Google Profile Redesign – Part of Google’s New Social Strategy?

Google Says Look For More Business Uses

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Google announced a redesign for Google Profile pages, which has a somewhat familiar look to it (if you’re a Facebook user). There’s a big profile picture in the upper left-hand corner now in a column, and the user’s series of photos stretches across the top.¬†Under that, there are sections for an introduction, employment info, education, places lived, etc. You can still connect the links you’re associated with, just like the old profiles. There is a separate tab for Buzz.

Do you think the new Google Profiles design is an improvement? Share your thoughts.

“We think this new design helps highlight the information that‚Äôs most important to you, making it easier for people who visit your profile to get to know you,” says product manager Greg Marra. “As the new layout gradually rolls out, current users of Google Profiles will notice that their existing profile will automatically update to the new style.”



“Because Google Profiles are designed to be public pages on the web, used to help connect and find real people, we’ll be asking people to provide the name they are commonly referred to in the real world,” adds Marra.

An interesting side note to this story is that Rick Klau, who has been a product manager of Google Profiles for the past year, is now a product manager at YouTube. He says the most notable attributes of the new Profiles design from his point of view are:

– bigger profile pic – go update yours now!¬†“scrapbook” lets you pick 5 thumbnails to show on your About page (clicking through will open the pics in full-screen lightbox mode)

– overall update to the look & feel¬†“About” tab is the default tab (whether you use Buzz or not)

– Buzz users can choose to hide the tab (if, for instance, you don’t use it or just don’t want it shown)

– several fields have auto-complete (e.g., schools, employers)

– search visibility is controllable: you can choose to prevent your profile page from being indexed

Klau says once they got the Profile to code completion a few weeks ago, he moved over to YouTube. “I’m now a PM at YouTube, where I’m responsible for the homepage, YouTube’s social strategy and a variety of other related pieces,” he wrote on his blog. “Leaving the Profiles team was a very tough decision – I loved working with them and am eager to see the next set of things they launch.”

Klau’s knowledge of the Profiles and his new position could be a significant part of Google’s overall social strategy. YouTube is easily Google’s biggest social media asset. It’s even often referred to as the second largest search engine. YouTube (which started requiring Google accounts from users last year) integration will likely be a big part of that strategy, along with social search, which the company recently updated. I have to think Gmail, Reader, Blogger, and Docs (not to mention Google Apps) will also have significant roles.

Google has been hinting at a “social layer” that will be added across many of its products sometime soon. The Google profile will likely be the center of all of that (along with the Google account itself) – much like the Wall/newsfeed ¬†for Facebook. It will be interesting to see how Google handles the promotion of it.

Google also recently rolled out a new top navigation bar across some of its properties, which is probably also related. This is just speculation, but the social layer is expected to surface (at least partially) in the form of a toolbar.

When someone asked Klau in the comments of a Google Buzz post if this is “THE big one or just part of the overall revamp of social across all of Google’s services”, Klau simply ¬†responded, “Now that I’m at YouTube, one of my responsibilities is ensuring that we do the right thing w/regards to social features and the YouTube community.”

We’re still very interested to see how Google evolves in the realm of social media, while Facebook evolves in the realm of search.

Marra says that Google will continue to look for ways for businesses to use Google Profiles. So that in itself is something to keep an eye on. There’s a good chance Google is already a significant part of your business promotion and marketing strategies, so watch what Google does with the Profile (and Place Pages).

The new Profiles design is in the process of rolling out. If you’re not seeing it, you should soon. You can always go to profiles.google.com to view you profile.

Do you use Google Profiles? How do you use them? Tell us about it.

Google Profile Redesign – Part of Google’s New Social Strategy?
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  • http://www.bestjuicerreviews.com Ian Stirling

    Rolling out and re-designing will mostly gives you a great look and expecting more features in the profile.

  • http://www.lawyer-seo-marketing.com/page/local-search-google-places.html Google Map Listing

    Actually I like the feature of the previous Google profile, but I was amazed by the new interface of the new Google profile. And I think the Google profile has mostly the same version as of the facebook. And its interface includes new section in the profile.

  • http://www.creativelanka.com web design kalinga

    That is nice idea thanks google. It gives pepole to great look.

  • http://www.freepremiumaccounts.info beest feest

    Thanx allot man, this gona help me out!

  • http://graduatejobs360.com Graduate Jobs 360

    looks good, I think it needs more promotion cos a lot of folks don’t even know about it

    • Chris Crum

      I think it will get more play whenever this “social layer”, “Google+1″ stuff comes out, which ought to be pretty soon.

  • Guest

    You should call this site “GoogleProNews.com”. It’s all you write about.

  • http://www.crearecommunications.co.uk/ KJ

    I like the new layout and the direction it seems to be going in. I’d like to see the the probable You Tube integration.

  • Guest

    I think people are dreaming that Google will make big fan fair out of the social network that will form from Google properties. Instead I think they will just slowly integrate there products into a very dangerous Facebook rival, in fact if they do it right not only will it match Facebook feature to feature but will exceed it in many areas, simply because Google has more products that are more developed.

    But Google had tried fail in launch big and loud tactic in the social arena before, with some epic fails, so this time I think they will to quite and steady approach. With know ground announcement or vision.

    • Chris Crum

      They’ve already got many important pieces in place. They need to find a helpful way of putting those pieces together that people will actually use. Profiles and toolbar could be very instrumental there.

  • http://www.fbi.gov Guest

    It’s just another disgusting intrusion into our personal lives. The only nitwits who care about this are teenagers with one digit IQs

  • Guest

    Will go nowhere. Google is for search, not social. Youtube is for videos, not for search (most people don’t know Google owns youtube) and facebook is a dedicated place for low self esteem teenagers with social problems. So this Google profile or whatever will go nowhere. It will fail just like the other attempts. Google is so many things people can’t keep track of them anymore. I’m in the tech field with a lot of time on my hands and I didn’t even know about this profile thing, let alone most clueless people. If you ask people what is Google they’ll tell you, “that search thing”. If you ask people about Facebook they’ll say “that social thing”.

    • Guest

      I am in the tech field as well, and use many Google services, but did not even know about this Google Profile. I will not be using it, I don’t see a need for it.

  • http://www.seo-first-page.com/seo-analysis.html seo analysis

    its really nice idea… may be google is trying to be more social with the visitors ..

    today trend is Social media so every side we see the update…

    Thanks to share with us

  • KB

    Social media is bad. Profile pages are bad for you. It’s time for the young to put on their thinking caps. Privacy is more important than all this crap.

    • http://www.marfaoriginala.ro adidasi

      the new generation is comming and thigs are changing…

  • http://www.myersgaragedoors.co.uk/garage_door_repairs.htm Garage Door Repairs

    i like the new profile pages. the google local pages have been great for business.

  • http://rhodeislanddivorcemediaiton.com Mike Adamowicz

    Thanks for the update on google profiles. I had filed one out a long time ago and had completely forgotten about it. I’ll stay on top of it now that it seems that it will have a more prominent role with google.

  • joe

    Ugly and cheap was the first impression.

  • http://www.no-win-no-fees-lawyers.com no win no fee

    Sounds like facebook is a threat to google and now google is trying to keep up with it. Its kind of funny, google can now get a taste of its own medicine. Google deranks us on a regular basis and now it looks like its getting overtaken by facebook. lol

  • http://www.google.com/profiles/OneFineArt William MATAR

    I use Google profile from Lebanon. I love it.. clean and beautiful!

  • http://www.zsl.com jack mob

    what ever changes google makes not it cannot actually push facebook down.
    any started their life with facebook and they will stick to it until death

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