Google, Once Again, Shows Gay Pride With Colorful Search Bar

    June 15, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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June is LGBT Pride Month, a celebration officially begun in 2000 when President Clinton declared the month “Gay & Lesbian Pride Month.” Every June since President Obama took office, he has declared the month “LGBT Pride Month,” which recognizes two additional groups – bisexual and transgender.

In 2011, President Obama called upon Americans to “observe this month by fighting prejudice and discrimination in their own lives and everywhere it exists.” And for another year in a row, Google is making a small step toward this with some Easter Eggs hidden within search.

Searches related to LGBT including LGBT, gay, gay marriage, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, homosexual, and queer will all display a multi-colored pattern right under the search bar. Check it out below:

This isn’t the first time that Google has given their search box the rainbow treatment for LGBT terms. Last year, during June, Google displayed a more subtle pattern on the right-hang side of the box when users searched any of the terms listed above.

And it’s not just cute rainbow designs coming from Google is support of LGBT people. Back in 2010, Google made a point to show how they support their LGBT employees by officially announcing that 300 of their employees had marched in San Francisco’s annual Pride parade.

Plus, Google wasn’t shy back in 2008 about their position on California’s Prop 8, which sought to outlaw gay marriage:

While there are many objections to this proposition — further government encroachment on personal lives, ambiguously written text — it is the chilling and discriminatory effect of the proposition on many of our employees that brings Google to publicly oppose Proposition 8. While we respect the strongly-held beliefs that people have on both sides of this argument, we see this fundamentally as an issue of equality.

Although Google is one of the most outspoken tech companies on the issue of LGBT equality, another high-profile name might be making a subtle push in that direction. Yesterday we learned that Apple’s upcoming iOS 6 will include gay & lesbian Emoji.

  • Kathy Carol

    And this is our President who claims to be a christian, condoning this behavior. God forbid anyone like him would represent the kingdom of God. He is just trying to get votes. He himself, is not gay, yet he condones and promotes this lifestyle. What is this country coming to?? sad, sad, sad

    • Brandon

      I would rather have him representing me than a hateful bigot like you, Kathy. I don’t see how this could be seen as a sad thing.

      • jason

        wow strong words from a little child

    • loviedivine

      Kathy, I agree that this should not have been the political stance of our President; for anyone who is truthfully of Christian faith should know that this lifestyle is not scriptural, and anyone who even understands Christianity, should understand that you’re not a bigot. You have a right to feel appall for something that is appalling to you. There are people who choose to be obese, and obesity is appalling to many people, yet acceptable and even very attractive to others. Conclusively, I believe we should all be respected. Just as people now have the right to live a lifestyle they choose, other people should also have the right to feel the nausea they feel about it without being called a bigot.

    • http://isexhibition.net Blaine Klingaman

      Everyone is entitled to their opinions, even yours no matter how negative, which is what makes America Great!

      If you follow everything the BIBLE says then I’m sure that you do not eat pork, shrimp, lobster or any creatures that roam the bottom of the sea, PLUS I’m sure that you call all Married Couples (heterosexual) who choose to not have children, SINNERS. I even think that the BIBLE says a little something about loving thy neighbor which I think you overlooked! The BIBLE frowns on murder and thievery, but Christians will forgive them for their sins…. but when it comes to Homosexuality people like you think they should burn in HELL.

      Some folks still think it is OK to murder Homosexuals, as if they’re doing society a favor, maybe they should instead rethink the whole forgiving the Murderer “thing”. Murderers and Thieves choose to be so, Homosexuals do not. Bisexuals are the only ones who can choose to be Homosexual.

      Kathy, you sound like a woman (and I am assuming you are a female) who is bitter about some events or situations in her life that she wishes to bring others down to or below her level to even the odds, and a women who does not realize how fortunate she is to have all the privileges that she does living in America… it’s a shame that you don’t wish the same to others.

      Imagine for once, what your life would be like if you had the privilege of “Freedom of Speech” taken away… I guess then you would never have anything to say.

      Kathy, I still love you unconditionally.

      From, Blaine Klingaman, a 61 year old Gay (*happy*) Male who feels sorry for unhappy people like you who chooses only to use parts of the BIBLE to help embellish and justify their hatred. The BIBLE is riddled with contradictions and OLD ideas, you must now choose the most logical ones (WWJD)…. have fun with that.

      P.S. My Father’s Father was a Minister who used to beat my Grandmother, and my Mother’s sister was a Nun who used to live with a man… so if you assume that I am not a fan of organized religion, you are correct!… I am agnostic. My only Life Rule is to “Treat People Like You Wish to be Treated”.

  • matt

    I am wondering if homosexuals just troll these blogs just to spread their filth and call people bigots.

  • http://www.sbcglobal.net dc doych

    people choosing to be homosexuals are solving a serious global problem: If everyone choose to be gay, we’d solve the worldwide population explosion!

    • Bryan

      dc doych, Homosexuality isn’t a choice! Much like skin color, eye color and gender at birth, it’s genetic! The “choice” only comes into play when we choose to be PROUD of who and what we are!