Google Panda Update: More Recovery Than Usual Following Recent Tweaks?

Searchmetrics provides new data

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Google Panda Update: More Recovery Than Usual Following Recent Tweaks?
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Last week, SearchMetrics posted lists of what it found to be the top winners and losers from Google’s recent Panda update iteration (commonly referred to as Panda 2.5). Now, the firm has released new SEO Visibility data indicating that large portions of the update appear to have rolled back.

“This data shows a large-scale recovery,” says SearchMetrics founder Marcus Tober. “Out of 30 domains featured in last week’s list, 10 could recover 80-90% of their visibility, with another 10 even surpassing their pre-panda 2.5 reach!”

This is in line with a report from DaniWeb that it had quickly recovered after being hit by the Panda update for the second time. A tweet from Google’s Matt Cutts said:

Weather report: expect some Panda-related flux in the next few weeks, but will have less impact than previous updates (~2%). 6 days ago via web · powered by @socialditto

And a Google spokesperson told WebProNews, “We pushed a fresh version of data that incorporated more of the signals that we’ve incorporated after the initial launch of Panda.”

“Previous updates seemed to be high-confidence decisions – Google generally would not alter the Panda classifications for a couple of weeks,” says Tober. “Panda 2.5 seems to be an exception to that rule – this weeks’ SEO Visibility data shows that large portions of the 2.5 update seem to be rolled back!”

He provides the following list comparing/contrasting the data for key sites:

Panda Recovery

The largest winners in the rollback, as Tober notes, appear to be nowpublic.com (+122%), killerstartups (+114%), motortrend (+108%), and thehollywoodgossip.com (+105%). Recovery was only denied to bettermedicine.com (0%), faqs.org (-3%), ohinternet.com (-3%) and thenextweb.com (-13%), he adds.

This is very interesting considering that TheNextWeb seems like a reasonably quality site to me – that and the fact that their editor-in-chief told us they hadn’t noticed any effect following the launch of 2.5.

Google Panda Update: More Recovery Than Usual Following Recent Tweaks?
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  • J.C.

    Hope Fairsearch report helps DOJ break their legs. Arrogant Google. They need to learn a good lesson.

  • Allen Graves

    I think there was another tweak today – early afternoon EDT. Based on several different types of websites, I see a large increase in traffic across the board. Any idea if there was a tweak today? Anyone else see this result…or maybe a drop?

    • http://www.searchmetrics.com Matthias

      Hi Allen,

      we are updating our data set once a week. So within a few days you should be able to see what happened with your page and of course what happened with other pages as well.

  • http://statsvalue.com Attila

    As of today my google traffic start to coming back :))))

  • http://www.siamhomesource.com Thai Petchaburi

    When are we going to start hearing about smaller sites that got recovered, not these big sites that can have pow wows with high ups at google at will.


  • Gerry

    Many of sites are affected due to this latest roll out and i don’t think that they took back their updates…

  • http://www.twitter.com/aciservices2011 ACI Services

    This Google panda updates seems to be good for genuine people on the web and we understand that it is for making the search functionality much better.

    But it is to be taken care that this don’t give loss to genuine web companies on internet. recent panda updates have done a lot of damage which is unfortunate.

  • http://www.FreeGunInfo.com Steven

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they were rolling things back and that’s the reason things are returning slowly back to normal. It would make perfect sense. Also when Matt Cutts announced that Google does in fact take manual action against a website you really have to wonder how long have they been doing this. It really made me throw out all trust of Google I ever had. Google reports over 300 changes to it’s algorithm a year. With so many changes and all those smart people working for Google, why do they feel the need to manually adjust things instead of creating a better algorithm? Matt Cutts also said publishers are alerted of such manual action through Google’s Webmaster Tools, but then what if they don’t alert all publishers that are signed up with GWT? How are we supposed to just trust them when they apparently have shown several reasons not to be trusted?

    • Allen Graves

      You have to play the game, Steven. And why would it make sense to roll things back that theyve invested so much time and money into? Just wondering where youre coming from.

  • Enough

    That was reversed due to getting many famous sites penalized.

  • http://bankvibe.com Dan

    I believe there was another (some say major, some say minor) tweak on the 14th. Does anyone know when the whole panda roll out will be complete?

  • http://www.techieshelp.com Allen

    I got battered on the last panda and lost 70% of my traffic, im working on a number of things to recover, here is what ive tried so far.

    Nothing as of yet but I thing the pand algorythm is ran manually.

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