Google: By The Way, A Panda Update Is Rolling Out Alongside The EMD Update

    October 4, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Last Friday, Google announced the EMD update. It was billed as a small and minor update, but the effects seemed to be fairly large, with many webmasters claiming to have been hit. Google’s Matt Cutts made it a point to say that the algorithm change was unrelated to both Panda and Penguin.

He then said it was not the only update that was rolling out during that timeframe, noting that Google makes changes every day (over 500 a year). He didn’t happen to mention that there was a new Panda update, however. Finally, he has dropped the news that there was indeed a Panda update going on at the same time as the EMD update (and it’s still rolling out).

Were you impacted by one of these updates? Are you able to discern which one it was? Let us know in the comments.

Search Engine Land reports that Google released a Panda algorithm update (not a data refresh, but an actual update) on Thursday, and that it impacts 2.4% of English search queries (and is still rolling out). That’s significantly larger than the 0.6% of English-US queries Cutts said the EMD update affected. So, it seems that the majority of those claiming to be hit by the EMD update were likely hit by Panda (which would explain those claiming to be hit, that didn’t have exact match domains).

Here’s the exact statement from Cutts that the publication is sharing: “Google began rolling out a new update of Panda on Thursday, 9/27. This is actually a Panda algorithm update, not just a data update. A lot of the most-visible differences went live Thursday 9/27, but the full rollout is baking into our index and that process will continue for another 3-4 days or so. This update affects about 2.4% of English queries to a degree that a regular user might notice, with a smaller impact in other languages (0.5% in French and Spanish, for example).”

Couldn’t he have just said that in the first place? Google had to know the confusion this would cause. Since the original Panda update, Google has made more of an effort to be transparent about algorithm changes, and it certainly has been. It seems, however, like delayed transparency is becoming the trend recently.

For months, Google was releasing monthly lists of updates that had been made the prior month. The last time, they left people waiting before finally posting a giant list for two months’ worth of changes. It seems that Google is doing this again, as we have yet to see lists for August or September (assuming Google is about to release these lists).

Either way, it appears the Panda continues to wreak havoc on webmasters. Wait until they get a load of the next Penguin.

For those sites that were hit, obviously if there is not an exact match domain involved, that makes the problem a little easier to figure out, at least in terms of which update the site was actually hit by. It seems unlikely that the EMD update would have done much to impact you if your site does not use an EMD. Which leaves Panda (and of course, any other updates that Google hasn’t told us about – they do make changes every day, and often more than one in a day).

While Cutts said that the EMD update is unrelated to Panda, that is not necessarily the case, depending on how you view the comment. Algorithmically speaking, I presume Cutts means the two have nothing to do with each other. However, in concept, the two are very similar in that they go after low quality. So, doesn’t it stand to reason that if you improve the quality of your content, you could actually recover from either update? That is assuming that the EMD update is one that can be recovered from. Let’s put it this way: if it’s possible to recover from the EMD update (which most likely it probably is), improving the quality of your site and content should be the main objective.

This just happens to be the same objective for recovering from Panda. Of course quality is subjective, and Google has it’s own view of what this entails. Luckily for webmasters Google has essentially laid out exactly what it is looking for from content, specifically with regards to the Panda update.

Googe has pretty much given webmaster the rules of the road to Panda recovery, even if they’re not official rules. You’ve probably seen the list before, but if you were never hit by the Panda update until now, maybe you haven’t. Either way, here are the questions Google listed last year as “questions that one could use to assess the quality of a page or an article:

  • Would you trust the information presented in this article?
  • Is this article written by an expert or enthusiast who knows the topic well, or is it more shallow in nature?
  • Does the site have duplicate, overlapping, or redundant articles on the same or similar topics with slightly different keyword variations?
  • Would you be comfortable giving your credit card information to this site?
  • Does this article have spelling, stylistic, or factual errors?
  • Are the topics driven by genuine interests of readers of the site, or does the site generate content by attempting to guess what might rank well in search engines?
  • Does the article provide original content or information, original reporting, original research, or original analysis?
  • Does the page provide substantial value when compared to other pages in search results?
  • How much quality control is done on content?
  • Does the article describe both sides of a story?
  • Is the site a recognized authority on its topic?
  • Is the content mass-produced by or outsourced to a large number of creators, or spread across a large network of sites, so that individual pages or sites don’t get as much attention or care?
  • Was the article edited well, or does it appear sloppy or hastily produced?
  • For a health related query, would you trust information from this site?
  • Would you recognize this site as an authoritative source when mentioned by name?
  • Does this article provide a complete or comprehensive description of the topic?
  • Does this article contain insightful analysis or interesting information that is beyond obvious?
  • Is this the sort of page you’d want to bookmark, share with a friend, or recommend?
  • Does this article have an excessive amount of ads that distract from or interfere with the main content?
  • Would you expect to see this article in a printed magazine, encyclopedia or book?
  • Are the articles short, unsubstantial, or otherwise lacking in helpful specifics?
  • Are the pages produced with great care and attention to detail vs. less attention to detail?
  • Would users complain when they see pages from this site?

