Google Nexus Android Tablet Leaked


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Phone Arena has caught a Nexus Android Tablet in the wild. The rumored tablet is supposedly a collaboration between Asus and Google. So far they have done good to keep it out of the hands of the media, until now. Many think it will be officially revealed at the company developer's conference June 27.

The tablet is rumored to have a 7 inch screen and an updated version of Android software to run on. It is expected to cost around $250 dollars, putting it in direct competition with the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Kindle Fire.

You may have noticed at least one oddity about the leaked photos. They appear to have an ear piece slit on the top of the device. It Google really making a tablet phone? Samsung tested these waters by offering the Galaxy note, a device that lands somewhere in between tab and phone, but it will be strange to see a full on tab that doubles as a phone.

The casing also appears to have a place for a video camera to be placed, so they could be going for the video chat approach. Still, one might be reluctant to carry a phone the size of a tablet around with them all day.

The anonymous tipster at Phone Arena claims that the device will include a quad core Tegra 3 CPU and will be updated to Android 4.1 OS. Early rumors said that it was going to be outfitted with Android 5.0 Jelly Bean, but the tipster says that is not the case. It will also have a Gig of RAM under the hood.

[ht: Business Insider]