Google Updates Toolbar PageRank Again

By: Chris Crum - August 2, 2012

Google has updated the Google Toolbar PageRank again, for the first time since May. Obviously sites are moving both up and down, but we’re not seeing a ton of complaints so far.

A lot of people are talking about the update on Twitter. Some are more enthusiastic than others. There are a few interesting nuggets out there.

One person thinks freshness is playing a role in higher PageRank. Google has clearly put a great deal of emphasis on freshness in recent months. Fresh content tends to get surfaced much more. Greater visibility means more chances to pick up links.

Here is a sampling of the Twitter conversation. Hat tip to Barry Schwartz for noticing some forum discussion about the update.

As with last time, I feel compelled to also share this Matt Cutts video talking about how to identify causes of a PageRank drop:

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  • Steve G

    Funny how people are wondering what causes page rank to climb or drop and Matt Cutts always has gone on and on about how page rank is still but one of 200 signals that Google uses to determine relevancy to search, and not that important in the grand scheme of things. I’ve seen PR 0,1,2,etc., sites rank higher than PR 6,7,9,etc., sites for the same query. If that doesn’t prove the page rank doesn’t mean sh!t to all of you wanna be SEO’ers out then I don’t know what would. Also consider that most high page rank sites have their homepage high ranking and their internal pages ranking lower, a lot of them don’t even have a page linked from their homepage of say a PR 6, have that next page be a PR5. That should tell you that they’re trying hard at promoting their homepage and not so much their internal pages. So while it may be hard to outrank their homepage, you can write a very well written page and have it outrank a similar internal page on their site very easily. So I look at high PR sites that have low PR on their internal pages as the sites that need to be targeted by Google to have their homepage PR adjusted down as it does not necessarily reflect the rest of the site.

    • Grey Olltwit

      Absolutely. And I thought Google got stung by the courts over Canadian Pharmacy sites and yet many still seem to rank PR5 or above. Google, you are so two faced or should that be two hundred thousand faced!

  • Sara


  • Manila Website Designer

    I thought page rank is not part/dead already for page results

  • Craig

    People do realize that the toolbar PageRank means nothing, right?

    There was a time when it did, when internally PageRank was only updated every so often but now that Google is always working with PageRank as increases and decreases in pages link graphs are updated, i.e. similar to how the SERPs positions of pages themselves are constantly being updated, the relevance of a given page’s displayed PageRank is more of a webmaster ‘feel good’ factor than anything else.

    I’ve got pages with PageRank 0 but yet they are in the top 3, usually top 1, for relevant searches, above competing pages with PageRanks as high as 4 or 5.

    I’ll take my PageRank 0 SERP position #1 over your PageRank 4 SERP position #11 any day. 😉

  • Pat

    I just checked my website. I stayed the same. That is good though because I haven’t been able to a lot with the website due to illness.

  • kevin

    No change in my PR.
    I rank just behind a PR6 with about 4000 in bound links compared to my 30 or so.

  • Jay Rowden Photography

    Yup, PR is a lot less relevant these days.
    Though interestingly, what Google favour much more these days is relevance (no pun intended)

  • ansh

    nicely described . . . gud work

  • Commercial Broadband Providers

    Yes,It was toolbar page rank update. I seen many people has started discussion on forum. I got 1 page rank for my new website which is good for me.