Of course, Google uses over 200 signals in all, but that should get you started on thinking about your site’s content.

And with regards to the EMD update, remember, Google is targeting “low quality” EMDs. Not simply EMDs in general.

We’ve provided tons of coverage of the Panda update since Google first launched it. To learn more about it, feel free to peruse the Panda section of WebProNews.

Do you think Google has improved its search results with this algorithm combo? Is Google being transparent enough about algorithm updates for your taste? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Image credit: Rick Bucich

  • Ravi

    According to EMD update!

    We can not take EMD anymore and also will not get top position in google SERP if we had EMD.

    But i wonder if I will pay good amount in Adword for EMD websites then they will rank you on top. Any one can tell me why? i think they must not accept adword bid for EMD based website but they will not just because they want Money Money and Money only.

    Okey..Bye Bye Google and Mr. Matt

    I will not pay your adword programe and i will not target Google search enymore. It’s far better to move Bing, Yahoo to run advereds and Web promotion.

  • Sachin

    We are watching an Action movie named “GOOGLE” Produced & Directed by Google Team; Script Writer Mr. Matt.

    These updates like Gun shoots on our business. As Google starts these update lot’s of people lots their business and job.

    I have seen lots of domain in search results on that having EMD but they are on top, it just because of they are paying to Google in anyway. Google wants to use their programs so that it would be benefited to them.

    I really appreciate about the quality results Google wants to provide but why Google norms always works for small biz. Google wants to rule on the Search.

    Most of the webmasters try to follow the Google guidelines some of them not but why all business owners suffer for this.

    Google should understand about the how many businesses are depended on their search results. As WORLD economy is on slow down, people have no money to invest and job. And These kind of updates like day ghost.

    As we know Google Adsense program not approve the website that having the adult content or image but about the Top News website that having this kind of content & images with Adsense program. It just because of they are big clients and having lot’s of daily visitors. Google should keep in mind about the small player.

    *** Google Always deny these facts BUT Truth is a Truth ***

  • shweta nahata

    I completely agree with Ravi….Google should re-consider their latest move.How can overnight one bear a total loss of listings and business….Google has been herewith known to feature the best results.but with this move its just bearing more and more of criticism stating that top and bet sites have been wiped out of the search results…….

  • http://www.clickseo.it Agenzia SEO

    This update is the same in all the world ? same in google.it ?

  • julian cope

    Bing too has advertising as well. I had enough of google who only displays paid searches and nothing more. Bing and Yahoo is the way to go.

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/seo-training-workshops Nick Stamoulis

    I was surprised to read site owners that didn’t have a keyword rich domain saying that got hit with the EMD update. The algorithm may not be perfect but it is a little smarter than that. I assumed something else was going on behind the scenes that no one was talking about just yet. It would be nice to get a little more upfront communication from Google about when certain updates go live so site owners aren’t scrambling trying to solve a problem that isn’t the problem.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-crum Chris Crum

      It would be different if they didn’t tweet about Panda in the past, and make the point of saying that EMD was not related to Panda, while not bothering to initially mention that there was a Panda update happening.

    • Sachin

      Nick, I totally agree with you. I have not any keyword rich domains, they all like a brand URLs. What is going behind the Google update??? :(

  • Justin

    mattcutts_com emd website must be banned by panda because :

    1. Would you trust the information presented in this article?
    answer no, Matt Cutts known as liar for long time.

    2. Does the page provide substantial value when compared to other pages in search results?
    no, only generic information here.

    3. Does the article describe both sides of a story?
    No. Every webmaster know it very well.

    4. Does this article provide a complete or comprehensive description of the topic?
    of course no

    5. Are the articles short, unsubstantial, or otherwise lacking in helpful specifics?

    6. Are the pages produced with great care and attention to detail vs. less attention to detail?

    No any details usually provided.

    So google webmaster guideliness clearly define mattcutts_com website as low quality website, however it ranks well (as all google websites). So it easy to see what for some sites is special treatment in google search engine.

    • Ridiculous

      Hilarius Justin, you rule, i love you man ! That is so true !!

      • WTF


    • http://www.the-web-design-hosting-co.com/ Peter

      lol brilliant yep.. so true..

  • lots0

    Panda Smanda… the last couple of updates was all about getting google store and google’s paying customers at the top of the SERP.

    I can’t believe that the FCC/FTC is gonna let this obvious ploy by google to promote it’s own products and google’s paying customers slide.

    This bias in the SERP toward google’s own products (Google store) and google’s paying customers has become so very obvious that even people that don’t regularly follow the SERP are seeing it.

    If google wants to go to a pay to rank business model they should at least be forced to admit it by the government regulators.

  • John

    Kiss my a$$ Gogole I just got rid of Google Wallet on my site….I will never ever send you any of my money again. I will also contribute to any politician that supports anti-trust suits against you and I encourage other site owner to do the same.

