Google Talks Instant’s Effect on Web History

How Will Google Instant Play with the Browser?

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As noted in an earlier article, Google Instant may log SERPs for unfinished queries in your browser’s history, if you pause for long enough, before completing your query. WebProNews asked Google about this. 
"For signed-in users with Web History enabled searching on the Google.com homepage or results page, we continue to show all the searches they perform," Google’s Jake Hubert tells us. "With Google Instant, this includes searches when the user pauses for three or more seconds and/or clicks on a search result. These queries are explicitly marked to indicate results were shown for three seconds but had no click."
Maureen O’Connor at Valleywag writes, "The new Google Instant guesses what you’re searching for while you’re typing, and retrieves results before you finish. It’s the T-9 of search engines. And it means buying an "erector set" will make everyone think you have ‘erectile dysfunction.’" If everyone means anybody looking at your web history, she might be right. 

Upon the announcement of Google Instant, the company said that they would be rolling out the feature to mobile and browsers (search boxes and Chrome address bar) in the next few months. I have been wondering exactly how this will work.  

Will using this feature automatically take over a page the user is currently on with Google results? With the chrome address bar specifically, what if a user just wants to go to a site and not Google? Will they be presented with results before they even have a chance to complete the typing of a URL?
"It’s premature for us to get into details about future implementations," Hubert says. 
That’s fair, but this will be an interesting element of Google Instant to keep an eye on. If it turns out to do that, some webmasters may take issue.
Google Talks Instant’s Effect on Web History
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  • http://www.nerdyhosting.com Nerdy

    I believe the most important phrase in that video was: You can think less about search. The reason Google is so popular is because people who know how to search can easily find information. This seems to be creating a rabbit whole. Imagine how many people will suddenly be distracted while researching a paper, a problem, or a product. Change is hard but not always good.

  • http://www.finesale.net nike shox

    Thank your for your articles. I learn more from here! Thank you !

  • http://homesteadwebsitebuilder.com Jordy

    I’ve learned to be really specific when searching. I think most people searching online have learned that if they want to get the best results, they must be “keyword” specific.

    Who really wants searching for something to be a guessing game?

    It really weird how search is apparently evolving to be more targeted and now Google is playing a guessing game. It’s kind of like putting together a puzzle or playing Pictionary or Charades.

    I don’t get it.

  • http://www.free-sampleresumes.com edwin

    Its very much interesting that Google Instant helps users to find information faster by showing relevant results as a query is typed. when i type some keywords i can able to get immediate response

  • http://waysofmakingextramoney.blogspot.com/ John

    Google Instant has the power to drive the intention away from what Internet marketer think it is the right keyword

  • http://cyberwizardproductions.com Crystalwizard

    well… I’ve played with Google instant now and have decided that I absolutely hate it. It’s distracting and annoying to me as a user searching for something.

    One of my favorite sayings for a while now has been “The more Google improves something, the worse it works”

    They’ve made a mess out of Gmail and now they’re making a mess out of search.

    It was bad enough when they started showing videos and junk in the search results. If I WANTED videos or other things like that, then I would have gone to the videos or other items areas and searched on them. Now the blasted search is trying to anticipate my search term and I find myself typing it out on note pad then pasting it in so I won’t have to deal with the idiotic thing switching the hits page as I type.

    But is there a way to voice displeasure with Google and what they do?


    Google SAYS that their motivation is to make their users search more valuable to the users, but if that was the case Google would want to know what their CUSTOMERS think of things. They don’t so its very apparent that Google could care less about the people using their services.

  • http://www.Yatra.com Amitabh Dixit

    I am a Online Savvy . I think everybody likes the Google Instant…..

  • http://www.briongloid.net briongloid

    …and already I hate it.

    I can’t quite put my finger on it but there’s just something about Google Instant I don’t like, the very second I started using it I started feeling queasy, I find it too distracting and prefer to be the one choosing my own search terms and feel I’m the one controlling the search engine and not the other way around.

    Google search with the standard auto-suggest worked just fine and, clich

  • http://www.granitepolish.co.uk granite cleaner

    This seems a good idea but does it keep record of all the url’s that it bring up even though you have not finish you searh phase.
    This could get into stick ground and you could be accused of search for something you have not search for.

  • DannyG

    Maybe the SEO game will have to go both directions now and try to catch the shortened version of a keyword, just a thought.

  • http://www.weballways.com Deepika

    Google Instant Saved Time and typing efforts to increase users work efficiency.

  • whatever

    Think how this is going to affect IT admins charged with preventing workers accessing porn and social network sites, or for that matter issues such as child porn?

    The idea that such results are “marked” is somewhat meaningless if they show up in your brower’s history. Google may know you “didn’t inhale” but will Admins or co-workers?

  • http://www.bigseotechniques.com/ abs

    Hmm sounds like something we need to keep an eye on – it will certainly effect both website owners and searchers – its too early to tell what impact this will have but from the sounds of it – it could change google search for good. For the better or not we will need to wait and see

  • Guest

    Webpro News used to put out a lot of varying valuable articles but lately all you people are doing is Obsessing on Google. STOP USING GOOGLE , THEY ‘AIN’T’ THE BEST. TRY USING Ixquick.com, they provide results from the Averages of the Top 12 Major Search Engines except Google. Do a test and you’ll find they provide more valuable Results and are THE Alternative to the Arrogant Controlling Google. Spread the word around and watch Google Drop.

    • Zhen

      Wish that search engine would use a spell checker. I like it and I just downloaded a firefox plugin for it. Now, I wonder if what they say about their privacy is true or some BS to attract users. Where are the based on?

  • http://www.iexposure.com/blog Jason at Internet Exposure

    I think the implications are even greater than people seeing questionable results in your web history (which is unlikely to happen.) The real issue is people glancing over your shoulder at your screen. Imagine searching at work, at the library, or any other public place.

    An even greater issue than the results for ‘erector set’ is the prevalence of results containing racist stereotypes and racial slurs. Google has been suggesting people conduct questionable searches for years — now they’re conducting those searches for you by default.

    It’s clear they need to improve their filtering of prejudice queries. I covered some pretty hideous examples (including racial slurs popping up with SafeSearch set to strict) here: http://www.iexposure.com/2010/09/09/google-instant-racist-results

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