Google Plus Invites Open Briefly Last Night, Shut Down By Morning

Why is Google being so exclusive with Google+?

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Google Plus Invites Open Briefly Last Night, Shut Down By Morning
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It looks like every time Google decides to let a few more people into Google+, they open the floodgates and then immediately regret their decision. The latest round of open invitations came and went last night, leaving people late to the party out in the cold.

At about 10 p.m. yesterday evening, Google+ engineering director Dave Besbris posted an announcement to his Google+ account. He said that they would be opening up invites again for an undisclosed amount of time.

He warned that they will continue to throttle invites, so not everyone that gets an invitation will be let into the field trial –

Things are going well with the systems right now so we feel comfortable enough to open up invites for a brief period. Our goal is to double the user base in the field trial. (Sorry, we’re not giving details about how many folks are in the field trial yet).

So, in a few minutes, we’ll open up invites again.

We continue to throttle invites, so please don’t mass invite folks as it won’t work. If you invite a handful of your most important friends and family you’re much more likely to get these folks into our system.

Thanks again for providing so much wonderful feedback!

I did not see this post, but nevertheless I was granted access to Google+ during this time period. I was allowed in directly through the plus.google.com site. When I was done completing my profile and was taken to the home page, there appeared an icon on the bottom right of the screen that allowed me to invite some friends to Google+. Adria Richards at ButYoureAGirl has a screencap of this –

She reports that of the 25 invitations she sent out, 6 reported that they had been let into the social network. I had a similar success rate – about 6 invitations and 1 success.

This invitation icon is now gone, and has been since the wee hours of the morning. Some report that the “brief” window lasted only about an hour.

Why is Google turning the switch on and off so much? In Dave Besbris’ post, he gives this explanation –

As I bet you’ve noticed, we are facing pretty incredible demand for Google+ invites.

As Engineering Director of Google+, I wanted to take a moment to explain why we’re growing the system slowly. First, we want to make sure our infrastructure scales so the service remains fast and reliable. Second, we want to ensure that bugs are fixed while there are still a relatively few people in the field trial.

It seems to be running fine to me. And Google has succeeded in creating massive buzz for their new product. They might not want to take it too far and truly annoy people to the point of disinterest.

Could that happen? Does Google need to start letting more people in? Or are they right to limit the field trial and wait until it is perfect to invite the masses? Let us know what you think.

Google Plus Invites Open Briefly Last Night, Shut Down By Morning
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  • http://google-plus-network.blogspot.com GooglePlus

    I don’t think it Opened and Closed. I think it is being open to “fields” as Google mentioned earlier “limited field test” this could mean the G+ Network is being open in a number of countries, did you notice in Google.insights. India is the top in “Google Pus”. tell me its Vic Gundotra.
    for those who are already in Google+, here are some good tips on navigating around the Google+ Network:

  • Davíð

    There are ways to invite people into plus.google.com without that button and normal time window.

    I simply add their email address to a circle and tag them on post, they been all successful.

    Oh yes, plus.google.com is very good now, but few days ago it was slow and bit buggy. It is improving at super speed.

    • Victor Dillion

      Will you send me an invite please?

      • slapp

        Me too please!!! slapp29@gmail.com

    • Christine

      Tag me too onehtmama@gmail.com

    • koffee

      Could you tag me? koffeebrown@gmail.com

      I’ve been trying so hard since day one, and I’ve been so frustrated trying to get an invite and get on google +!!!

  • http://www.fanpageexpress.com Joey Farr

    i cannot still create an account despite of the invites sent by a friend. i wonder what is going on…

  • http://codexero.blogspot.com/ Shaamil

    O people.. I saw this fuss and rush when Google announced Google Wave as well. It went so far that invites were for sale on ebay! And how long did it last?? Google Wave is in the last breaths. It is dying.

    So is Google+ the Facebook killer? I guess we need to wait and see.

    • Adsense Publisher

      Google+ is the Google killer.

  • http://www.FreeGunInfo.com Adsense Publisher

    Google has been putting the cart before the horse for as long as a time as I can remember. They push out software in it’s infancy and get a big hype around it and instead of actually being ready for all of this and show they are a solid company, they show us they’re really just like the rest of everybody creating start ups and trying to see if anybody will bite and fixing things as they go along. I got to give it to marketing tho. They said the +1 button will be a new ranking signal and everybody rushed to jump into it, then they announced how it will tie into their new Google+ and people were rushing to get in on the ground floor there too. I think basically all Google is going to do by creating a social networking site is create another way to spam the internet with more garbage. Facebook has some good stuff on it, but there is still way more garbage, such as keyword grabbing content, and links to pages with poorly written content, or even parked pages. Only recently has Facebook started policing their own sites, but they seem to only be doing that with FB apps right now.

  • Netfunda

    They should now start sending out invites or the interest will fade very quickly.

    By the way it is a a very good application and very clean also.

    For the moment ad-free. Let’s wait and see.

    • Netfunda

      And hey if anybody needs an account send a request to google.plus@netfunda.com

  • http://wwww.newsuperhuman.com Weight Loss

    Boycott Google. They control too much of the flow of information on the Internet already. Telling us how to make our websites and requiring that we stuff them with keywords to be seen(denials to the contrary).

    Boycott Google. Or should I say, Big Brother.

  • http://renegade-advertising.com Social Media Marketing, Online Advertising and SEO Company

    Interesting that Google will choose to do this so late on the weekend when most people aren’t online. Google know how to create and maintain buzz. Kudos to them. Let me know if you have access to the Google+ platform. Invite me.

  • john

    see this to get super fast google plus invites !! http://bit.ly/oTjtHr

  • http://invitingconcepts.com.au/ Invitations

    I received a mail from Google regarding Goofle + and I quite don’t understand it fully.

  • Lucky

    Pls send me a req please

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