  • Ridiculous

    I see empty domains listing a beautiful indexof/ at position #1 , fantastic update from google, it seems that now content doesn’t matter anymore. The goal is to get rid of real sites and force them to buy adwords, those people at google must have a lot of fun when they create algorithms, and they probably have a phd in maths to produce such results, they might as well just drink a good bottle of whisky, that would do exactly the same :d

  • http://www.shoes.co.uk Nigel

    Hi There,

    As usual Google give the exam results before you take the test. It takes one day to drop 36 pages for a crucial keyword and many weeks to recover if you ever can.

    Despite being a major creditor of almost every retailer in the world, Google treat them disgracefully. Crazy swings in search results lead to kneejerk reactions that can make matters worse. Simple errors or ‘fix’s’, decided quickly on the fly can kill a site, no warnings.

    If Google responded to proper fixes as quickly as algorithm induced changes and ‘cuddly’ sounding smart bombs then things may be different but they’re not. This is what happens when a monolpoy rules the roost – very sad.

  • http://www.NaturalDogTraining.INFO Paul Anderson

    I am wondering two things: First, when do I get time to actually make a living (which is actually what I have a website for? Repetition intended.)

    And the second: I wonder if I shouldn’t rather just turn to (conventional) gambling….

  • http://www.trepaning.com Brian

    On Friday September 28th 2012, Google continued its trend of cleaning up its search results to deliver quality results to its users. While many spammy niche website builders were happily counting their AdSense revenue, Google released its EMD update. In the blink of an eye, sites that used Exact Match Domains (aka Keyword Domain Names) as a way to reel in visitors to get them to click on their site’s PPC AdSense ads saw their income fall through the floor. Suddenly, Google the AdSense Cash Cow closed the tap to free and easy money, drying up the flow of cash to owners of Exact Match Domain websites with such niche domain names as RedWoolSocks.com and PinkPezDispensers.com.

    Exact Match Domains have been both a boon and a scourge of the internet. While the opportunity to create the authority site on a specific target topic exists with Exact Match Domains, like all things online, once an “in” to near-free money is uncovered, some braggart eventually tells a forum somewhere. Once that occurs, the tactic snowballs and, suddenly, mountains of spammy websites plug up search results like egg yolk and bacon grease plugging up an artery and those greasy mountains must be dug through to get to the veins of information gold hidden within. With Google’s recent EMD update, the search engine leader has attempted to level those mountains to let the sun once again shine on quality search query results, promoting good user experience to Google’s users by limiting wasted time picking through the garbage.

    While Google’s EMD update has effectively cleaned up an ongoing and continuously growing problem of spammy low-quality websites from filling up the first page of search results, it has also done some damage to sites that have a reputation of genuine authority but also happen to have the current misfortune of being under the umbrella of an Exact Match Domain. While there are innocent casualties in this update, Google will tweak this update and the collaterally damaged Exact Match Domain authority sites should soon find themselves back on top where they belong. If I want to buy red wool socks, I have no problem with being presented with RedWoolSocks.com as a result, so long as it provides me with genuine information regarding red wool socks and is not simply a site with links to products on Amazon surrounded by AdSense ads.

    Google continues to be the search engine of choice for the majority of people online. They have invested into the brightest minds to make this a reality, and they are set on protecting that investment by combating the influx of junk EMD micro-sites created by those who are simply grabbing the nickels from PPC ad clicks and are too lazy to work on an authority site. Google has once again taken steps to make their version of the internet functional as a resource worth turning to for relevant information. There is no longer a place for making a quick buck at the expense of Google’s users and AdSense program using tricks like EMD micro-sites, thanks to updates such as the carpet-bombing firestorm of Google’s “Engine of Mass Destruction”.

  • WTF

    Seriously…this is about “quality”? Yes, we have a number of EMD sites as well as sites that a pure brands. In ALL cases the content is ultra-high quality and deep…we have experts in the field authoring definitive articles and producing new content weekly. according to what Google says it is looking for, we are providing authoritative, content rich sites.

    That said, those sites are now GONE from Google…freaking vaporized, gone. We went from page one to nowhere to be found overnight.

    Google is trying f*ck every SEM company out there–plain and simple…they want to be in the business of SEM and the goal is to kill the smaller agencies and get people to buy AdWords or AdWords lite.

    Matt Cutts can suck my balls.

    • http://www.trepaning.com Brian

      Just think of all the money they are keeping in their coffers with this EMD update and not paying out to all those EMD AdSense sites. Looks like they will meet their quarterly shareholder projections after all!

      • Bubble

        That doesn’t make sense. If someone clicks an Adsense ad on someones EMD site then Google get a share of the click cost, so how would they benefit if there are less Adsense sites ranking well.

  • WTF

    Do a search for “Propecia Lawsuit Deadline”

    Good work Google….WTF?

    EMD domaind and shit content….bullshit 3 page EMD sites and they take 1,2,3 slots.


