Google Panda Update: Data Refresh Hit Last Week

    April 26, 2012
    Chris Crum
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On the 17th, we wrote about some webmasters who were suspecting a major update from Google. Google’s Matt Cutts has now come out and said that there was a Panda refresh around the 19th. They just didn’t say anything about it until now, which is interesting itself, considering they were tweeting about Panda updates before.

This latest Panda refresh came to light as Searchmetrics put out its winner and loser lists (though the firm specified that they were not the final lists) for Google’s new Webspam update, which is presumably still rolling out. Cutts commented in response to Danny Sullivan’s article about the lists, saying, “Hey Danny, there’s a pretty big flaw with this “winner/loser” data. Searchmetrics says that they’re comparing by looking at rankings from a week ago. We rolled out a Panda data refresh several days ago. Because of the one week window, the Searchmetrics data include not only drops because of the webspam algorithm update but also Panda-related drops. In fact, when our engineers looked at Searchmetrics’ list of 50 sites that dropped, we only saw 2-3 sites that were affected in any way by the webspam algorithm update. I wouldn’t take the Searchmetrics list as indicative of the sites that were affected by the webspam algorithm update.”

@dannysullivan Searchmetrics data is a weekly diff & includes a Panda data refresh, so sites going up/down mostly aren’t due to algo update. 11 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

@dannysullivan yup, believe a Panda data refresh on 4/19. I don’t think @rustybrick asked us about it; we sometimes wait for him to ask. :) 11 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Webmasters have had over a year to get used to the Panda update, but it is clearly still wreaking havoc. For one, here’s the list of losers from Searchmetrics again:

Searchmetrics loser list

A couple weeks ago, we wrote about DaniWeb, which managed to get hit by Google yet again, after being hit by and recovering from the Panda update multiple times over the course of the past year. The latest incident may or may not have been Panda.

  • tom g

    They all look like in some way they compete w/goog for $….funny ain’t it? I gave up on trying to “fix” my sites and have made up my losses by working bing and yahoo + social media. I regained all my losses + w/out the Big G. They just like keeping people to act in their circus. If they were doing the right thing their stock would be going up not down. They need to stop already!

  • http://www.LAokay.com Steve G

    Dani actually has been posting in the help forum for Google Webmaster Tools that she’s using 302 temporary redirects to the 1st page when a page in a series of pages has been removed, until such time that a member ends up adding that page back by posting something. She also went on to say that’s what she’s been doing for years and if Google has a problem with it, why would she be punished now? Well Google changes the rules all the time and finds sites that were using something that isn’t an acceptable use and they find a way to algorithmically punish those sites when before they were not being punished is the best explanation I can give. I mean essentially isn’t that what Panda was all about? See if you remove a page, it’s best to let it 404 to tell search engines to remove that page from it’s index, which search engines will do after a while of trying to visit that page and keep on seeing a 404 response from the server. Last time I did a 404 test it took 3 months before the page was removed out of Google’s index (and of course things may have changed since then), and other search engines might take longer or shorter to do the same. So basically she fails to understand how this games a search engine’s index and so until she removes the 302’s she’s going to have to rely on referral traffic mostly for her website as her search engine traffic keeps on dropping more and more each day. It’s not just Google’s index either, she’s reported a loss of traffic from Yahoo and Bing too. When something like that happens across major search engines, you have to find what you are doing wrong, and so far from everything she’s said, the only thing I find wrong is her use of 302’s. Everything else she’s doing or has done is spot on to what I would do if I had her site, such as telling bots not to index a page in which nobody has posted a reply to, or the 301 redirects when she relaunched her site and the page names had changed.

  • http://www.powerseorankerbonus.com Will of power seo ranker bonus

    I find the whole things really confusing and lots of people offering advice out there on how to fix things and what you need to do but that just adds to the confusion. Perhaps this is part of the Google plan?!

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