Google on How Much Content You Should Have On Your Home Page

Matt Cutts says you can have too much, but more content is good.

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The latest Google Webmaster Central video from Matt Cutts talks about home page content. Given issues like content depth and site speed, which Google has brought up a great deal in recent memory, the content on your home page is worth considering with regard to these things as well.

The question from a user, which Matt addresses is: “More or less content on a homepage?”

Today’s webmaster video: How much content should be on a homepage? http://goo.gl/SE9ss 1 hour ago via web · powered by @socialditto

“You can have too much,” says Cutts. “So I wouldn’t have a homepage that has 20MB. You know, that takes a long time to download, and users who are on a dial-up or a modem, a slow connection, they’ll get angry at you.”

“But in general, if you have more content on a home page, there’s more text for Googlebot to find, so rather than just pictures, for example, if you have pictures plus captions – a little bit of textual information can really go a long way,” he continues.

“If you look at my blog, I’ve had anywhere from 5 to 10 posts on my main page at any given time, so I tend to veer towards a little more content when possible,” he adds.

You can see Matt’s blog here, if you want a better idea of how he does it.

Google on How Much Content You Should Have On Your Home Page
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  • http://www.wonderworxs.com Krish Purnawarman

    Thanks for the information, i was wondering about homepage text content effect on SEO rgds Krish

  • http://guidetostart.com Brian Bordenkircher

    I’m often wondering this same thing, what the right amount of content is.. I’d hate to make a page too long for a visitor to find handy if it is multiple articles or just scrolls down long, but I guess, as long as it is text more content is good for search engines then??

  • http://emeka.kokoarena.com KokoArena

    well said, thanks.

  • http://www.eukhost.com/cloud-hosting.php Cloud Hosting

    This is exactly the question that must be running in the minds of most of the webmasters. Also, according to observations, most of the big sites have slashed down the textual content that used to be present on the index page and have replaced the half fold with brand banners with something catchy such as products or special offerings and stuff. This leaves most webmasters in a dilemma with no real guidelines. This article and the link to the video would indeed be helpful to all those who are either redesigning or building new websites.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.miregalooriginal.com/ regalos – lele

    thank you very much for the info, I did not know that information on the launch of google and I liked it very interesting Greetings

  • http://www.blurbpoint.com/ Ashish Chauhan

    If we want real time example on it i.r bruceclay website is one the best example of it with too much content on home as well as inner pages. And they are ranking for quite seo competitive keywords.

  • http://JensensAlpha.com JensensAlpha

    very informative.. I wonder if the bot accounts for the difference between corporate homepages and blogs… as blogs have more content does that mean they will always get better search results?

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