Google Unveils New Tool For Faster Web

mod_pagespeed will help webmasters automate improvements

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Somewhere within Google, there’s an organization known as the "Make the Web Faster" initiative, and today, a representative presented the world with a gift.  Something new named mod_pagespeed is supposed to make streamlining a site a quick, easy process.

A Google representative explained in an email to WebProNews, "We just launched a new open-source Apache module called mod_pagespeed that any webmasters can use to quickly and automatically optimize their sites.  (It’s like Page Speed, but makes the changes automatically.)"

Then, in case anyone was wondering whether mod_pagespeed is worth looking into, the representative continued, "It can reduce page load times by up to 50% – in other words, essentially speeding up websites by roughly 2x."

So mod_pagespeed should be of definite use to webmasters, considering it’s common knowledge that would-be visitors bail when things take too long to load.

Plus, as Google factors site speed into Web search rankings, having a fast site will help ensure that would-be visitors are directed to it in the first place.

In any event, it’s a good bet that more site speed tools and suggestions are on the way.  Google’s representative wrote, "At Google, we’re obsessed with speed – we measure it, pick it apart, think about it constantly.  It’s even baked into our quarterly goals."


Google Unveils New Tool For Faster Web
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  • Guest

    If the majorly, 99.9% of “ALL” web traffic goes to 10 websites how does this make any benefit for rest of us to use? Force the top10 sites to use this!

  • Guest

    “At Google, we’re obsessed with speed – we measure it, pick it apart, think about it constantly. It’s even baked into our quarterly goals.”

    You know Google, the rest of us are not and don’t need the added expense.

    Google should be spending it’s days on saving us money not costing us more and more with this lousiness and new processes it wants to shove down our throats every 5 minutes.

    We don’t need need image formats or page crunching thanks for your not so help.

  • http://www.aktivtek.no/ s

    I asked my hosting company if it is possible to load module mod_pagespeed from google. In response, I got information that they never heard about anything like 😉

    • http://thepsychicuniverse.com Guest

      Since it was just made available, I am not surprised, but Google uploaded it with no problem at my red hat ant Lunix sites with no problems I can find.

  • Guest

    The faster the better… when I click on something, I want it to open up and download NOW as in right away!

  • http://kercommunications.com Pittsburgh SEO

    To the person who seems upset about this: It isn’t Google’s job to save you money. It is their job to provide users with the most useful search results. Usability, including loading speed, is a big part of that.

  • http://thepsychicuniverse.com Guest

    All ready added and see a big difference on pages with lots of graphics, which our clients love.
    What expense, my Google account did it for me and it cost me about 30 seconds of my time.
    Even I can afford that.

  • BMD

    What happened to relevancy?
    First they wanted us to paste codes into our sites for Analytics etc. now they want us load software that makes changes automatically to sites they haven

  • http://bestseowebdesign.com Best SEO Web Design

    Seems like a great idea. Yahoo offers something called YSlo, which can tell you WHY your website is slow, but does not offer much help for speeding it up.

    I agree with the comment by BMD which is that Google REALLY, needs to focus on relevancy more than anything else though. Their relevancy is starting to really be horrible and it seems that the conundrum is again that website’s have multiple pages showing up, (not the two pages they say they display), and the site’s perceived popularity is skewed. In my opinion their Page Rank is stupid and while at some point in the past it may have been useful, nowadays all it results in is an entire industry of SEO black-hatters Google bombing client sites via blog posts, forum posts, landing pages, etc. There are large sites with full staffs that spend all day dropping links and SEO companies in developed countries and third world countries that do little more than Google bomb sites to the top of the heap. The relevancy of a site seems to be rarely, if ever considered and the organic results are hardly much better than their sponsored ads, so yes I agree that they need to focus on relevancy… Speed can wait – Lets get the results right first Google.

    Back to the site speed issue and the use of mod_pagespeed… I checked out the Google page on this and I only wish that the info was more user friendly. If they want this program to be successful, they would be well advised to gear it towards the novice designer, (where most speed issues start). I think the big boys will benefit from it as is, but like another poster stated – that’s probably only 10% of the sites… Its the other 90% they need to help speed up.