    • cj

      LOL, I looked at your example and it appears ONE of G’s check factors IS NOT relevancy. I guess to give G some credit they did get “Lawsuit” in all the top 10 but 50% isn’t “Propecia” focused.

      I have seen many examples like this. Especially after Penguin.

  • pelister

    If google pushes back the sites that it deems to be of low quality, if it removes emd sites, then why is google still running adsense with those domains, why is google accepting those domains in adwords. In the past month, few of my domains that was in adwords had good traffic, after the amount paid is over, the site is not getting any traffic, it is going back in results, site that was in first position while it is in adwords program is pushed back in results when it is not in adwords.

    So Google needs those domains for its adsense and adwords but it will kick them back in search leaving the owners at bay searching for answers. Google grew because of those EMD domains to be true, no can refuse that, Lot of EMD had good content, valuable info, they made search easier, access to information easier.

    Matt Cutt – is cutting every head, the criminal has created a perfect algorithm for increasing the revenue of google, destroying lives and businesses around the world.

    I like to suggest a new logo for Google to celebrate on Panda Update
    “GREEDY” yep its the same five letters and its not a EMD, you can promote it with any keyword you want.

  • http://www.laptopdrop.com Tom

    Our website was dropped from google search results, even for the search term of our business name. I was shocked to come in on Monday with my site gone. Even google maps stopped showing our site!

    To add insult to injury, we are paying customers for google adwords at a rate of $100 a day. Wonder how they justify penalizing a legitimate, paying customer?

    Setting up a bing advertising account now.

    • http://www.trepaning.com Brian

      make your meta-description 156 characters, or less. I suggest “Laptop repair and mobile device repair center in Nashville, Tennessee. Affordable motherboard repair, lcd screen replacement & dc jack repair | Laptop Drop”. Also, your meta-title should utilize 65 characters, maybe something like “Laptop Repair & Mobile Device Repair in Nashville TN | Laptop Drop”

    • http://www.trepaning.com Brian

      i see a couple craigslist postings are listed in the first two pages of serps for “laptop repair nashville”, so i guess you were bumped for the more important and always authoritative craigslist.

  • Karen

    All my sites are original content and links. They all dropped to about 1/3rd of what they were before.

    Why? Google sucks.

  • Ballbuster

    Way to go Justin.. Think M needs his balls cut. Economy is slowing , after 10 years of updates, with each one taking more profits, it’s time to end Google’s cash flow… May they fall like the rest of us.. Matt’s site should be banned BTW, EMD.. My a.s.. Know how hard it is to get a EMD.. I mean there is only one per keyword.. Duh.. can understand if its a spammy URL, maybe another s on cuttsss.. But it’s not.

  • http://theunknownEMD.com anonymous

    Google This . . . (Best Search Engine) and the top one is what Google has become, but actually the top search engine listed is truly the best of them all.

    • http://www.trepaning.com Brian

      i see google’s stock value rose with the EMD update, wow!

    • http://www.trepaning.com Brian

      follow the GOOG stock link and watch their value rise with each update!

  • http://www.simplyclicks.com David Burdon

    I’ve seen significant changes of drops of 3-6 ranking points across two of the websites I run. They’re not strictly exact match match domains but the do contain the significant keyword that is being targeted.

    On the other hand I’ve also had minor ranking improvements of a place or two where some exact match domains have fallen off the top page.

  • http://www.howtogetpregnantwithpcos.com Mark

    Our website was hit by the latest EMD. Our website is 100% relevant to the domain name with content written by a fertility doctor.

    Would you believe a Squidoo lens is ranking # 3 for the search term?
    Youtube also makes up some of the top spots
    Internet Marketers can still dupe Google.

  • amnesia

    Our ecommerce site has been all over the place with Google’s updates this year. We have never employed any black-hat SEO efforts, but in the past 6 months have dropped from 1st and 2nd place on some highly competitive terms to 2nd page. When looking at the competitors, I don’t see any greater value to their pages, other than the fact that they are some big-box retailers who spend a lot of money with Google on advertising, and who were not previously ranked well at all for said terms. I’m not saying there’s a correlation or anything….

  • Ahmad

    I have a quotes site and all quotations are unique and well written but now after this stupid emd update I lost all my search results. Now I can see Tumblr, Facebook and other big websites on the top page of Google search and all these big sites have one or two lines content (is it quality) I also noticed when ever I search for something on Google, I got the result of spamy site which are mostly ended with .eu .pl .au etc. I request people to bycot Google please. All webmasters effected by this emd update post a banner on their sites and request their users to stop using Google, better they try bing or Yahoo.

  • Mark

    Google continues to do a great job of killing organic, relevant search during the worst economy for small business owners, while increasing their AdWords revenue as a result.

    • http://www.trepaning.com Brian

      I heard Apple is working on a search engine called iCore

      • http://www.captaincyberzone.com Cap’n Cyberzone

        How about: iOne&Done

      • IMBack?

        Wouldn’t use a search engine from Apple if you paid me.

