Google Talks Online Reviews For Ten Minutes

By: Chris Crum - May 6, 2013

As part of the “Friday 15″ series for small business owners, Google has shared a video discussing the importance of online reviews.

It features Whitney Lemon from Google’s’ “Get Your Business Online” team and Cody Julian, the associate marketing manager at Google Fiber.

According to a study Julian cites, seventy percent of Americans say they look at product reviews before making a purchase decision.

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  • Mary Malia

    As a small business owner, this is good information to have. Yes, it’s important to monitor and manage negative reviews. I’d add that if you get one and get it fixed, yes post how you fixed it on the site but if the customer is really happy with the fix they might also update their review for you also.


  • Yu

    In the country I live and work that is Thailand it would be against the law to give a negative review to any company, person or even website on google or in fact anywhere else.

    Yet I see websites with just 1 positive review made by their own webmaster scoring on google page 1! Surely this isn’t what google wants? is it? Should I give myself a positive review and then take who give a negative review to court and have them jailed for up to five years??? This plays on my mind what to do!

  • Kevin

    Don’t change over to G+ from Place Pages as your reviews don’t migrate to the new platform

    • Kevin

      Interesting been blocked so I have to comment under another name. Free speech Meh!

  • Andre

    Google search (and the company) is very bad now anyway, so who cares what they are testing… 😀

  • Gracious Store

    Product review are very good, it helps people make a decision as whether to buy a product or not, especially if it is a product they have not used before