• Marc

    Imagine that, having to sign in to use its products. Why I just had to sign in to Facebook to use Facebook too!

    Please. Complaining that signing up for Google services forces you to sign up for G+ is like complaining that buying a smart phone forces you to own a camera.

  • http://www.rankwatch.com Rank Watch

    Even though Google takes the user data for the signed in users, they haven’t ever made the bad use of it. They don’t always focus on revenue, they see how they can show the best personalized results to the user, suggest them new and relevant results based on their previous searches and interests etc.

    • Alan

      they always focus on revenue, starting from 2012.
      You never know what the level of access govs have to their db.

  • Alan

    never ever. Google cooperate with government, it only one reason why no anti-trust lawsuits in us.

  • levi lindsay

    Really want to b signed in. Hopefully will help if i lose my account like before. I lost my last account and there were very very important photos of an injury i recieved and would have been sound proof for the criminal injuries board meeting that i have in five weeks time. Thanx