Google Thinks That In 100 Years, People Will Marvel That We Ever Allowed Humans To Drive

By: Chris Crum - June 7, 2013

Google held its annual shareholders meeting on Thursday, discussing numerous topics. As usual in shareholder-related meetings, Google felt the need to reassure investors that despite its investments in “moon shot” ideas like Google Glass and self-driving cars, the company continues to invest in its core business.

But this time, Schmidt also took the time to talk up the cars. He told the crowd, “In a hundred years time, I wonder, and I really do wonder, whether people will marvel that we allowed humans to drive cars.”

“The potential to reduce accidents, to cut congestion, to get rid of a lot of wasted parking lots,” he added. “And the mobility self-driving cars will bring to people with impaired mobility will be life changing.”

Schmidt then proceeded to show the crowd the classic video where a Google car drives a blind man to Taco Bell.

The meeting then transitioned to showing off the new Google Maps, as if attendees did not pay attention to Google I/O.

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  • Isabel

    This is so amazing! This is what our world is working towards! I wonder if it works in tough weather. If not, I’m sure they will figure it out when these “self driving” cars become the new “natural gas” cars.