Google Penguin Update Gets A New Data Refresh

    October 8, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Oh that Google and their late Friday announcements. Sometimes it’s the big monthly (at least they used to be) “search quality highlights” lists, but they were kind enough to release that on Thursday this past week. Still, Google’s Matt Cutts managed to sneak in a Penguin announcement on Friday. He tweeted:

He followed that up with:

Cutts has made comments in the past indicating that this update could be “jarring”. Are you seeing the effects?

It’s been quite a week for Google updates. The Friday before this announcement, Cutts announced the EMD update, and later noted that there was also a Panda update rolling out.

More on all of this here.

I’m sure we’ll be discussing the Penguin update more in the coming week.

Image: Batman Returns (Warner Bros.)

  • Justin

    minor clown in action.

  • Marc

    Matt Cutts = Schizophrenic

  • http://gfx-3d-model.com pelister

    I was searching for related posts plugin for WordPress, why in the world mattcutts[dot]com appears in the result, is this moron the middle man for wordpress plugins?

  • http://www.londonphotographer.co.uk Dan Burman

    I’m beyond fed up with google. Probably will get me dropped even more. For years, I’ve been page one for “london photographer”, and based on what google said was ok, I spent some money and effort buying the keyword domain http://www.londonphotographer.co.uk

    Now, out of the blue, they’ve decided that businesses like mine should be heavily penalised for going along with their rules! It’s just unbelievable. And now when you do that search loads of photographers aren’t coming up – instead organisations that do not reflect the needs of that search.

    I understand why google is constantly trying to beat spammers by changing its rules, but a lot of these decisions seem arbitrary and an abuse of their monopoly position. Wouldn’t matter so much if they couldn’t completely destroy small businesses with these tactics, but they are.

  • http://wbweeksjr.com William Weeks

    There is something that has dramatically changed since this latest update, I have a blog site (wbweeksjr.com) where I wrote over 175 articles on topics like SEO in the last 100 days! My site was in the low 500’s two weeks ago and heading down in the Alexa Ranking, today it went over 1M in the Alexa Rankings. I am unsure as to how I can reverse this as it seems the Google Rules have changed completely! If anyone has any idea’s, please feel free to contact me.

  • Matt

    Do you know duckduckgo.com search engine? I’m testing since a couple of days and looks very good, much better results than Bing and Yahoo and even better than Google in a few cases. I suggest to try this SE, it’s really fast and much better philosophy and policies than Google.