        • http://www.trepaning.com Brian

          I won’t pay you because you’re an anonymous entity on a forum and I don’t know where to send the money.

  • http://www.captaincyberzone.com Cap’n Cyberzone

    … “It was billed as a small and minor update, but the effects seemed to be fairly large” …

    This seems to be a repeating Google refrain when it comes to Panda, Penguin, Pigeon … whatever!

  • http://www.chartercapitalusa.com Keith

    We got hit in a big way. All but three of our first page ranked key words (there were more than 15) were pushed beyond page 10! That’s including the top three key words for our industry. Three years work down the drain!

  • Webknock

    Very disappointed with these non sense updates. Google why you gave rankings to those EMD sites for many years.

    Google, why are you killing small businesses and why don’t you dare to release all your hidden updates at the same time so that we can know what is wrong and what is right. Why are you playing with the lives of people who have spent a lot of years working on SEO?

    Why you Promoted Spammers, duplicate content sites, EMD sites, MFA Sites and a lot of garbage stuff through Adwords for a long time till 2006?

    Don’t you think you and spammers are in the same boat?

    Where was the Matt cuts, the Head of the Spammers?

  • IMBack?

    First, stop expecting Google to be transparent. Do you think whining about it in forums does any good? No you are wasting your energy. They are not going to be transparent, period. Second, if your site is being hit with these updates you are doing something WRONG. Stop buying ebooks and crap links from the newest hot gig on Fiverr. Why is it none of my EMDs got hit? I will tell you, because I make quality, shareable content and only link sparingly from my own websites, in addition to natural links. What did you think when they said they were going to level the playing field it was just fluff? Think again. Stop joining link subscription services from gurus that say, listen to me not Google! Its a joke. I’ve been doing this since 2000 and have changed what I do VERY LITTLE. Focus on content and TRULY natural links. LEARN to do what it is you want to succeed at which is publishing quality content. Keep paying $5 for articles that barely cut it. You think because your keywords are in there you are going to rank? Maybe a couple years ago. This is a culling of the herd. I for one couldn’t be happier. None of my sites in any vertical get hit, ever. That’s for a reason. Notice I don’t need to drop a URL here for a backlink. There is a bigger picture. Trust me, you don’t hate G more than I do, I just learned how to play their game. Peace.

  • http://www.enviroequipment.com Enviro Equipment Inc.

    The problem with Google’s recommendations for assessing the quality of an article/webpage is that they don’t clearly define what they consider the definition of the word “authoritative” to be. We try very hard to write articles and blog posts that are not only technically correct (which is a must in our business) but also interesting enough that the reader will bookmark our site or at least return again at a later time. Unfortunately, sometimes that means quoting sources that aren’t up to the level of Wikipedia not because they aren’t good sources but rather because they might not me Google’s undefined definition of authoritative.

  • http://Mabuzi.com Kevin

    It seems those that are using bad practices are the ones been pinged.

    SEO the wildwest.

  • http://www.KO-websites.com Ken O’Donnell

    We were worried about some of these changes at first
    But it seems that the Google tweaking lately has readjusted and made some good moves. We’re happy, a;though we have had to make some small changes to a few client websites. I.e. tighter quality control. Initially our own company website had fallen from #3 to #9, but then it bounced back to the top three, right now at #1. It seems that the ‘Google Dance’ is back, and they confirmed as much. For those new to SEO, that is when the results shuffle 2-3 positions, when sites are closely graded or matched SEO score wise. Now if we can just get rid of all the Yelp listings, we can all have a fair chance to compete.

  • http://behind-the-smile.org Owen Jones

    I think it is ridiculous for one of the criteria to be whether the site is an authority or well-known name.

    We can’t all be famous authorities!

    Why am I not allowed an opinion on say, religion, just because I am not the Pope?


    • http://kercommunications.com Nick

      Of course you are “allowed” your opinion. But that opinion isn’t automatically entitled to the same credibility as that of the Pope. If you publish your opinion and it catches on, then you can rank somewhere near the Pope in the SERPs.
      This seems to be what a lot of people don’t get about Google and the web in general. Yes, everyone can have their say, get their message out, etc. But that does not guarantee that everyone can be number one or even in the top ten of the results for a given topic. You have to give Google reason to believe you are the best answer to the google searcher’s question.

  • http://www.altinkumpropertyforsale.com Ozsubasi

    I saw my site drop from first to second place after the EMD update (for the keyword which is also my domain name).
    That really isn’t a major issue in itself, but the site that replaced it is a conglomerate and when their link is followed from the search page, it is redirected to page which does not contain any reference to the search term. How can that best serve the user?

  • http://helpconstipation.org James Ruhle

    this makes a lot of sense. This is the first time ive been hit by a google update and i wish they would give some more information

  • http://knowempowernetwork.com Dr Kavita Shaikh

    Thanks Chris, now I know why I am seeing a sudden jump in traffic since Sep 27th. I was affected by Penguin update in May-June, 2012 (despite having zero spam links / purchased ones) but then Google seemed to realize its own folly and my posts cam back on page # 1-3 for all the keywords by August.

