Google+ Users Are Young, Single, American Men of Technology

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Google+ Users Are Young, Single, American Men of Technology
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Earlier this month, when Google+ was just an infant (I’d say it’s becoming a toddler now), the answer to the question “Who’s on Google+?” was simple: Men.

In fact, the shocking percentage reported then was 88% male. Some other reports a few weeks later reported the statistic to be a little more balanced – more like 66.4% to 33.6%.

Although the percentages have tilted a little toward the ladies, Google+ is still a male-dominated landscape. Today, we have some more statistics about the early adopters of Google’s social network.

Using figures from both findpeopleonplus.com and comScore, data analysis company Bime has released a fun visualization on their blog concerning Google+ demographics.

The stats comes from a sampling of over 4.4 million Google+ users, most like around a fifth of total users on the network. The data is a little old, so it may not be a perfect representation of who’s on Google+, but it should be a pretty accurate portrait.

The gender distribution turns out to favor males, only not as much as previous reports. Bime’s visualization has the split at 71.2% to 27.8%. As far as age distribution (the comScore stats), 25-34 year olds make up the largest chuck of the user base.

The top three occupations for the early users are Engineer, Developer and Designer, receptively. Following those three are Software Engineers and Web Developers.

Users are overwhelmingly American, with the next closest country being India with about a third of the American total. Within the U.S., most users live in California, New York, Texas, Florida, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Ohio, respectively.

Check out the full visualization below –

Google+ Users Are Young, Single, American Men of Technology
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  • Karl L. Hughes

    Interesting how many are entrepreneurs. I guess self-employed people have more time to mess around with social media all day, haha.

  • Natalie

    Tech men have more time to do new tech because their moms are cooking them dinner and doing their laundry.

  • http://bimeanalytics.com kirsty

    Thanks for the coverage guys! We will try and get an updated dashboard out in a few weeks showing the demographic shift now that G+ has been opened up to everyone!

    The Bime Team

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