    Not sure about the commenter who feels that somehow Google should save them money or that anything Google has is expensive. What??? I say be thankful that Google offers so many great webmaster tools for free. With their search engine’s popularity they could easily pull the rug out from under us and demand payment for being on their search results page – but they don’t which is really cool. That being said – I still have a personal conspiracy theory that some of the sites that show up well on Google so so because of some internal pocket padding, not relevancy, speed, or anything else.

  • http://str82u.co Str82u

    Our main host offers it but only on VPS plans.

    Some of the tricks we pulled for PageSpeed for FireFox have been:

    • Rearranging head/css code to load css/images first.
    • Serving images and scripts from sub/other domains (boiled down to only images)
    • Reducing image size, even using some offered by PageSpeed because they come out with the same visual quality as the originals.
    • Combining and Minifying .css and .js scripts then compressing them by converting the scripts to .php format.
    • Hosting the ga.js ourselves (yes, we update it to make sure it is current)

    One CMS site is currently a 97 without having AdSense ads on the page and 92 with AdSense ads and Facebook “like” and Twitter “tweet” buttons on the page.

    If the “mod_pagespeed” module can really improve that site’s performance, even by 25%, it will make our positive decision to move to the hosting offering it.

    • http://www.universidadperu.com/ UniversidadPeru

      Actually, the idea behing the mod is for those who CAN’T (or WON’T) optimize their sites, to use the apache module… an already optimized site will get virtually no advantages, and actually hurt them by increasing their processor load. Of course, YMMV… 😉

  • http://netmotility.wordpress.com/ Guest

    Can it really be a ” true statement? ” What initiatives have I used . . . lol When the tools used are those found and downloaded online:

    a. local telephone company offers internet connect @ broadband 1.5Mbps and in Feb. 2011, up to 40 Mbps via optic fiber service.

    _Where, COX offers 20Mbps or about 2200 Kbps download or upload time.

    _ My = used very broadly in that statement (contextually) cited above.

    fb III

  • http://www.shapirit.biz ????? ??????, ?????? ?????

    I do need it to my website but I would like to state that I have being monitoring my site for long time and I can tell you that the most important thing google cares about is LINKS, my site is almost SEO perfect but google does not put my page even in the 40th place because lack of links.

    There is no use in making your page load faster if the server where your site is hosted is a slow one, if you want it to load faster have your own dedicated server.

  • http://www.carellidesigns.com Guest

    This is like an elbow in the side hint. Google is saying that the experience of their customer – the person sitting at a keyboard searching for something – is the only thing that matters. So they are saying that content, relevance and speed are all important criteria for their customer. There is nothing more frustrating that a slow-loading webpage.
    I do not believe anything will jump Content and relevance – not even incoming links. We have three sites on the first page of Google with very few inbound links – just tons of content relevant to the search term.
    Speed is going to be a bigger and bigger criteria. The big dog has spoken and if you don’t want to listen and adapt, then those sites will go lower in Google as they benchmark the total search experience for their customers.

    • BMD

      I think before anyone jumps you need to consider the type of site you are building “type of business”
      As a test I had built a site for a company I am working for that would be considered
      “local business”, Just a site, no H tags, no meta description, no SEO of any sort, I didn’t even create or submit a sitemap!
      A few months later through other means I have our company hogging up the entire first page of search results for anything close to what our company does, there is way to much emphasis put on what Google wants, again, Google has to many irons in the fire and they need to get back to focusing on Relevancy and stop coming up with all these cockamamie ideas that are just confusing and cumbersome.

  • http://www.makeasizzlingwebsite.com Mark Demers

    get the top 10 website to go by this rule first then worry about the rest of us-

    One thing i would like to speed up is the browsers, they take too much time loading even when you don`t have any extras like toolbars (Here`s Mine , Check it out , Watch NHL Hockey tonight. http://makeasizzlingwebsite.ourtoolbar.com/ ) being activated while opening –

    Actually Chrome is very fast , but could use some add-ons .and a bookmarks toolbar especially.

  • http://www.mirnabard.com Mirna Bard

    I have no idea that google has a new tool of making the loading time more faster than before. Thanks for sharing this post. I can’t wait to try this.

  • Guest

    It never ceases to amaze me, how people can complain and complain. Stop thinking about your site’s position in the SERPs – start thinking about your users. That’s essentially what Google is doing and it seems by the likes of you two that Google has to do it for you.