    Now since Sep 27 I have seen a suden jump in traffic that is steadily continuing until today.

  • max

    Google gets worst and worst I dont understand what this people are doing, the search relevance currently is at a level alta vista had around 12 years ago. This is a real bad results because of continuous irrelevancy in google search results. As it looks to me one of the worst results google is coming up is because this “authority stuff”. I see every day plenty of websites which have nothing to do with a certain subject but top a positions because that website is from a bigger “player”. Although they have nothing about the subject beside of some links which are again irrelevant because they have nothing to do with the subject, etc. It is amazing how quick a few people can do a real bad job within a few month. They should really get the people under control who spin this algo before it’s to late.

  • Joe Lewis

    EMD isn’t a site quality measure in the same way Panda is. EMD is about lowering the weighting of EMD in a site’s ranking, irrespective of site quality. In other words, even sites with 10/10 Panda quality ratings will still suffer a drop in ranking due to their EMD being down weighted.

  • http://www.freecallsin.com AzanShah

    My sites traffic 30% increased but still fluctuating but the best thing is, now my site is being searched for best keywords in my niche which is good news for me.

  • http://www.travelseatcushion.com Mark

    My sight, TravelSeatCushion.com, just got hit hard for exact match terms like Travel Cushion, Travel Seat Cushion, etc. Can you guess what I sell? If you said, travel seat cushions, you’re correct…and we have a ton of them.

    For the term Travel Cushion, I used to rank number 3. Now I’m waaayyyy down the page. The first 5 results today were Magellens. The next 26…that’s right, I said 26…results are Amazon pages.

    Results like this are why I started using Bing over a year ago. Every now and then I’ll venture back to Google thinking I’ll get a better search result only to be reminded of how bad they’ve really become. I love the new “take the challenge” commercials where Bing wins against Google in a head to head blind challenge. My only hope is that more people get fed up with them like I have.

    • Joseph


      You actually display #6 here in NY for me 😉 for the term “travel cushion”


      • http://www.karaokehaven.com/ Annie

        you’re #4 on google in brooklyn, ny

    • Carl Evangelista

      I was hit hard so i know your pain. But after looking at the results of this search i have to be honest in this case i think google got it right. You should not be first the results above you are better

  • http://www.amcoms.co.uk/ Andrew

    I just made a comment about two effects the panda had on two seperate sites and the comment wasn’t posted. I referred to 1 directory that clearly is fine with google but not if you have a paid link on their home page, as it turns out having a link on their home pages translates into 3ok inbound links as it’s a template for the entire site. I know this is an old known no-no however, why has the most recent panda update detected it and penalised the the target site! There should be an ignore inbound links tool in websites for such issues where link removal is impossible, this particular dir is being actively hindering!

  • http://saregamasongs.com saregamasongs

    There is no change in website site analytics

  • Sam

    For me personally, what Google is doing is manipulating every aspect of search in a manner that only benefits those who have deep enough pockets to build brand, all-the-while churning a profit back to Google. If you can’t compete financially or at the brand level, C’est la vie.

    Google bias is worse than left-wing Liberal media.

    This heavy manipulation and distortion cannot continue forever. When you search something basic like “las vegas hotels” and everything above the fold is either a Google profit zone or Expedia.com, the community which they are ostracizing, is forced to adapt.

    And adapt we will. Google banks on “dumb users” and an even dumber SEO community, who rides the wave of Google algo-whims, keeping us busy with mindless work like counting how many words are on your page, or looking to see whether you have the proper mark-up on your site. BS.

    SEO’ers are starting to smarten up. We are learning new ways to be successful, independent of what Google does. WE HAVE TO. We’ve been given no other choice.

    When SEO’ers, search marketers, social mediates, etc… embrace this view, only then can you effectively change the tide.

    Free yourself. P h u k Google.

    • Steven G

      I agree Sam. Google is trying to boost profits not relevancy and trying to tell us it’s all about relevancy. Never in a million years would I ever thought Matt Cutts would tell us that sometimes the ads are more relevant, but yet just last week I read his words basically telling people they can be more relevant. Gee, does this mean Adwords/Adsense does a better job at relevancy than Google’s index? Maybe on purpose to drive profits up? I’m sure Google learned that if you give people what they were looking for on a website, they’ll thank you by leaving your site without clicking on an ad, but give them an ad that is more relevant and a crappy site and they’re more likely to click on the ad. Honestly if I go to a restaurant and find what I want to order, I’m no longer looking for things to order. So when I do a search and find what I’m looking for, I’m less likely to look for other things on the page, like ads. So it seems to me Google is focusing on making sure the quality of the search results are just bad enough to encourage ad clicking.

