Google Phone Excitement Builds Ahead Of Jan. 5 Event

T-Mobile announcement and Android press conference point to launch

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The cat has at least started to come out of the bag with regards to the long-rumored "Google phone"; details about the Nexus One have been leaking for weeks.  It looks like the rest of the figurative feline will soon appear, too, as a T-Mobile announcement and invitation to a Google event were issued today.

Google LogoLet’s start with the T-Mobile announcement – which, it’s important to note, was an internal one.  This morning, TmoNews published a document that in part read, "Google, with support from T-Mobile is scheduled to launch an Android device in early January. . . .  T-Mobile will offer service support including billing, coverage, features and rate plans."

Then here’s the clincher: Google’s asking journalists to attend an Android press gathering on January 5th.  This won’t be a random meet-and-greet, either.  It’ll take place in Mountain View at the Googleplex, and a press conference, presentation, Q&A session, and demo session are supposed to last for a not-inconsiderable three hours.

One more interesting detail: January 5th falls two days before the start of the Consumer Electronics Show, so it looks like Google’s planned its announcement for maximum impact.

Unfortunately, a lot of other details remain unknown.  No one seems to have a clear idea of idea how much the Nexus One will cost, for example, or how rate plans will work or when the device will actually be available for purchase.

Still, one week from today, Google’s likely to answer everybody’s questions.

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Google Phone Excitement Builds Ahead Of Jan. 5 Event
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  • http://dailyskew.com Tony Vahl

    Based on the excitement and sales of the Droid phone, I’d say Google is on its way to surpassing the iPhone. Their approach of having multiple phones running their OS is the Microsoft approach applied to cell phones.

    Apple is repeating their historic mistake and guaranteeing a niche market future for their cellphone and OS. Unbelievable.

    • http://astore.amazon.com/kindle-covers-20 Kindle Covers

      I beg to disagree. I doubt Android will surpass iPhone in terms of features or sales but the jury is still out…. We’ll see!

      • booyah

        are you kidding me? Android is already way ahead of iPhone for features, sales will most likely follow…

  • http://www.controldatanic.com agency collection

    Google just came out with the droid I wonder why they are coming out with the nexus? Apple has always had great ideas but has never been able to hold the market long.

  • http://www.goodsamdental.org Mexico Dentist

    I am looking forward to see what all the google ohone will do and what it will cost. Inovation in technology benefits us all.

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    Mobile phones are all about the Apps, applications available.

    Remember is is the Software that made computers so popular.

    Apps allow users to do things with Phones never though of ever before, e.g. GPS maps, connecting with Social Bookmarks, etc..

  • http://picturemousemat.com mat

    Hi Doug, Good post, but….

    With Googles current stance on user privacy, i wonder what horrors are waiting further down the line for those who part with their cash for the device… indexed texts? googlebot analysis of your conversations? analysis and indexing of your phone bill or browsing history?

    With Googles publically demonstrated contempt for it’s users privacy i will not be buying a googlephone thats for sure.

    “If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place. If you really need that kind of privacy, the reality is that search engines

  • http://www.HandicappedPets.com Mark C. Robinson

    We all knew that Google was going to be the Microsoft of the Internet. I-Space was the only way to stick a wedge in the 300 lb gorilla’s greasy toenails. They’re not going to get into the desktop OS.
    My question is around T-Mobile’s coverage.
    I, like many geeks, bought the IPhone in spite of the poor ATT coverage and have looked to Verizon’s Droid offering with mouth-watering impatience toward the end of my ATT contract.
    Functionally, though, once the Droid/IPhone/Other device of pocket intelligence becomes ubiquitous, it’s all about coverage.
    How does T-Mobile rate?

    Mark C. Robinson
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  • http://www.straughan.ca Guest

    It seems that the innovatin ,energy and marketing of Google is unstopable

  • http://www.bigappledesign.com Ranjan

    Get more people onto a data and voice plan at 50% off current national rates. That would be a game changer. A phone alone is not that big a deal anymore.

  • http://guaranteed-hair-growth.com Guest

    I have never bought one of their products because of the proprietary interface, the tools needed to work on etc. Apple / Mac / iPhone – never have owned one – never will. And yes, they really do lose market share because of their strategies. Good for them.

  • http://www.thedjs.ca Mobile DJs

    I think that Google will dominate in this niche as well.

  • ant

    Apple designs both the software and hardware of their products, and this is the strong point.
    With the single model, then a CPU, a resolution, a single-screen multitouch etc. ETC. that
    Today there are over 100,000 applications in the app store. I believe that the model in Apple’s smartphone is winning as it was in the field of MP3 players.

  • Hate Tmobile

    Why would Google limit their sales and influence to just one carrier like TMobile? I was with TMobile for years when I got tired of them not having the kind of phone I wanted, so I switched to ATT specifically for the Tilt (I thought hard about getting the iPhone). After having service with TMobile for 5 years they said I switched my number before my contract was up and charged me $400 early termination fee. Absolutely I will NEVER go back to Tmobile. I would send smoke signals before getting back into bed with those disease infested whores. I would like to get the new Google phone but I will not go back to tmobile.

  • http://www.satriacell.com satria

    first comment in this site, please see my web…….. thank’s

  • http://www.kratomcapsules.net/buy.html Buy Kratom Capsules

    Very interesting. Not a big fan of tmobile but I’m
    all ears

  • http://www.lexolution.in/blog Maneet

    I guess anything can be commented on the issue only after the conference. As fasr as Google is concerned, it has never ceased to surprise us and with rumors about the price details etc. being leaked, the best bet is to wait and watch and see what Google unveils on January 5th!

  • http://www.simonoliverservices.com Simon

    Great news! Let’s just hope that the new phone will be available worldwide and not just in the US … as so often happens with new devices.

  • Guest

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  • http://www.blog.lanzen.co.uk Neil Robinson

    Interesting post, Doug.

    Here in the UK, T-Mobile was the only network operator to offer support for Motorola’s Droid – known as Milestone in the UK and Europe.

    But even then, you could only buy the phone through one specific reseller and a small one at that, eXpansis.

    This news may explain T-Mobile’s low-key handling of Motorola’s Milestone here in the UK. All other networks (Vodafone, Orange and O2) rejected it.

    Does this suggest a new deal is about to be announced between T-Mobile and Google’s Android OS?

  • Pookie

    based on their new Chrome software. The Iphone = 1 phone on one lousy network. Android – pick your poison – keyboard, no keyboard, carrier, manufacturer… Anyway, competition is good.

    Meanwhile Microsoft sits on the sidelines scratching their butt – wondering where it all went wrong.

  • Dave

    Google is a strong company. T-Mobile is a weak company with a very limited service area.

    What will potential customers gain from this alliance? Lower rates?

  • Guest

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  • Guest

    Sprint is the only truly reliable service in Santa Clarita, CA. I wish Sprint would step up to the plate with a comparable phone. Or, maybe AT&T will pull it’s head out of it’s ___ and offer reliable service in our valley so I can go back to an iPhone.

  • http://www.googleandroid.com.au google android

    Still waiting for the launch google android nexus one here in Australia. Any idea when?

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