Google Plugs Google+ On Google Homepage While Facebook Users Complain

By: Chris Crum - September 21, 2011

As talk about how well (or unwell) Google+ is doing permeated the blogsopohere, Google launched a bunch of new features for its social network yesterday. Google also took Google+ out of invite-only mode, so anybody can sign up.

Today, Google is advertising Google+ on the Google homepage. Twice. If you go to, you may see a giant blue arrow pointing to the top left corner, where, if you’re not already a Google+ user, you’ll see “+You”. If you click on this, you’ll be greeted with a sign up careen for Google+:
Google Plus

If you are already a user, you’ll simply see +YourName – something of a reminder to go back to Google+ in case you haven’t been there in a while.

One of our developers pointed out that the arrow on the page is just an animated gif, as opposed to HTML5. I guess they want even people with crappy browsers to sign up for Google+.

So that’s the first Google+ plug on the minimalistic Google homepage. The second one is a text blurb under the search box, which says, “Watch a live Google+ hangout with tonight at 9p ET.”

This links to’s Google+ profile. As part of yesterday’s big announcement, Google revealed On Air hangouts, which allow users to host hangouts that while only 9 others can actually join, anybody can see. They can also be recorded. Google wants to show off this new feature of Google+, which is sure to be a hit among users, as well as the fact that celebrities are using it. This can be good for growth. Just ask Twitter.

Google picked a very good time to open Google+ to the masses, as Facebook just rolled out some design changes that have a lot of users in an uproar. Some might be ready to leave, though in all honesty, I highly doubt we’re witnessing the beginning of the end of Facebook. This is certainly not the first time the Internet has freaked out over changes to Facebook’s design. When your user base is that big, you’re certainly going to have some backlash.

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  • Nick Stamoulis

    It seems like there is a backlash every time Facebook rolls out a new design, yet it hasn’t been enough to drive users away. Maybe more people will be inclined to check out Google+ now that it is open to everyone and they actually have an alternative to Facebook.

    • Chris Crum

      I think people will settle down about Facebook after a bit, and they won’t be too hurt by this. At the same time, I think Google will definitely get more people checking out Google+. Whether they abandon Facebook for is another matter.

      • Daniel Wood

        Completely agree with you Chris. For the time being people would be exploring Google+ more when it is open for all but there doesn’t seem any sign that Google+ can sweep off Facebook (atleast for now).

  • Shomara

    uhmm google socialnet or facebook?
    Maybe more people will be inclined to check out Google+ now because dont exist other alternative that face

  • J.C

    A clear case of search monopoly abuse. The DOJ doesn’t need more evidence than that to break up those bastards. Obviously this is the only way for them to triumph on the social arena. Will go nowhere…

    • Commenter

      If you were launching a new web community, wouldn’t you call attention to it from your most visited, highest SEO quality website/domain? I sure would. I’m sure Facebook, Bing, or any other company would too. It’s called marketing (and SEO).

  • Andrius

    Good way to attract new users

  • Thongchai

    Having reading this blog i realize it was helpful in so many ways. Thanks…


    really fustrated with Facebook page