Google SEO Report Card Scores Company’s Own SEO Efforts

SEO Report Card Shows Businesses Google as an Example

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Google is looking to improve upon its own internal SEO efforts. The company has created what it calls an "SEO Report Card," designed to improve the user experience and visibility of some of its own properties. The company says it aims to identify potential areas for improvement in Google’s product pages, which could help users find them more easily in search engines, and fix bugs that annoy visitors and hurt the pages’ performance in search engines.

Google is making this report card publicly available though, and that means other businesses and webmasters can study it themselves, and use what they learn to improve their own sites. It may come as a surprise to some, but Google appears to have a great deal of improvement to do when it comes to search engine optimization, the irony of course coming from the fact that Google operates the world’s most dominant search engine.

"Simple steps such as fixing 404s and broken links, simplifying URL choice, and providing easier-to-understand titles and snippets for our pages can benefit both users and search engines," says Google’s Search Quality team. "From the start of the project we also wanted to release the report card publicly so other companies and webmasters could learn from the report, which is filled with dozens of examples taken straight from our products’ pages."

Here’s a quick look at their scoring:

Google's SEO Report Card shows Google search engine optimization efforts

The whole document is about 50 pages (though much of that is graphical), and is available to download in PDF format. Google began by reviewing the main pages of 100 of its different products across a number of common SEO topics, and says it will go deeper into the sites in future versions of the report card.

What do you think about Google’s SEO scores? Do you find the information within the report card helpful?

Google SEO Report Card Scores Company’s Own SEO Efforts
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  • http://www.theinfogroup.com Dallas SEO

    Glad to see Google scoring themselves and very glad they shared the information for many reasons including the ones you mention. Thinking out loud, once they’ve improved their score does it mean Google’s pagerank will improve? :)

    • Chris Crum

      Good question. I think it will be more interesting once they start getting deeper into their sites. I found it a bit surprising that that they fell under “need improvement” in so many categories.

  • http://www.1on1webhosting.com IgnAndy

    Looking at this report I got confuse. In average the score less than 60%, they made the rule and they got less than 60?
    It will be a long long journey for SEO.

  • http://www.webpro.in Bharati Ahuja

    Really surprising that Google needs improvement under so many heads. But if you validate the google home page HTML for the W3C norms also it shows 45 errors and 2 warnings.

    Nevertheless, a good encouragement for SEOs and a good source of SEO guidelines. If google is thinking of optimizing their site or even taking the trouble to find out where it is lacking, its high time every website owner starts taking the SEO projects for their websites seriously and professionally.

    A real boost for the SEO Industry !

  • http://www.xbox360rrod.net Timothy Rrod

    @DallasSeo: what would have to do, theoretically, scoring themselves with Page Rank? You lost me

  • http://www.adelaidedance.com adelaide dancing

    this report card is very insightful, definitely going to compare it with my websites and make some tweaks, cheers!

  • http://www.easywebsites.ky Cayman SEO

    … is funny that they should fail it because I am reminded of the time when a client once asked me, “Well why doenst google have any content on its website then?” – after I had explained to her that I needed content on her website because thats what search engines prefer.

    So Google is now walking the talk and I love that they have failing grades – now they’ll realize just how much more work we have to put in to get our websites to rank properly 😉

  • http://www.kwikvu.com Sean

    Good information to know. It’s surprising to see Google’s score so low.

  • Gaurav

    What is the best tool to generate such report cards for the website?

  • http://raygen.info Ron

    So if a site adherese and gets good grade in all these areas, does this mean the site will rank higher in the SERPS over pages that may have a higher PageRank?

    As we have heard Google say so many times over the last few years that PageRank is only one of many factors. It will be interesting to see if pages that grade well in all of this rank really high. Thank you for sharing this, I am going to read their report card in full.

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