Google Talks More About Keeping Ranking Factors Secret

Google: 100% transparent Would Not Help Users

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Yesterday, we looked at a video Danny Sullivan posted at Search Engine Land, in which he grilled Google CEO Eric Schmidt about listing Google’s 200 ranking signals. 

Clearly tired of being asked about the subject, Schmidt responded with comments like, "Because we change them. What would happen is, you’ve asked me this question for the eight years I’ve worked with you, so it’s the same question. Why don’t we publish these things. And the fundamental answer is we’re always changing. We’re always changing, and if we started saying here’s how the black box works, then all of a sudden huge incumbencies would come out about this change and that change, and we just don’t want that pressure." 

… and that it would be revealing business secrets. 

The company posted an article from Google Fellow and Engineer Amit Singhal on its public policy blog. It stemmed from “a debate” about fairness in search published by the Wall Street Journal. Singhal talks a bit more about Google’s secrets and competition: 

"Making our systems 100% transparent would not help users, but it would help the bad guys and spammers who try game the system. When you type "Nigeria" you probably want to learn about the country. You probably don’t want to see a bunch of sites from folks offering to send you money . . . if you would only give them your bank account number!"

"We may be the world’s most popular search engine, but at the end of the day our competition is literally just one click away. If we messed with results in a way that didn’t serve our users’ interests, they would and should simply go elsewhere—not just to other search engines like Bing, but to specialized sites like Amazon, eBay or Zillow. People are increasingly experiencing the Web through social networks like Facebook. And mobile and tablet apps are a newer alternative for accessing information."

Singhal also says that Google reveals more about its ranking factors than any other search engine, and offers more tools to webmasters to take advantage. 

Sullivan appears to think the list should be published, without revealing how factors are actually measured, but Schmidt says even the list would reveal too much.

Google Talks More About Keeping Ranking Factors Secret
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  • http://www.kooiii.com Andy Anderson

    Fact is Google doesn’t change to get better at anything, they change the rules on ranking for a singular purpose, to get business owners to give up on spending $2-5 thousand a month on SEO and put that money into Adwords. If Google shared the ranking criteria and changes they make business advisers would soon be reporting to corporate heads of how Google is working against them and is only focused on forcing you to use Adwords to remain competitive.

    Duplicate content, is a prime example. Why is a syndicated news feed like AP network news a good thing while going to the closest article directory and grabbing shared post worth point off your ranking? Google wants you to spend so much on ghost writers for unique content that Adwords become a value, between SEO and Unique Content, Webmaster services to maintain compliance factors, and article/social media marketing Google wants you to spend so much on your generic rank that it is faster and cheaper to just advertise and they are winning the war because corporations are letting them control the rule of the game.

    Andy Anderson
    CEO Velocity Marketer
    Owners: Kooiii Social Media Search

    • Adsense Publisher

      They even send Adwords $100 credits out every few months to Adsense publishers.

      It’s almost like they’re so desperate for income that they’re targeting Adsense publishers for some of the money back that they’ve paid to them by having them spend it on advertising to bring in traffic. The thing is, I get plenty of free traffic from the SERPS. Hundreds of thousands of visitors a month, so I’m not worried about this instant thing, as traffic has not dropped at all.

  • http://www.duniasyukron.blogspot.com/ Syukron

    do we have to pay more to be no 1 in google rank ?

  • http://ads.kooiii.com Dave Gilbert

    There are alternatives to Google some of which are not only cheaper but provide a better ROI on Advertising as well.
    The most common comment we get with our search engine is that while we deliver around the same amount of results sites are not listed exactly the same as Google, well Duh of course our serps are going to differ if they were exactly the same as Google we would just be another Google clone.
    We do provide a social search system that allows the user to search individual social networks in real time make a post at Myspace, Facebook or one of the other listed networks and a few seconds later you can find it on Kooiii this is a Real Time Search not a cached snapshot taken days or weeks earlier.
    Google instant will drive most users to distraction, the english language has so many words spelled the same but with a different meaning that the system will always try to second guess your intentions it’s just another gimmick from the Big G.

    Dave Gilbert
    COO Velocity Marketer
    Owners: Kooiii Social Media Search

  • http://myinteriordesign.us hot756

    I found it difficult to find a google search on the topic because so many spam links

  • http://seomasterkiev.blogspot.com seomaster

    Google ranking secrets must not be opened because it will create only spamming boom

  • http://www.easytechsolutions.co.uk Wirral Web design

    I agree with the drive towards Adwords and I think Google instant will be an extension of that force of direction which will mean the small business owner parting with more cash.

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