    This isn’t about the top 5 results, this is about your SLOW website and if it’s not SLOW, move on to the next article.

  • http://www.bostonapartments.com Eric

    Haven’t installed it but wonder how much faster I can load my front page!

    Alexa states that http://www.bostonapartments.com load time is as follows:

    Average Load Time for http://BostonApartments.com
    Fast (1.233 Seconds), 62% of sites are slower.

    How do you get 38% sites faster than 1.2 seconds and is it really too long to wait that a mod needs to be installed?

  • http://www.gaskellguitars.com Left handed guitars

    All the technobabble says it works with Firefox. So you have to have Firefox on Windows or Linux.

    Well, I recently ditched Firefox for good as over time Firebox has become everything it was saying it was not: bloatware. I even went back to good old Internet Explorer immediately after ceremoniously putting a flame to Firefox and clicking UNINSTALL FOR GOOD.

    Then I decided to give Safari another try – probably 6 months after last time I tried it when it was total crap on Windows.

    Well, things have changed! Safari is very fast, and it out performs slug-like Firefox and Internet Explorer.

    So, no I will not be trying this mod – because I can’t stand Firefox in it’s current build. So I don’t care about the “increased speed.” Safari does it. Opera is pretty good too but a bit harder to use (for me.)

  • Stuart

    This is an intersting bit of news you have brought to our attention and addresses an issue that most people are curious about: can you improve your speed online without upgrading your comms or Internet service?

    For years we tried everything in our endeavour to find out if it is actually possible to do this and a couple of years ago found that it actually is! … and now Google have simply confirmed this by this news of their latest ‘tool’.
    However their new ‘tool’ is NOT the first or the ONLY answer/solution to speeding up web page loading it just confirms what some of us have known about for some time now.

    The best thing we ever found that improved the speed of web site loading was software called Full Speed (www.getfullspeed.com). It is free and we simply made a link to it and offered it as a free download for all our visitors.

    Thanks again for your information.


  • http://memmymem.weebly.com Guest

    It seems a bad event when the alta vista like [ not as good as] google can prevent opposition. The history of this is bad on the net and can see when money is threatened the near demise of eg netscape [which is using tools again] , zoom with all the professional folk amateur postings gone
    and just share inventiveness threatened. Google Who knows where the balance is but google too needs a place to communicate eg webpronews but stifles the very page it needs. Who knows where the balance is but staff at pcmagazine [zdnet-cnet] and tucows will tell you it is a scary place surely. Page speed yes but why kill mozilla page which was oribin of yahoo mail — google did not invent this–
    So whereto

  • http://www.priosoft.com Guest

    There is a large group of consumers who have no concept of or interest in what goes on in the background of any of what they consume. Many of these people, when looking at a great advance in something that serves them better, approach it as something that they will have to pay for and don’t want. If they had the mental capacity to understand that each consumable entity starts with just an idea and takes untold amounts of imagination, energy and creative talent along with untold hours to make, they might really appreciate the world in which they live.

    This mod_pagespeed it one of those projects that goes unappreciated by those me,me,me, now, now, now people.

    Thanks, Google

    • BMD

      Maybe it

  • Drew

    Too bad it’s not available for IIS hosted sites…

  • Guest

    Ok, this might be great for Apache servers but what about IIS?

  • Douglas

    As always Google come to impress. As the Web grows it needs to work faster and more efficiently. Google’s focus is much appreciated. Also, the fact that they care so much about security is truly awesome.

  • Guest

    Ha Ha! Google Pitches Page speed as a means to improve yourself, your work environment and to increase the value of what you do, sits on it for a few months, waits for it to be an integral part of what matters, and then BAM!


    Google not only has the best engineers, they also have best psychologists…

  • http://helplamer.ru/ Вячеслав Качалкин

    Google, as always, has surprised. To it thanks, and me as a web to the master it will be useful.

  • http://www.facebook.com/doofollow Doo Follow

    Hi guys how to use mod_speed for site? How to install or how to use them for a free blogspot blog?

  • http://entercomputers.ru Евгений

    Well done Google, but what can be optimized in addition to images and CSS, I’ll never know. Still try

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