Google Updates Messaging For Manual Webspam Actions

    June 12, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Google announced that it is now including examples of problems in its messaging to webmasters who have been hit with manual webspam penalties. Google’s Matt Cutts actually mentioned it in a Q&A session at SMX Advanced on Tuesday night, but now he has put out a Webmaster Help video discussing it further.

“I’m very happy to say that just recently, we’ve rolled out the ability to, when we send a message, to include more examples,” he says. “We’re not going to be able to show you every single thing that we think is wrong, for a couple reasons. Number one, it might help the spammers, and number two, if there’s a lot of bad pages, we’d be sending out emails that are, you know, like fifty megabytes long. But we do think it’s helpful if we can include a small number of example URLs that will help you, as a webmaster, know where to look whenever you’re trying to fix things and clean the site back up.”

He adds, “It’s much better than it was than even just a few months ago, and we’ll keep looking for ways to provide even more guidance and a little more transparency so that webmasters get [an] even better idea of where to look, but we’re just really happy that now we have the ability, when we send messages, to give you a few concrete examples.”

Cutts notes that it’s going to take some time to roll out, test, ramp up, etc. There might still be some cases where people aren’t getting examples.

  • http://www.thenet.ie Scott Graham

    this should be fun, but it is welcome, but i just hope that they roll it out country by country and leave Ireland till last.

  • rahul trivedi

    It will be helpful to know which type of pages are affected during the latest google update and it will become give more insight about the spammy links.Thanks to Matt

  • http://www.fmeextensions.com Simon

    Thats really good then, it will reduce time consumption for webmasters trying to figure out causes.

  • Fred Waters

    First off, why was this not done at the release of the original penguin update. People have been chasing their tail for the last 14 months trying to find the road to google redemption. As usual this video begs more questions than offers answers. For example, does it apply to unnatural link penalties? If you already got a penalty how do you get examples of what is wrong? Do you have to waste more time submitting a reconsideration, that will be rejected, to get some samples?

  • http://www.webpronews.com ralph

    It’s another time wasting exercise from google because once your site is hit with a penalty, manual or otherwise it will never recover. No matter what you do.