Google Penguin Update Recovery: Matt Cutts Says Watch These 2 Videos

    May 11, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land put up a great Penguin article with some new quotes from Matt Cutts. We’ve referenced some of the points made in other articles, but one important thing to note from the whole thing is that Cutts pointed to two very specific videos that people should watch if they want to clean up their sites and recover from the Penguin update.

We often share Google’s Webmaster Help videos, which feature Cutts giving advice based on user-submitted questions (or sometimes his own questions). I’m sure we’ve run these in the past, but according to Sullivan, Cutts pointed to these:

Guess what: in both videos, he talks about Google’s quality guidelines. That is your recovery manual, as far as Google is concerned. Here are some articles we’ve posted recently specifically on different aspects of the guidelines:

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So, in your recovery plan, take all of this into account, and these tips that Cutts lent his seal of approval to.

And when all else fails, according to Cutts, you might want to just start over with a new site.

  • http://www.goldcurrent.net Gold Current

    First the hideous privacy policy now this latest disaster.
    Sorry Google but you just plain suck now.

  • http://blog.onlinecompetitions.org/ Mark

    He made a video a couple of years ago saying scraper sites can’t hurt a site, now apparently they can?

  • http://www.tonyasdynamicdesigns.com/ Tonya

    Google’s Engineer Matt Cutts knows his stuff!
    His videos are always very informative!

    As a website designer, I know first hand
    how important it is for webmasters to have
    good quality content on their website that will
    help them to get higher search engine rankings
    naturally by implementing ethical white hat seo
    and not black hat seo which can demote or ban
    their website from search engines all together.

  • http://www.manojpallai.com SEO Expert India

    Videos’ are looks great, but the point I’m not sure still how can unlinked/removed links from the websites, as I’m not the admin for the same??

  • Burgerbone

    Start a new site.
    Wow! What a refreshing advice.

    I really wish matt would actually create a site from scratch on topics not related to technology and show us how he’s gonna get good ranking in google within 6 months.

    I’d like to see how he could rank for commercial keywords using all google quality guideline stuff he preachers whenever google comes out with crazy update.

    I have nonproblem with penguin if the results is better than before. But when an internal page of a cooking website ranks higher than my photography site for a camera review keyword, u know that the result stinks.

    My camera site was no 3 for the important keyword, but now it is nowhere. Google likes the cooking site more.

    I wish yahoo was like yahoo 7 years back. Now it is so weak that google could get away with crappy results.

  • http://dominor.com Timu

    I have supported all Google updates till penguin. Penguin update helped bunch of spammers and punished some hard working sites. If you do not agree with me.. Here is my question for you.
    How come a very competitive search term brings 4 spots from a same website on the first page.
    2 spots from Google place(one is address is not real) 2 spots from organic results. When I analyzed the site I do not see any decent link backs to the site. Just forum postings / blog comments / some profile link backs and a few small footer links from the free templates they provided to third party sites.

  • http://bigrockinvestments.com Michael Borger

    Thanks for the update. All the new algorithm updates can be a bit tricky to keep up with, but I always find Matt’s videos clear and informative.

  • http://searchsimplicity.com/ Gregory

    Penguin and Pandas now Playing Game on the Internet, Every webmasters and SEO consultants constantly updating their Knowledge and Website Architecture according to the Google Panda Guidelines. But it’s not going to end, because google rolling out new updates every month :)

  • http://www.selfmadexone.com/ Sukhen Tanchangya

    It’s time to change all spam bloggers, I hope Penguin and Pandas skills future fight like chinese kongfu :)