Google Launches Four New AdSense Features

    December 13, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Google announced some new features for its responsive ad units in AdSense, as well as the addition of a multi-screen optimization score for the publisher scorecard.

For responsive ads, Google has added ad refresh fro screen orientation changes.

Product manager Nick Radicevic explains, “If your responsive page changes its layout following a screen orientation change (e.g., when a tablet or phone goes from portrait to landscape), we’ll request and load a new ad to fit the new page layout.”

They’ve added smart sizing based on available space, so that ad code will automatically adapt all newly created responsive ad units to fit the page layout. Existing ads that have specified width/height will remain the same.

Google has also added reporting by ad size served.

On the multi-screen optimization score, Radicevic says, “To help you understand how well your site is optimized for the many screen sizes of your users, we’re introducing a new multi-screen category in our publisher scorecard. For example, if users need to zoom and/or scroll often, this may negatively impact their experience. Your score in the multi-screen category will measure what percentage of your pages are multi-screen optimized and compare this percentage to that of other AdSense publishers. Please note that you may not see this category in your scorecard if you have a low percentage of mobile traffic on your site.”

The score will be visible in the scorecard on the AdSense homepage.

Earlier this week, Google announced the launch of custom ad sizes.

Custom ads

Images: Google

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  • http://www.allindiaexamresults.com Neha Desai

    400×200 and 700×100 is the good ad units for single posts or single pages having content area sizes of 700px or above.
    I appreciate those changes from Google, because both of the advertisers and publishers needs more variants in Google ads.

  • http://www.freeautomechanic.com John Helton

    On the multi-screen optimization score on the scorecard. This was a surprise to me when I first saw it on my dashboard. It has motivated me to do more research on the subject and make changes accordingly.

  • http://appinstall.blogspot.com/ Dinesh Ramakrishnan

    Custom-sized ad units in AdSense will blurs the line between Premium and regular publishers. It’s definitely a treat for regular publishers like me. :)