Google Makes Navigation More Customizable

    March 28, 2014
    Chris Crum
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Google just made its general navigation more customizable. In a Google+ post, the company announced that you can now rearrange the various Google apps that you use in whatever order you like.

If you use Drive and Google+ more than Groups and Maps, or vice versa, you can adjust them accordingly. Simply drag and drop them in the order you prefer.

You can also add others that aren’t already part of the Google Bar, such as Google Keep or Google Scholar. Any of these. Simply click “more,” and then “even more” if what you’re looking for still hasn’t appeared.

Google will be rolling out this new functionality over the course of the next couple weeks, so if you can’t do it yet, just sit tight.

Image via Google+

  • Michael Kohlf├╝rst

    Hi Chris, great my Favourites Working Space is coming back. In the moment it si not provided in german language. Question: anyone of you already seeing that Analytics, AdWords, Webamster can be added to the main menue?