  • Nobrainer

    Shame on Google. These latest updates simply prioritize sites that advertise with ad words or in directories that are, in many cases, owned by Google themselves. The result? For people searching—the results are becoming more and more irrelevant. For small businesses that are run by hard-working people, Google is trying to put them out of business if they don’t create a huge ad budget with Google’s name on it. In that same vein, Google say they don’t owe anything to anyone—but the truth is that they owe us, the people, every one of those billions of dollars they have earned because we work day and night trying to create top-notch websites satisfying people’s needs. Still, overnight, Google can come in and de-index websites at-will, while putting their advertisers’ and affiliate directories on their first pages. This can’t last forever before people start realizing that they use slimy business practices that do not show real search results. At that time, people will go with other search engines. Thankfully, Bing is already creating products that can help defeat Google’s greed. In the meantime, I urge everyone stop using the products’ of these crooks. After all, in addition to these despicable business practices that hurt the foundation of our economy—small businesses—their privacy policies allow them to read your emails and put tracking devices in your PCs. I can’t wait to see a class-action lawsuit against Google for some of these practices. I would sign on readily and enjoy watching them taken down a few notches.

  • Brian

    One of my clients dropped off all pages. Check Webmaster tools no errors no warning nothing.
    Thanks Google what do I do now

    • http://www.the-web-design-hosting-co.com/ Peter

      Join the club Brian, i have 4 that have just got zapped, the biggest joke is one of these is a url of the manufacturer of the product. now how on earth can that be less relevant than anyone searching for the manufacturers to be fed info on careers and all kinds of twaddle ?? Its unbelievable i think google have tinkered way way to much and its gonna bite them in the bottom..

  • Suri

    Does this update affect only english websites or all websites that are written in all languages?

  • http://www.the-web-design-hosting-co.com/ Peter

    Google have lost the plot,and its all tactics.. its all about getting the best sites down the rankings so as they can say hey use our pay per click we will get you page 1.

    money money money and forget the users … thats the google of today..

  • http://www.androidapplog.com Android App Review

    Well this is subjective but the quality of search in general makes use the page 2, 3 and beyond for general queries these days.
    I feel this as a completely new search engine as a user both in in quality and feel of the results but as webmaster i am just concerned for my innocent site which was neither an EMD nor low quality and not even over optimized.

  • http://www.vapor-electronic-cigarettes.com Gabriel Ecigs

    It didn’t hurt or effect me as much as I would’ve thought it too. It seemed to help my rankings in some areas, but others fell significantly – Pages completely lost from the SERPs.

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/115115843631128400196 Roy

    Site which has no content (hostgatortutorials.com) is ranking well than my site. This is what the quality Google wants the user to see??? WTF

    I really need help to recover my site..

    • http://www.krinalmehta.com Krinal Mehta

      Content may be the King – but how good a King is without his people ?

      • Tai Kung

        Wrong, it’s not about content is king anymore. Google is God.

  • http://www.Vitamasters.com Michael G.

    Since the inception of the 1st Panda update my site has lost over 70% of it’s business, I have tried to compensate, but very little in the way of improvements has helped, I did manage to improve my traffic but the volume of sales is still way down, this site has been running since 2002 and at this point it looks like Google has driven a stake through it’s heart.

  • John

    May be Panda or EMD update has also smashed our traffic down by 66%, sale are also down. After reading more i think may be we have been hit by the Panda update on the 27th Sept as our 12 year old ecom site started to slowly drop visitors from that date, but it was more like a day-of-the-week difference. On the 29th sept we dropped 75% traffic which has settled to a 66% today. I dont understand how or why Google would penalise a matching domain name of 12 years old like ours.

  • http://www.vesta-tech.net Manila Website Designer

    Google update is goodgle. very bad for search engine industry if web users getting the same results everywhere, everyday.

  • http://www.mortgagebroker.com.au Dave B

    You know people, our family business (just my wife and I) is an Exact Match Domain. We have been number 2 in Australia and number 6 in the World for our keywords for 6 years now. We have paying members, paying advertisers and we have worked so very, very hard to be where we are in one of the most aggressive industries on the planet, finance!

    Page 1, number 2 last week. This week PAGE 52. Can you believe it???

    We have literally in the past month relaunched our new site spending thousands upon thousands of dollars and now to be honest if we dont recover my little family will go broke. All because some techo geeks THINK they know how to run a business.

    Upset, you bet I am.

    Thanks for letting me speak.

    • http://www.krinalmehta.com Krinal Mehta

      Hard to say but a not so good site is still ranking on Page 1 I see mortgagebrokersaustralia.com.au – How come not yours then ?

  • Gabriel

    The more I research the more convinced I am that “EMD” comes from “Earning Money Domains” because most of the sites hit were small businesses and affiliate sites. As a business you have no other good alternative to get traffic than PPC advertising, like Adwords. Is this just a coincidence? Does Google really care about “user experience” or just about money? Why do they display the paid ads before the search results since they care so much about the relevant results? How relevant is a website that paid Google money to appear on top? I guess the guys there inside the Google team forgot the value of money, and how hard it is to start a business. I don’t say they should care, but at least they should not do EVERYTHING possible to shut down small business. After all, Google would not exist without our sites.

