Google Sends Android to Near Space

Google Uses Mobile Apps to Explore

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Google sent seven of the new Nexus S phones into "near space" via weather balloon to do some exploring. The phones were equipped with Google Maps for Mobile, Google Sky Map, Google Latitude, etc. 

Does Google have too much time and money on its hands? Perhaps. A publicity stunt for these products? Maybe. It’s pretty interesting either way.

Here are a couple videos showing off the experiment:

"The payloads collected a lot of data, and many reached high altitudes, with the highest topping out at 107,375 ft., over 20 miles high, or over three times the height of an average commercial jet," says Google’s Zi Wang. "We also clocked one of the payloads at 139 mph at its fastest." 

"By analyzing all the collected data, we were able to find some interesting trends," says Wang. "For instance, we determined the speed and altitude of the jet stream: about 130mph at 35,000 ft."

For other findings from the project, check out Google’s post

Google Sends Android to Near Space
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  • Mac

    Yeah, the DO NOT TRACK and Microsoft’s lately “cloud breach” deals will send them back to earth soon. Their Chrome OS won’t go anywhere, just like Buzz, Wave and most of their products. Google is like a diabetic person who needs to exercise and eat healthy to get better but doesn’t. He rather enjoys life eating deep fry chicken fry wings, deep fry ice cream, deep fry coca cola and lots of sugar. Google should concentrate on fixing their core business which is an irrelevant, self serving joke, a mess. I think we won’t have Google for long.

  • Guest

    What planet are you on? Google will be with us for a very long time, their business is far from a joke and is certainly not irrelevant.

    They don’t sell a single product, yet they make billions…
    If they were Apple or even Microsoft products, you would be paying through the roof to get everything Google can provide for free. Every business has unsuccessful endeavours, and the sign of a good business is being able to survive them; is Google going anywhere soon?

    People like you are just looking to hate any big company for the sake of it, don’t be stupid, Google is probably the only massive organisation that shouldn’t be hated.

    • Mac

      Man, you need to recognize a T-bone about Google’s business model to know. Unfortunately you are a clueless Google “free this free that, Google doesn’t do evil in my eyes” fanboi. Anybody who is been on top of Google for awhile knows Google is standing on its last leg. They are in the business to sell ads. That’s how they make the money that keeps them afloat and venturing into “space” :-). With more phones coming out they are losing ad inventory to other companies. Add to that the threat of Bing, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, the antitrust lawsuits and investigations all over the world, the Do not Track list coming to a theater near you and Firefox, IE complying with it and consumer watchdog pushing successfully for the kill. Top that with their search result being an irrelevant and self serving mess, a royal joke and loyal users for the first time truly hating Google. Get a clue. The heat is getting close. Watch Google turn into another Infoseek soon. Too much on their plate. I think the threat of being split by the government is VERY REAL. They should be split in little companies. Google has got to go. They are evil.

  • Mario Staten

    I would say just get the G1
    but ya it doesn’t support Microsoft exchange so you cant sync with enterprise outlook

    and the open source just means that there are really no laws for developers on their apps that will be available for the android phones
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  • http://www.techbarrack.com Guest

    It’s time for apple and Microsoft to know that they are gonna go down

  • Guest

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