Google Maps Makes It Easier to Access Interior Imagery

    September 18, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Back in January, Google opened up its Business Photos for Google Maps pilot program to any and all small businesses that wanted to participate. Because of that, thousands of businesses now allow users to take a trip inside their stores without ever leaving the couch. Today, Google is making a slight improvement to maps to allow users to access the interior street view in a much easier manner.

All you have to do is drag Pegman onto the location. From the Google Lat-Long blog:

Now, if you’re searching or browsing Google Maps and want to check out what a business looks like on the inside, we’ve improved your ability to find and view these 360-degree panoramics. Simply drag and drop the orange Pegman on the left hand side of your screen onto an orange circle on the map. Voila! You’ll be virtually transported through the doors, and able to pan around and explore the interior of the establishment.

It’s that simple.

  • http://www.GigaView360.com Thomas Hayden

    Yes, but how do businesses get the 360° panoramic photos for the inside of their stores? They or their web pros contact their local Google Trusted Photographers (like me) and arrange for a photo shoot. It doesn’t cost much, just the photographer’s time, there’s no charge from Google for the service. It doesn’t take much time. Google TIPs (Trusted Independent Photographers)don’t bring a lot of equipment, just a camera/tripod and some very special expertise. It usually takes about an hour. Within a few days, the images go live and the business’ Google presence is widely updated. My photo shoots start at just $200 in Portland, OR where over 1,300 businesses already have the service. Fly Pegman over Portland and shop around.