  • http://www.londonphotographer.co.uk Dan Burman

    DaveB – I couldn’t agree more.

    For years, I’ve been page one for “london photographer”, and based on what google said was ok at the time, I spent some money and effort buying the keyword domain http://www.londonphotographer.co.uk

    Now, out of the blue, they’ve decided that businesses like mine with keyword urls should be heavily penalised for going along with their rules. Now they decide… It’s just unbelievable. And now when you do that search loads of photographers aren’t coming up – instead organisations that do not reflect the needs of that search.

    I understand why google is constantly trying to beat spammers by changing its rules, but a lot of these decisions seem arbitrary and an abuse of their monopoly position. Wouldn’t matter so much if they couldn’t completely destroy small businesses with these tactics, but they are.

    In fact, it seems more and more that the only people who benefit from google’s constant changes are spammers and very big businesses that can afford to keep an inhouse team to keep up with all this constant fiddling.

    If we all start switching our search to the other engines, maybe they’ll start to listen. So many results are poor these days anyway.

    • http://www.dirtworks.net John Meshna

      Agreed. I’ve been moving over to Bing but Microsoft isn’t much of a friend to the people of this world either so either way we’re feeding the monster.

    • http://www.krinalmehta.com Krinal Mehta

      Seems like this guy londonphotography.org.uk was more fortunate then

  • John

    My site was top ranking for several great terms. On Oct 6th I logged onto google and the site was gone.


    i also had another one on the same server simultaneously hit


    I had another site (productname)manufacturers.com which didn’t get hit and is the worst site out of them all, its literally a template with a bunch of content I wrote pasted to the front page. The others are fully complete sites, pages of content, tons of products.

  • Hetal

    Hey thanks a lot for update as i was about to buy expect match domain for my business….But after reading all comments i am totally confuse should i have to buy EMD or not…….Viewers – please give your suggestion…


  • http://colouringpages.net.au ecp

    If you have quality sites – you shouldn’t worry about any of the updates done by Google. Thanks Chris for your time>

    • http://www.dirtworks.net John Meshna

      Wrong. These updates are destroying the internet and killing off thousands of small businesses. Who going to decide what quality is? Consumers or some baby faced puke like Matt Cutts?

    • Tai Kung

      @ ecp I think you do not know what you are talking about. What is good content? Initially, there was the pagerank, then backlinks, then emd…remember dude, the terms were all started by Google. When one tried to play God, I hope they get what they want.

  • Tai Kung

    Honestly, I’m sick of seeing this Cutt’s face. Fat and ugly.

  • http://taxaudit419.com lance wallach

    We do not do this for a living,SEO. I, Lance Wallach, Google me LOL, help people sold bad insurance tax type products fight the IRS and sue the bad people. This is the first time I have read from this site and it is very interesting. We have a lot of sites and publish on the sites many of my articles that I write for publications. We also sometimes post on other sites. Since we have more business that we can deal with, we do not look for more. I have noticed that many of my sites have just hit the first page. Is it because of these new Google changes? I am sorry, and it seems to make sense, all the comments that I have just read. Good luck to all of you. Lance Wallach, first time and thanks for the very interesting stuff.

  • http://www.guarantorloans.co chris davison

    Hi Chris
    Ok, a lot of people are not going to agree with me but for us, the various panda and penguin updates (particularly the minor weather report on Sep 27th’ish) have actually given us the kick up the backside we needed to amend our sites.
    One of our sites dropped from page 1 to page 6 so it has hit us hard, however we have no had chance to assess the damage and you know what? Our site had thousands of identical anchor text links, hundreds of low quality posts (less than 150 words)and hundreds of posts which were only slightly different from each other. In summary, the site had lots of low quality content which we are in the process of amending.
    So whilst it is a very hard lesson for us to learn, it has given us the opportunity to really dig deep into that site and finally turn it into the site it should have been.

  • http://www.wfieldsforpets.com Kristin Fields

    I have a relatively new e-commerce site. Playing the stock market is looking easier to me compared to SEO. I spend a lot of time reading to learn, but am confused when I look at competitors’ sites and see all of the tactics that are supposed to be frowned upon. I don’t want to invest money in expert services until I know enough to be a smart client.

  • http://www.actressone.com Krishna

    i trusted that information present on the article for panda updates

  • http://blogdumps.com Wolfbernz

    I am not sure what to think about Google’s last updates. It appears that most of the list above would not apply to a blog directory!
    BlogDumps.com, a blog directory site, over the last six years has gone up and down in page rank but never to a zero. With that said all the update did was take away the people that wanted to advertise on our site due to the page rank drop. What happened is we lost the revenue that was helping pay for the servers.
    When I search Google and other search engines BlogDumps has not lost it’s place in any of them and people are submitting their sites everyday. So why the page rank cut? The site is still number one in many of the key words that we want it to be. I am not going to change everything to try to get the page rank back because it won’t be long and they will have changed everything once again and our rank will go back up just as it has in the past six years.