Google Plus Now Claims 100 Million Users

    April 9, 2012
    Mike Tuttle
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In a letter released publicly last week, Google co-founder Larry Page laid some news on us all about the state of Google Plus. Far contrary to the doomsday expectations that we have countered here before, Page highlighted some unexpected good news about the state of the Plus and the general user experience across all Google products.

It’s still early days, and we have a long way to go. But these are tremendously important changes, and with over 120 Google+ integrations to date (including Google Search, YouTube and Android), we are on the right track. Well over 100 million users are active on Google+, and we’re seeing a positive impact across the Web, with Google users being able to recommend search results and videos they like—a goal we’ve had ever since we started the company.

Activity on the Google+ Stream itself is increasing too. We’re excited about the tremendous speed with which some people have amassed over one million followers, as well as the depth of the discussions taking place among happy, passionate users—all evidence that we’re generating genuine engagement.

Experian backed up Page’s comments with a study of their own that verified that actual engagement on Google Plus was up 27% in the last month alone.

Experian Google Plus Chart

In the wake of the claims that Google Plus was a seldom-visited “ghost town”, the powers that be at Mountain View have sought to comunicate that Google is a different paradigm than, say, Facebook. It is not about Google Plus independent from other Google product offerings. Plus is simply a part of the overall Google experience, which includes search, YouTube, Gmail, Blogger, etc. These things integrate and support each other. So, even if someone does not “visit” Plus with the frequency they would Facebook – and why would most people? – their use of other Google products does contribute to an overall experience.

  • herbert

    uh, whatever. no one except google employees post to my stream. no matter how you try to skew the numbers, normal people do no use g+ and that doesnt seem to be changing.

    • Alex Garcia

      Herbert, if no one other than Google employees post to your stream is because you have only circled Google employees. There is no other explanation.
      My stream is full of people from all over the world with a variety of interests and backgrounds.
      Do you think you are doing something wrong?
      Maybe you are putting sliced bread in your toaster and asking for english muffins. Well, guess what? you are only to get sliced bread. Don’t blame it on the toaster.

      • Nomis

        Thing is I have a variety of friends on G+ also and it’s really a ghost town to me. The same people who would post daily on Facebook don’t do it on G+. Why? Because they have Facebook. I might have a few friends who update frequently on G+ but it’s not enough for me to want to keep using it. The ones that don’t outweigh the ones that do.

  • http://www.iansrutter.co.uk/blog Ian S. Rutter

    I am finding Google+ rather interesting and starting to see benefits. If you see search results, I am seeing my ranking change from the g1 recommendations.
    I find it easier to engage with people in my own field of interests. If Herbert is only seeing Google employees, then he needs to branch out more.
    I do recommend Google Plus.