Googler: Here’s How to Get Your Facebook Friends on Google+

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Googler: Here’s How to Get Your Facebook Friends on Google+
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Don Dodge, Developer Advocate at Google, has posted to his personal blog (and shared via Google+) how to transfer Facebook friends to Google+.

“Facebook has intentionally made it difficult for you to manage your friends list or move them anywhere else,” he says. “There are several third party tools to help you do this and they all work in about the same way. Facebook is also actively shutting down or blocking these tools so you may want to do this sooner rather than later.” He then provides the following steps:
Don Dodge on Google Plus

  1. Set up a Yahoo email account if you don’t already have one. It only takes a minute. Unfortunately, you can’t use Gmail because Facebook has blocked it.
  2. Sign into your Yahoo mail account using Facebook.
  3. Go to email, click Tools, select Import from Facebook. You may need to try this several times for it to complete.
  4. Go to the Tools menu and select Export to CSV file. Give the file a name and save it to your desktop.
  5. Open Gmail and click Contacts, More Actions, Import. Browse to the CSV file you just imported.
  6. Give the New Group a name like “Facebook Friends” and begin the Import
  7. Go to Google+ Circles. Your imported Facebook Friends will show up under “Find & Invite”.
  8. Add these friends to the Circles that make sense to you. You can also create new circles and invite them into those circles.

He also links to the following video:

Getting people to leave Facebook for Google+ may be the biggest challenge Google faces in growing its user base. Sure, you can use both, but if everyone you communicate with on Facebook is on Google+ how many reasons will you have to stay on both?

Of course Facebook has a lot of things going for it that Google+ doesn’t at this point. For example, the countless apps that users have grown accustomed to (or in some cases even addicted to) using. Farmville players, I’m looking at you. That said, Google has also been making acquisitions in the gaming realm, so I doubt that this kind of thing is far off for Google+.

The more Facebook friends Google+ users are able to get on Google+, the more useful Google+ will become to users. It means reasons to stay engaged with the service. Without your friends, it’s just a cool concept that will never materialize to much more than another news reader-type tool (much like Twitter for a lot of people). With real friends (like Facebook), it will become harder to leave.

Googler: Here’s How to Get Your Facebook Friends on Google+
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  • Justin

    Once imported my Add + Invite list will only show 500 of my contacts. Anyone else having the same problem?

  • http://www.LAokay.com Adsense Publisher

    Google needs to take Google Wave and incorporate it into Google+ and that will kill Twitter and Facebook in less than a year. People will be able to create custom apps and send messages of more than a few sentences to their followers and allow them to comment as well. Google wave is basically blogging, tweeting, and everything else rolled all into one. The only downside to Google Wave before was the lack of being able to find Waves already created or people to connect with.

  • http://plus.to/poedjikristijanto poedjikrist

    invite me +poedjikristijanto in your circle! thanks….

  • http://www.aaareplicabag.com high replica

    Unfortunately, we could never reach to facebook!

  • M

    l did the above and grabbed 3,900 of my 5,000 FB friends emails. l imported to gmail. lt only allowed me to add 499. What’s up? thx

    • Kevin

      They are looking to remove the cap on circles. If not already, then soon.

  • http://www.ibloom.it Edith

    Unfortunately Yahoo doesn’t fetch anything… not working for me.

  • http://www.buysarasota.com John A

    Looks like Facebook removed the ability to import contacts to Yahoo. :-(

  • Susie

    Yahoo transfer worked for me.

  • Rob

    Nice. Thanks

  • http://www.marcorealestatestars.com/ Boyle

    Yup, 500 max unfortunately.

  • MUYI

    Ever you love me I love you too

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