Google Launches New Zagat App For Android (And It’s Free)

    October 11, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Google has launched a new Zagat app for Android devices in one of a handful of recent Google+ Local-related announcements from the company. And in case you were wondering, it does come with a Google flavor.

“While our ratings and reviews were always available in guidebooks and to paid digital subscribers, a few months ago, we announced our integration into Google+ Local to help more people easily access Zagat scores, editorial reviews and recommendations,’ says Zagat Managing Director Bernardo Hernandex. “Now, we’re making the mobile app experience more consistent with the one you’re already accustomed to across Google+ Local, Google Search and Google Maps.”

“Through our app you can browse thousands of restaurants in the world’s top destinations and refine your search with more than 100 filters and special features that matter to you, like whether the place has outdoor seating, or is child-friendly,” he adds. “Simply sign-in to Google+ to get the most from the app and to share your experiences with the Google+ community.”

The app (unlike the old Zagat app) is free. Here’s what it looks like:

Zagat App

Zagat App

Zagat App

Google has also adjusted the ratings system for Google+ Local on the desktop to reflect recent changes made to Google Maps for Android, offering a users a simplified rating system, which Google then uses to calculate its 30-point scores.

Google has also added a Local section to user profiles, which link to the users’ reviews they have written for Google.

  • Steve McIlree

    The thing that Google really needs to do for desktop Local is fix the default location. Since the very beginning it has been using the users’ ISPs location rather than allowing a default location to be set by the user. The result is many users experience being presented with businesses that are in cities hundreds of miles from where they live. Google responds that this is a “known issue” but seems to be unable to correct it.

  • http://www.synergyconsultants.com Restaurant Branding

    This app’s a great tool for consumers, and as a bonus, it’s free! Likewise, more restaurants may get some added exposure.