Google Rapper Welcomes You to the Googleplex

    March 4, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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25-year-old Baltimore native Andrew Fink works for Google at their offices in NYC. He is also an aspiring rapper.

Given those two facts, it makes perfect sense that he would release a rap about Google.

“Welcome to google, this is the googleplex / The home of where the futures kept.” Fink lets us know that Google is more than search, maps or earth, Google+, Gmail, and Google Wallet. And that they never settle, even when they’re in first.

[via Gizmodo]
  • http://www.frisorgittejagd.dk Frisør Valby

    Hehe – Loves when big brands tries to reach consumers by doing something different!

  • Conran

    Ha, I love it when big brands try to perform damage limitation by using the weakest and most cynical tools available. Sadly people will fall for the BS though.