Google Makes Job Offer To Nokia Engineers

Android scuffle, hiring spree continue

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Earlier this week, Google Vice President of Engineering Vic Gundotra raised a few eyebrows by calling Nokia and Microsoft "turkeys" on Twitter.  That jab apparently wasn’t aimed at all of Nokia’s workers, however, as someone else at Google has now extended an offer of employment.

Aidan Biggins, a technical recruiter who’s based in London, made a pretty straightforward grab for Nokia software engineers earlier today.  As you can see below, he tweeted, "Any Nokia software engineers need a job?  We’re hiring . . ."

Any Nokia software engineers need a job? We’re hiring: www.google.com/jobsless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Given Google’s reputation as an excellent place to work, Biggins/Google seems likely to get more than a few responses.  Two more things that might influence some decisions: Nokia’s stock is down 13.33 percent at the moment, while Google’s is up 0.29 percent.

Anyway, if many individuals actually change companies, this’ll help Google "get back" at Nokia for picking Microsoft’s mobile operating system over Android.

Of course, Google’s also liable to obtain some topnotch talent, and since the company announced plans to hire more than 6,000 people this year, it’s not like payroll expenses are much of an issue.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop responded to Gundotra’s tweet about two turkeys with a tweet about two bicycle makers (the Wright brothers) who "decided to fly," by the way.

Google Makes Job Offer To Nokia Engineers
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  • Zack

    I don’t think he was serious

    • Doug Caverly

      Could be . . . . But Biggins replied “Amen to that!!” when someone wrote, “here’s hoping you make use of Nokia’s talent.”

  • Nokia insin

    Android sucks…

  • Nokia insin

    windows sucks also, sorry

  • Mike

    Right, and Windows 7 Mobile rules. This is why you suck up to them! :))

  • http://www.visionaryaz.com Visionary IT

    This of course is timed beautifully as Nokia & Microsoft had just come to an agreement to ship Nokia Phones with Windows Mobile. Well played, Google.

  • http://alarmcolumbia.com Doug

    For the first time in my long life I finally feel like giving Microsoft a break, their products are not bad and it amazes me how anything Google puts out is an instant hit. MY OLDER WINDOWS 6.5 PHONE ROCKS COMPARED TO MY WIFEs OLDER ANDROID PHONE. More so because I use it for business and can not afford to have glitches like the older Androids did.
    Bing … once you get used to it, you WILL truly like to start using it more often, along with Google. One thing that surprised me is how wonderful bings maps are compared to google, bing is cleaner too.
    To me, it seems, after years of smacking Microsoft into a wall over their products, I think you see a bunch of cheap garbage coming out of google. I rather pay for a better product. I dont need free and free is not free, Google will rape your privacy, every chance it gets, from you, scanning e mails for ad content, you cant use an Andriod pone unles syou sign up for a gmail mail account etc… while we are at it, lets not forget the biggest google mess, gmail is a flop.
    Google gets press about giving things away free, free to companies using their products maybe but not free to the public if you are forced to sign up for a g mail account to use the FREE software you have on the PHONE YOU PAID FOR.

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