Google Talks About The End Of Google Checkout

    May 26, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Google announced that it would shut down Google Checkout in favor of Google Wallet back in 2011. This week, the company announced that in six months Google checkout will be officially dead to merchants.

With that, the company has shared an “office hours” video dealing with the change, so if you had any questions about it, give it a watch, and see if they get answered:

Developers for Google Play the Chrome Web Store and Offers Marketplace will continue to be supported, and will automatically transition to the Google Wallet Merchant Center in the coming weeks. Shoppers will simply be able to use Google Wallet to make purchases on merchant apps and sites, as well as on Google properties.

  • http://www.inqu.me Inqu

    79% also voted for killing Google +

    See here: https://www.inqu.me/vote#!qid=should_google_kill_google_

  • http://www.ezvacuum.com ezvacuum

    When Google checkout was introduced, we implemented it on our zen cart platform. In the beginning, we used to see about 60% customers choosing credit cards, 20% choosing Paypal and rest 20% using google checkout as their mode of payment. Over the years, and after we moved to Magento cart, Google checkout usage has decreased to about 5% currently. The reason we believe is due to the fact that not many cart platforms are fully integrated with Google Checkout. Also there is very little support available for Direct API connection used for payment processing. They have been making too many changes to the service lately. Other reason is the lack of ecosystem unlike Paypal where you have most users using eBay as their preferred shopping location and vice versa.

  • http://www.opace.co.uk Opace

    It’s great that Google are willing to try out new ideas even though some of them fail. We need more companies like this. ‘Playing it safe’ doesn’t move us forward.

  • http://www.graciousstore.com Gracious Store

    What difference does it make for those merchants who do not have Google check out? What is the difference between Google check out and Google wallet?