Google Offers ‘First Steps’ Cheat Sheet for Beginning Webmasters

By: Josh Wolford - March 14, 2013

Google has just released a new single-page guide for beginning webmasters that features information on looking good in Google search results through page titles, proper domain names and sub-pages, and meta descriptions. It also offers a brief primer on images and links to additional info and support.

The cheat sheet is a single page, “short how-to list with basic tips on search engine-friendly design, that can help Google and others better understand the content and increase your site’s visibility.”

And it’s available in 13 languages.

“We hope this content will help those who are just about to start their webmaster adventure or have so far not paid too much attention to search engine-friendly design,” says Google.

You can grab the pdf today.

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  • Roye Okupe

    Great resource for new webmasters, I sure could have used this when I frist started out.

  • Denishverma

    This first cheat sheet from google – really really nice.
    But some how – some points are really very old.
    These are the best and basic points ever.