forward to using this application.

  • Guest

    What about security? I got an email saying that this is another way for Google to spy on people.

  • http://www.floridabestvillas.com fbv

    can’t see anything new on these services. most VoIP providers offer that since years. I use this since 2005.

    So what’s new?

  • Guest

    I have been using the service for several years when it was still called or owned by Grand Central. It works well and now that Google is the new owner, I have even had my business cards printed with the number on it.

    It’s not for everybody because it can be harder to use then just answering the telephone, but believe me, once you “get it,” (I mean once you fully understand it) you have a very powerful tool working for you.

    The ability to send specific callers to voice mail is excellent and the call screening feature requires callers to state their name and then gives you the option of sending them to voice mail or taking the call. Use it all the time. I can also listen in on their message as they leave it and if I change my mind, can “pick up” like you were able to do in the days of answering machines. Great feature.

    Outbound dialing through the web interface is excellent.

    The voice transcription does not work well. I had a similar service with VONAGE that worked much better. I am sure that may improve over time.

    Google voice is a wonderful product but it addresses needs that not all people have and many simply will not require this much message handling power. I do and enjoy it. I don’t know if there will be a cost for the service but if there is, I will pay for it.

    I have had a few bumps in the road specifically will outbound calls cutting off after about one hour on line. Not sure if that was only during their testing of the system. It’s happened more than once but I try to stay on outbound calls for shorter lengths of time anyway.

    Good uses for Google Voice:

    1. If you are mobile alto, have multiple homes/offices and don’t want to give out your real number, or if you don’t want caller to have to hunt you down, it’s great.

    2. If you’re single and dating – Perfect, when Prince Charming or Ms. Right get’s nutty, they get tagged and go straight to voice mail.

    3. If you need to prioritize your day and only take calls of importance – the call screening is excellent. Can’t do that with most voice mail.

    4. If you have a Blackberry or smart phone, you can also listen to your messages that are sent to you as voice mail. Great for people on the go.

    So, as you can see, I think it’s a great product. Now, it hasn’t made me more handsome, thinner or grown hair on my head, but it’s in that category.

    • http://www.bweaver.com Bruce Weaver

      I’ve been using this service for a couple of years through Grand Central. All my calls go to my Blackberry. I foind the record feature quite useful when I’m answering on the go. I post the local number on my Business Web, Cards, and eventually my signs. As a Realtor, this is a great benefit to my business. As Grandma says; “Try it! You’ll like it.”

  • http://www.trafficconnection.com/ Guest

    I would worry about the data that Google would be collecting.

  • John (Guest)

    Sounds cool, great service; obviously suits some people, but not me.

  • http://www.yain.com Edward Han

    This is what we call Technology. I am wondering if there is any hiccups technically. Wondering if it is crystal clear or not.

    Lastly, wondering if there is any security issue.

  • http://www.granitetampa.com/ William S.

    I think the idea is great. After all retail as we know it is stopping. The internet is gonna boom again. Birthing more self employed people needing the service. I remember when I was one of the few people in Tampa fl to have residential high speed internet. Every single one I knew said I was a fool to purchase the package from the cable company. 12-15 years later who is laughing now. I own 4 web companies that produce great income within Tampa fl. I sell service and run everything from home so Google Voice would be great. I am just like everyone else about giving out my personal info but for 19.99 any place on the net you can find out what your neighbor mother in another town eats for lunch. Go for it google! p.s. check out (google)cloud hosting that is a brain twister.

    • http://mettsmarketing.com William M.

      I earn my income from online sources as well and agree with you, however, what about the Butterfly Effect and Big Brother Effect? Thanks to the Homeland Security Act we now have less privacy than ever before in the history of our great nation; even during the Hoover administration and all of the privacy issues of that era.

      By constantly changing and taking away our privacy we sooner or later realize what has actually happened. We then try to go back and correct the situation we have created only to have the same thing take place once again, but under different wording in our laws and regulations. This is the Butterfly Effect produced by the Big Brother efforts of our government.

      As we all know all email, text, chats, etc. produced online or by cell phones are now kept on the servers of the IP services for 2 years before being deleted. This is all thanks to the Homeland Security Act. This has caused quite a strain on the server systems which store the information and now is becoming a paramount concern of what to do with all of this information. To date no one has an asnswer, but I’m sure the answer will be to dump it all into some sort of government database. And we all know how secure this will be, right!

