Google Launches Flight Search Feature (Not Powered by ITA)

Google "Eager" To Develop More Flight Search Tools

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Google Launches Flight Search Feature (Not Powered by ITA)
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Google is now showing which airlines serve particular routes in search results. Google will of course be getting much more into the flight search game now that it has closed the ITA Software acquisition.

The company says it is “eager to begin developing new flight search tools”. This particular one, however, does not utilize ITA’s technology.

Here’s the kind of thing you might see in Google results now:

Google Does Flight Search

“For example, if you search for [flights from san francisco to minneapolis], you’ll see a selection of non-stop flights and the airlines that offer them,” explains software engineer Petter Wedum on Google’s Inside Search blog.”

Users can click on “schedule of non-stop flights” to see all flights.

“You can also see all the destinations with non-stop flights from a particular airport,” says Wedum. “If you’re in Buffalo, New York and need ideas for a weekend getaway, search for [flights from buffalo] to see popular travel destinations from Buffalo.

Users can click “Show all non-stop routes,” to get a full list of destinations, and then you can find further flight details.

The feature is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Turkish, and Catalan.

Google Launches Flight Search Feature (Not Powered by ITA)
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  • candy

    The question is, does it appear at the top of the search results. If it does, they are going to get in big trouble.

    Edit: Yes it does appear at the top. I don’t know if they are monetizing it but if they do which everybody knows they will, it’s time to break up Google. I’m sure their enemies are preparing to shoot.

    • http://www.LAokay.com Adsense Publisher

      It’s the same thing like if you search for something like “Dance Classes in Las Vegas” and Google decides to throw up results from Google maps right on top of all the organic results. I don’t mind that there is a tab to switch to Google maps, but don’t you think if I wanted to see locations that I’d choose to search using Google maps? So the same could be for flights as well. Why not just give the users a tab so Google now knows for sure know if a person wants that information instead of injecting it into the results on purpose? Google is making their search engine look less organic and more injected. I think Google needs to make more specific searches and give the user more filters so the user can decide if they want to remove certain results from view or if they want to only include certain results. Google needs to start playing by their own rules instead of manually making sure their sites rank highest at all times. It’s no wonder why they can’t stop the other search engines from gaining popularity. I like the filtering that Google has and so they just need to keep with that and offer more and better filters. Isn’t it better for actions of the people to speak of what they want instead of Google trying to 2nd guess everybody? A person’s search history and their behavior today does not mean they will be doing the same thing tomorrow, so this is why I think Google gets it wrong. I applaud Google for their blocking add-on for Chrome, but don’t try and use that as a signal. Use it as a tool for a better search to be performed by the individual. Removing results or ranking them less just because a bunch of people said so means it’s open for somebody to abuse the system. It’s kind of hard to abuse the system if everybody tailors their search to how they want it, when they want it. If anything, it will show Google they were wrong all along. I want a search engine tailored to me, even if I have to do the tailoring. Just give me the tools and I’ll tell Google what to give me for results. If I don’t like the results, I’ll make a few changes in my filters and there you have it. Let people create the rules, but let Google give the people the rules of which to play with (and let us recommend other rules to use). I think it’s about time, don’t you?

  • India

    If I were Microsoft or any of these flight searching companies I’d go to Google and say, “hey, I want you to show my flight box along with your flight box at the top so users can choose which company to use and it is more fair for the users”. If they decline, run to the government to file an anti-competition complaint and sue Google. Google should not be allowed to display their own listings above others. They could make money through their other properties, but they MUST NOT be allowed to show their own listings right at the top of their search results. That’s anti-competitive, abuse of their search monopoly. I have no doubt Google will be broken up. Search Google for Google antitrust, anticompetition, lawsuits and governments investigating them. Tons of them. All complaints are valid. The abuse is blatant, clear.

  • hirash Riyal

    So Another feature copy from Bing

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