Google Panda Update: Data Refresh Launched Monday

    August 22, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Google tweeted today that it launched a data refresh for the Panda update on Monday. According to the company, about 1% of queries were noticeably affected.

This is the first known Panda-related tweak we’ve seen from Google in August. In June, Google incorporated new data into the algorithm, and launched two data refreshes. In July, Panda was launched on google.co.jp and google.co.kr Additionally, Panda data was updated again.

Keep in mind that this latest adjustment was just a data refresh. These tend to have a much smaller impact on results than actual updates. For more on the difference between an update and a data refresh, refer to what Google’s Matt Cutts has said on the matter.

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  • http://www.blogsure.com Dinesh

    It would be better if Google make public announcements of which websites were effected and how it should be fixed.

  • http://www.hispacar.com hispacar.com

    1% might look like a very small impact, but we’re probably talking about hundreds of thousands searchqueries and thousands of websites affected.

  • http://www.pilotfishseo.com Angela

    The point of the algo updates is to keep SEOs in the dark. They don’t want anyone to have complete mastery of how sites rank, so they won’t be overly specific on what each of the changes means and who it affects.

  • http://www.bodybuilderprogramsreview.com/ tim clarke

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