      I’m not anti-government or against security or pro-terrorism. I just think that we should all consider carefully what is actually going on before submitting all of our privacy to technology. I think Google is a fantastic company with almost unbelievable abilties to change the course of history. Do you really believe that a company as large and powerful as Google does not have ties with our government in some way? Still think your information will be safe?

  • Mike McConnell

    I am already a Google Voice user and have been using it for almost a year. Before Google Voice, it was know as Grand Central.
    Here is my scenario:

    I currently have two offices and I am a support personnel that travels to a fairly large area. Each office has voice mail as well as my personal cell. I don’t really want those I support to have my cell phone # because I don’t want to be receiving support calls if I leave the company. My primary office has two phones.

    My cell phone is a smart phone and I have software installed that filters the calls. If your not in my contact list, the calls are automatically forwarded to voicemail. If the caller ID is blocked, then it picks up the receiver and hangs up, thereby, not giving them the option of voicemail.

    I want to receive all business calls so here is what I do. I have Google Voice caller ID report the Google Voice number and not that of the caller.

    I forward my primary office number to that of Google Voice. When someone calls my primary office number, it immediately goes to Google Voice and thus rings all of my phones.

    Where this service helps me uniquely, is that I have my Google Voice number in my contacts and therefore, it rings my cell phone. The personnel never knows my cell number unless I call them from it or give it to them.

    The second sweet feature that I use is the visual call log. I can pull it up on the web and initiate the call from there, I just have to tell it which phone I am using.

    Google Voice is probably the best tool I can think of for support personnel that travel or people working from home that have to leave the house frequently

    Oh, and the good thing about this, if you forward calls from Google Voice to a number that is long distance, its still a free call.

  • http://bitchslappin.net bj

    If you’re naive enough to think they’re not profiting off every bit of that information . . .

    Yeah, they say it’s “aggregated” but that doesn’t mean it can’t be unaggregated. Why would I give anyone that much power over me?

    But then, I’m the one who doesn’t shop at CVS drug store anymore since they won’t give me the sale price without the damn card, which allows them to trace every purchase you’ve ever made . . .

    I also use cash 99% of the time. Cash is anonymous.

    And those who say “If you don’t have anything to hide, you don’t need to worry” haven’t been watching the news about Iran. Think something like that can’t happen here? Think again.

    There have been some disturbing reports coming out of Iran about dissidents who have been located and arrested. They were tracked by GPS on their cellphones, while their calls were monitored for “subversive” content. The new netbooks have this GPS tracking built in as well.

    Technology can be a great thing. It can also be grossly misused and abused. Though I may not agree with everything Kevin Webb implies, I do agree with him that we’re not asking enough questions. Don’t be the sheeple who blithely accepts the Bread and Circuses (to mix metaphors shamelessly.)

    • Guest

      Ok, so when are you going to move into your “compound” stocked with food and guns and drop out of society?

      Can you at least let me know where it is so I can stay out of gunshot range?

    • http://solar-klima.com ?????

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  • http://www.sitebyjames.com/ James

    No thank you… The last thing I want is every single telecommunications company in the world going out of business over night.

    I really google would grow up and take responsibility for it’s actions in a weak economy.

    Google should be leading the pack. Not destroying it.


    • http://www.sitebyjames.com/ James

      Yes… I would like my all of my phone calls recorded and used for advertising purposes.

      • http://www.sitebyjames.com/ James

        They already know my confidential medical information, racial background or ethnic origins, political motivations, religious beliefs and sexuality.

        I think it would be great if Google got to know me personally. Where do I sign up?


  • Guest

    I don’t need this kind of service, and I can’t really afford it even in dollars and cents, let alone the “hidden cost”

    After reading your article peppered with ads, I realized that everything on the net has to be paid for somehow (remember the dot-com crash?) so I have come to the conclusion a long time ago that I am just a “demographic” and luckily enough I am out of the coveted 19-35 demo, and well into the “geritol” demo. Since I never buy anything they are selling, it really is wasted ad space on me. But, whatever. if I can get a deal, even at the CVS, for selling a little piece of myelf, why not? I could skew their data, go to web sites I would never look at, make them think I have money to spend which I don’t, etc. It’s all a game.

