Google Tag Manager Gets Built-In Templates For Popular Tags

    December 7, 2012
    Chris Crum
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In October, Google announced the launch of Tag Manager, a tool for consolidating the various tags you use for your site into one snippet of code, and enabling you to manage them from a single interface.

Google has now teamed up with a handful of companies to provide its “first wave” of Tag Vendor templates. Companies involved include: comScore (Unified Digital Measurement tag), Turn (Conversion Tracking and Data Collection tags), Media6Degrees (Universal tag), Bizo (Business Data Insight tag), and Neustar AdAdvisor.

“One of our favorite features of Google Tag Manager is the ability to add new tags to your site using a tag template instead of copying-and-pasting code — and we’ve just made tagging even easier with several new built-in tag templates,” said Google Tag Manager product manager Laura Holmes. “Just add a few key details to the template, and Google Tag Manager will automatically generate the correct code.”

Google says it will be adding more supported tags to the list, and is actually taking requests, so feel free to let them know what you want to see added.

  • Clint Hockney

    Very cool tool, definitely worth mentioning in the blog. The installation is a little tricky if you’ve never worked with ANY code before, but the tutorials are pretty straightforward. We used these Google Tag Manager instructions and everything seemed to go fairly smoothly.

    There was also a post on google products forums with helped us finish off some event tracking.

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