Google Prepares For Christmas With Array Of Easter Eggs

Look for Santa Pegman, Santa trackers, personalized calls

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Unless you live somewhere east of New York, there’s still at least several hours left before December 23rd comes to an end.  But Google is eager to help everyone with kids get Christmas Eve off to a good start, and so the company’s put together lists of all the Santa-related treats its engineers have concocted or come across this year.

First, we’ll mention the Google Doodle you can already see.  Then there’s the option to send someone a personalized call from Santa, which our own Mike Sachoff covered earlier this month.  Just remember to come up with an explanation why Santa won’t hold an honest back-and-forth dialogue.

Next, in an email to WebProNews, a Google representative noted, "Starting tomorrow on Christmas Eve and visible throughout Christmas Day, the Street View feature in Google Maps will celebrate the holidays with a special Santa Pegman."

Then here’s another interesting idea: "Visit www.noradsanta.org to see Santa on Google Maps and in 3D on Google Earth.  You’ll also be able to watch 28 city-specific videos of Santa as he passes through various places on both www.noradsanta.org and www.youtube.com/noradtrackssanta."

Finally, if you really feel like verging on information overload, there’s a NORAD/Santa Facebook page and a Twitter account, and Google’s thought of a real-time search query users can run to keep track of all the updates.

Here’s wishing everybody a safe and happy Christmas Eve and Day.

Google Prepares For Christmas With Array Of Easter Eggs
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