    When I discovered that all those people in the government who are supposed to be listening to terrorist chatter are really listening to “pillow talk” , (it’s gotta be more interesting) I figured, this is not going to work anyway.

  • Guest

    So how much info do you collect from people who sign in to post here? Glad to see signing up isn’t a requirement as it is on so many other lists.

  • Kate Lennon

    “But wait. What if they were going to give you a bunch of really cool features and capabilities in the process? For free? Oh, and what if the company were Google? Now you might be saying; Oh yeah?”

    Eh, no, actually. I’d be saying No Way. Google has already become way too big for its corporate boots. It is ruling – and ruining, despite all its “cool” gadgets – the web.

    People are increasingly coming to share my view that Google is a Greedy Monster that has for too long been allowed to gobble up the web (and gobble up most of the revenue to be made on the web) with what is effectively a total monopoly.

    Google does not “enable” website owners; it competes with them. It has cornered every nook and cranny of the commercial web; and its monopolistic position has allowed it to become dictator of the web.

    Anyone who doesn’t play by Google’s rules goes out of business. Millions of people around the world can lose their jobs and their livelihoods at Google’s whim, if their website breaks Google’s rules, or if Google decides to change its algorithms (which, of course, it does frequently).

    Google has way too much power already. I for one will never again sign up to any Google service, no matter how “cool” it might appear.

    • Kate

      The author of this article seeks to characterize those who have reasonable reservations about trusting Google with their personal information as idiots. I found this condescending and actually quite offensive. I would remind him that hundreds of pro-democracy activists are languishing in Chines prisons because Google gave their “private” details to the authorities.

    • Johm

      Amen Brother. You hit the nail right on the head. They are also one of the biggest Spy Agencies in the world too. Download anything Google, and you are a victim of spyware/privacy invasion.

  • http://www.we6.co.uk David Saker

    This sounds like a great idea to me, providing privacy and security issues are resolved. A single id, along the lines of an IP address or phone no, would make it very easy for each person to centralise all their communications.

    • http://www.untiedcelticnations.com Celtic Networks

      Personally I use google for most everything. They have the coolest gadgets and a ton of money to develop great stuff for us. If you ask me, really it’s hard to go wrong with google. Google always pays on time too. They don’t mess around when it comes to paying money to people who work for them like I do. So far as I’ve seen they don’t mess around about anything. It’s a good reputable business and when they do something, they usually do it right. This is one of those thing that they are doing right and it’s a pleasure to use this service. I have no problems with it whatsoever.

      Peace be the journey,
      Shane Clark

  • Guest

    If google could not just consolidate the messages, but also answer them proffessionally I could eliminate my call service (depending on what if anything they are planning on charging for this service).

  • Guest

    No thanks.
    I wonder if the google founders enlist into all their informational trapping offers? I know Serg wants us to save the earth while he flew what, 600 of his closest friends to a Caribbean island for his wedding? Al Gore couldn’t make it, if I remember right, he was flying over to Sweden to collect some award for saving the earth, too. Funny how much those saving the earth fly around the world. :-)
    So, no thanks to any google offering.

  • Digital Comment

    First, I have been using Google Voice for the past 3 years as Grand Central (Prior to Googs acquisition) and have immensely enjoyed the features – especially the call transfer to any phone (Cell, to home, to office while still on the call). Google has aspirations to be ‘All Things’ including Search Engine, App provider, Ad Service for Web, TV, Radio, Print, Phone company, and Internet Service Provider (TISP). Personally, I am waiting for Google to offer cable TV service to finally put the cable company out of business! Google is the next GE.

  • http://www.superdealshop.com Bryan Quinn

    All companies are open to security breaches. Google is no exception.
    It’s your choice!

  • http://realxtremepaintball.com Paintball

    Well a big part of me is with Kate on this. The other part wants cool useful features. I have to wonder what it costs for the Google phone Number. (doesn’t mention that, unless I read over it)

    Umm, my mind is abuzz with security concerns. Google is trying hard to get every piece of private information into one seamless Google world. Having info tied together and accessible is great, but what new problems are we creating.

    Have to pass

  • http://www.ebook-site.com Bryan Quinn

    I stand by my earlier comment. However, with nothing to hide, I’ll give it a go.

    • http://www.sitebyjames.com/ James

      If I call you and I have something to hide… how does it effect me? I have nothing to hide either. But I would rather that my personal conversations were not used as a profiling tool for advertising first. And I would prefer it if for some reason this incredibly dynamic world with all it’s history changed in even the slightest way… that my information was not used for anything it was not originally intended for. Just my two cents…

      I would use the service if Google provided absolute transparency of where the information is stored. And allowed me to erase it with a click of a button.

      What an awesome feature that would be!

  • Laura

    Provided free with no obligation, no warranty, no backup, no privacy, but lots of convenience! Okay, for the unimportant stuff.

    But for my business stuff, for my important personal connections, I’ll stick with something more reliable, robust, and yes, private. When paid services are so affordable, the “free” aspect loses much of it’s exceptional appeal.

    But when those features come available via premium services (Google or others) with provisions for backups, reliability, robust stability, etc., I’ll sign up for my more critical communications.

    People hate it when AT&T loses or deletes voicemails. Will that pain be lessened so much when the lost voicemail is lost in a free service?

    You get what you pay for.

  • Frank

    Well….I was getting interested until you said ” these guys elected Obama, that blew it for me. just think if you substituted “Elected Bush”, for elected Obama, the privacy nut libs would be all over this as just another way for the GOVERNMENT TO SCREW US AND TAKE AWAY MORE FREEDOMS….Keep politics and your wacky Marxist views away from my enjoyment of using my computer.

    • http://www.sitebyjames.com/ James

      Marxist? As in Socialist?

      I don’t have to worry about enjoying your computer. The whole purpose of data mining and profiling is so that you end up enjoying your computer more. You won’t even have to worry about a thing. After your done calling your sister and tell her about how your kids are giving you a headache… your computer will pop up advertisements for Tylenol and Aspirin… or Google Pain Killer. Maybe if you start screaming at someone on the telephone you’ll get advertisements for anger management programs? Hey… maybe if talk about bombs on planes you’ll get federal agents at your door the next day. Who knows… Who really cares if anybody is right or wrong or wearing a tinfoil hat.

      Who cares about socialism. I want my privacy. My phonecalls are mine. I do not want anyone using my data for anything. It’s my data.

      Sorry to hog the thread. If google will allow me to erase all of my data from thier systems when leaving their service or if they allow me to opt-out of any sort of data mining system. Sure… I’ll use it… other than that. It’s a no brainer.

      • http://www.sitebyjames.com/ James

        Google should be paying me for the information they survey from me to provide their advertisers with more effective advertising.

        Am I the only one who thinks that we as individuals are valuable to advertisers? Google should be paying us. That will be my last post here.

        Sell outs… I’m going to go log back into one of my facebook accounts to see what they are advertising to bi-sexual, catholic women, aged 32 to 48 with an interest in Islam and Chinese Food…

  • http://www.hawaiiwebdesignservices.com Guest

    The fascist takeover of big American businesses will end up with the government having access to all of Google’s data….don’t think it can happen?…Premier Obama will simply declare an “emergency” and dissenters will be tracked down and silenced…

  • http://medianowonline.com Yusuf Kirmani

    Ya..Can’t believe it. It’s coolest ever. I will again repeat that Google is God.

    • Jayne Cambra

      That’s a lower case god, Yasuf.
      Don’t blaspheme and don’t praise the bigger guys until you’ve done your researching first.

      • Guest


  • http://jaynecambra.com Jayne Cambra

    No thanks!
    I value my privacy ad the freedom that we fought for so many years ago. Now, it’s slowly getting taken away from us by our new president along with everything else.

    And now our privacy?

    Google’s features are great and the advertisement is an easy “trap” into the program; but I’ll still say “NO”.

  • http://ripsychotherapy.com Mike A.

    The Bush administration showed that if they want your information, they will get it and then retroactively exonerate those who coughed up the data.

    I don’t really see the difference whether they serve Verizon w/ one of those NSA demands for information that you can’t challenge in an open court, or if they serve Google with one. If they want you, they will own you.

    See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NSA_warrantless_surveillance_controversy for details.

    In the meantime, it sounds like there are cost-saving benefits to signing up for the service. So, I am going to make the change.

  • Guest

    Freedom in exchange for loss of privacy is unconstitutional!

    There is a 4th group:

    People who recognize all the value of the system Google has developed and, distrustful or not, are simply willing to wait for another company who doesn’t lustfully data mine their servers to develop a similar technology – which is a basic Voice Mail (Voice Response Unit or VRU) system with those extra features built in. These systems are not new; they’ve been around for a long time. Those extensive features are somewhat standard on corporate VRU’s, but are not given to consumer users in large networks. Google’s just making such a system available to the whole world and saying to the consumer that they too can have corporate level coordination and manipulation of telecom connections and communications. Definitely a cool idea, and any large network xferring telecom data likewise can follow suit, and several will, without the [probable] bald faced privacy intrusions. AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and many smaller companies will follow suit by the end of the year, maybe Apple too (within a reasonably short time thereafter); it’ll be a question of coolest [or most effective] apps in relation to privacy instead of being lemming-like, foregoing privacy altogether and just going with the flow because people [who may be being paid to convince us] say it’s cool. [The first lemming who becomes airborne probably thinks it’s cool for an hot second.]

    Wait; be smart like their competitors. Sit and let them get the kinks worked out, then jump on the better versions [albeit without certain Google exclusive apps] provided by the carrier of your choice later this year and into next year. Freedom in exchange for loss of privacy is unconstitutional!

  • http://www.livedatelove.com Alex

    Why is everyone so concerned with privacy? What exactly will Google monitor? Your phone conversations, text messages, voicemail? What about Verizon or any other phone carrier, they have access too, how come you trust them more?
    And what about Google mail, nobody complains about that but technically they can also monitor your e-mails… (same goes with Microsoft and Yahoo mails).

    Google is a big and trusted company, I’m sure they have better things to do than listen to your phone conversations. I don’t know the exact benefits of Google Voice but if I decide to use it, I’m not gonna be concerned with privacy. If you want something to be private – don’t talk about it!

    • Guest

      read this first… they are beginning to push new boundaries with consumer profiling…


      Quite frankly the wheels are in motion and if you passively sit by and let things happen without expressing what really is important to you then people do whatever they want…

      • Guest

        So why is against the google guidelines to show richer and more meaningful content to the end user when they hit my page based on the search term in use, huh?

        It’s okay for them to target me but I can’t target anyone else?

        • Guest


    • CJ

      Google Voice was originally set up and owene by Grand Central Station an answering serice and telecomunicating company. I have 2 numbers with them and set this up 3 years ago….There is nothing new about this but Google just made the purchase that’s all…Your converstains will be private……

  • Guest

    The problem is that Google does things ahead of the pack, and it does them right. I, for one, like Google because I am a low-income consumer who takes advantage of many of Google’s free services. If another company can do email better for free, I’d be happy to use their service. So what if Google’s programs read my emails to target ads? Do I really have so much to hide? Well, yes sometimes I do. That’s why I have PGP.
    I never trusted my telecom company, because I know that all digital transmissions will be routed through the government at some point, but I still use my phone. I just don’t see how the cost of possibly having my data mined outweighs the benefits of all these free features. Advertisers/the government can listen to my pillow talk all night for all I care.

  • http://mxproject.com Frogger Gamer Dude

    I’m glad google is coming out with this product since it sounds good for people with a lot of voice mails, and many tel. numbers.

    Good job! Google.

  • http://www.learnthatlanguagenow.com/ ssdmym

    Google provide top class service for therir client. May be google voice become a legend of voice service

  • Guest


    • Guest

      Because people trust GOD… unfortunately… God…. just like any other period in time is an elite select few with governing powers interested wealth, power and fame for themselves.

      Did you think the human race changed in the last century?

  • Guest

    its cool
    i would definetly go for it if it were to be free
    man google rocks

  • Eric

    The government doesn’t care what you talk about, unless you say something that they don’t want you to say. Some comments mention nothing to hide and “who cares if they read my stuff”. As long as we remain compliant consumers we have nothing to fear. It’s the instigators of change that the government (read: corporations) fear the most. And they will stop at nothing to try to control the populace.

    But, not to fear. This is nothing new. It’s been this way since the beginning. And the bright side is that with social networking and communication at the highest level it’s ever been – it is easier than ever to unite. Consider Twitter in Iran.

    And anyway – it is impossible to stop technology growth, nor would we necessarily want to. It’s just important to be aware of how it can and is being used.

  • http://NearlyFreeWebHosting.com Nearly Free Web Hosting

    I would use this only when an online form or some type of application requires a phone number. Example: “Free” give-aways, especially from the internet marketing community. Once they have your phone number the upsell is inevitable. I am on one particular “guru’s” list that refuses to stop calling me. Every time some expensive high paying commission scheme comes along, I get a phone call for it. They’re worse than high pressure car salesmen.

  • http://www.taxguru.in Sandeep Kanoi

    The problem is that Google does things ahead of the pack, and it does them right. I, for one, like Google because I am a low-income consumer who takes advantage of many of Google’s free services. If another company can do email better for free, I’d be happy to use their service. So what if Google’s programs read my emails to target ads? Do I really have so much to hide? Well, yes sometimes I do. That’s why I have PGP.
    I never trusted my telecom company, because I know that all digital transmissions will be routed through the government at some point, but I still use my phone. I just don’t see how the cost of possibly having my data mined outweighs the benefits of all these free features. Advertisers/the government can listen to my pillow talk all night for all I care.

    • Guest

      If Sony promises not to install any more rootkits on my machine and Google is indeed protecting the consumers privacy first. Then great! I would hate it if a company was simply pulling the wool over my eyes to gain access to my daily routine in excess to which personal parole office breathing down my neck would have…

      • Guest

        Lets hope Google stays number one… Imagine what a desperate corporation would do?

  • http://www.sabbatini..com/renato Dr Renato Sabbatini

    There is no such thing as a free service in voice communication, as Skype in Skype Out has proved. Relaying from one company to another, return links, telephone central usage, etc. are all billed by telecom companies. So wha’s new? Most probably Google will recover the costs and make a nice profit by means of minimal obtrusive advertisement, as it has implemented in YouTube

  • Guest

    yop I agree. it’s a technology that’s going down the drain (at least this form of it, with phone numbers that you have to memorize and all)

    But, before a technology goes down the drain, it has to be exploited to its maximum, controlled to its maximum. as long as there are people out there who like talking to people through their little phones, it’ll keep on existing

  • http://ecash10.com Ecash10

    Most of the people don’t even realize that they give up their personal info to Google and it may or may not fall into the hands of the wrong people out there but it’s also true that most people will use the technology and hope it won’t happen to them.

    Just hope lady luck is on your side.

  • Guest

    It makes me both curious and reluctant to watch how big a company is allowed to become if they want to.
    Lots of power, politics and money is involved if someone intends to use all this information and money available for these kinds of purposes – both for good as well as bad intentions.
    Should such a small leading group be allowed to affect so many others throughout almost the whole world, even despite the nature of their intentions being good or bad?

    It could lead to a great result , a catastrophy and anything in between. Who knows.

    Maybe the Google guys are really only wanting to do good from their hearts? Maybe they are not? Perhaps they are not even 100% aware of the end goal and changes it as times passes and surrounding circumstances arises?
    No matter what their puropse is, how will it affect the rest of the world?

    Google must have a superbig aim to reach something, and they seem to need more than lots of money and information to reach their goal/-s. They are already making more money than they can possibly spend, so why do they need to earn even more – to do what, to grow into what?
    When in the future much of the information is passing through them and they are becoming a worldly big bank with huge amounts of money flowing through them at the same time (means more power than the oil industry and other things have today), what happens then?

    Whatever it is, it may change into one or the other intentions over time. Since it is a commercial company it will mean new owners and leaders the longer it exists.
    The unknown factor and lack of knowledge about the future successors of Google (and of corse of any other company as well), could lead to many changes of the company

  • Guest

    I lost my trust and respect for Google as a company when they compromised with the Chinese government in the name of profit. Yes they are ‘trustworthy’ as companies go, but not everyone is swayed by clever marketing – there’s plenty of us out there without an iphone for example.

  • Daniel Byrne

    Who has multiple phone numbers? Seriously I’ve been using a single number for about four years now. I can see business and personnal but beyond that like ‘home and cell’, well that’s just dumb.

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